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W1AW Bulletins Archive (General)

  • 2024

    2024-05-09 ARLX002 Armed Forces Day Crossband Test Scheduled for May 11


    2024-05-06 ARLB008 Changes in the ARRL San Joaquin Valley Section


    2024-03-22 ARLB007 FCC to Require Two Factor Authentication for CORES Users


    2024-03-11 ARLB006 W1AW 2024 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2024-02-23 ARLB005 Winter Season Section Manager Election Results


    2024-02-23 ARLX001 Former Vice Director of the ARRL Hudson Division, Bill Hudzik, W2UDT (SK)


    2024-02-16 ARLB004 Errata to the 2024 - 2028 Amateur Extra-Class Question Pool Released


    2024-02-15 ARLB003 Senate Bill S.3690 Introduced to Eliminate Private Land Use Restrictions on Amateur Radio


    2024-01-12 ARLB002 ARRL Responds to FCC Proposals


    2024-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2024 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2023

    2023-12-19 ARLB036 WRC-23 Concludes with Wins for Amateur Radio and Agenda Items Designated for the Next Two Events


    2023-12-11 ARLB035 Bandwidth Limits Replace Symbol Rates on the HF Bands, Other Bands Open for Comment


    2023-12-06 ARLB034 NCVEC Question Pool Committee Removes Two General-Class License Questions


    2023-11-22 ARLB033 2023 Fall ARRL Section Manager Election Results


    2023-11-21 ARLB032 2023 ARRL Board of Directors Election Results


    2023-11-21 ARLX016 SKYWARN Recognition Day Is Ready to Go


    2023-11-21 ARLX017 Former ARRL Illinois Section Manager Tom Ciciora, KA9QPN (SK)


    2023-11-14 ARLB031 ARRL Hails FCC Action to Remove Symbol Rate Restrictions


    2023-11-13 ARLB030 Changes in the ARRL Pacific Section


    2023-11-06 ARLB029 W1AW 2023/2024 Winter Operating Schedule


    2023-10-30 ARLB027 Deadline Extended to November 28, 2023 for 60-Meter Comments


    2023-10-30 ARLB028 FCC To Vote on Removing Symbol Rate Restrictions


    2023-10-20 ARLX015 Hurricane Watch Net Activates for Hurricanes Tammy and Norma


    2023-10-16 ARLX014 Jamboree-on-the-Air is on October 20 - 22, 2023


    2023-10-11 ARLB026 ARRL Urges Comments to FCC on 60-Meter Band


    2023-10-05 ARLB025 Comment Deadlines Set on Proposed 60 Meter Band Changes


    2023-10-02 ARLX013 Solar Eclipse QSO Party Seeks Amateurs and Radio Enthusiasts for Global Experiment


    2023-09-23 ARLB024 Anna Gomez Confirmed to Federal Communications Commission


    2023-09-11 ARLB023 ARRL New Jersey Sections Sign Agreement with American Red Cross


    2023-09-11 ARLX011 Amateur Radio Volunteers Needed for Marine Corps Marathon


    2023-09-11 ARLX012 Former ARRL Oregon Section Manager John Core, KX7YT (SK)


    2023-09-07 ARLB021 Changes to the ARRL Oregon Section


    2023-09-07 ARLB022 Changes in the ARRL Louisiana Section


    2023-09-07 ARLX010 Dave Coons, WT8W, Former ARRL Great Lakes Division Director (SK)


    2023-08-30 ARLB020 Hurricane Idalia: FCC Approves ARRL Petition to Aid Emergency Communications


    2023-08-29 ARLB019 Idalia Prompts Amateur Radio Activations


    2023-08-22 ARLB018 Candidates Named for ARRL Director and Vice Director Elections


    2023-08-21 ARLX009 Tropical Storm Hilary: Amateur Radio Activates


    2023-08-03 ARLB017 ARRL Files Comments Against "Seriously Flawed" HF Rules Petition


    2023-08-01 ARLB016 Filers Seek Extension on Shortwave Petition. ARRL to File Comments.


    2023-07-31 ARLX008 Hurricane Watch Net Seeks Bilingual Net Control Operators


    2023-07-12 ARLB015 Commercial Interests Petition FCC for High Power Allocation on Shortwave Spectrum


    2023-06-27 ARLB014 FCC ULS System Restored


    2023-06-22 ARLB013 FCC ULS Reopened, Except Electronic Batch Filing System


    2023-06-19 ARLX006 2023 W1AW and K6KPH Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2023-06-15 ARLB012 Updated: FCC ULS Unavailable, Filing Deadlines Extended


    2023-06-14 ARLB010 FCC Universal Licensing System Applications Are Unavailable


    2023-06-14 ARLB011 Legislation to Remove Private Land Use Restrictions on Amateur Radio Introduced in Congress


    2023-06-05 ARLB009 ARRL Hudson Division has New Vice Director


    2023-06-05 ARLX005 Licensee Hit With $24,000 Fine for Jamming Net, Failure to ID: FCC


    2023-06-02 ARLB008 ARRL Elected to Serve on SAFECOM


    2023-05-30 ARLB007 Section Manager Update: Austin Elected, Bigley Re-elected, Gendron Appointed


    2023-05-26 ARLX003 ARRL and FEMA Sign Agreement: Ham Radio is as Relevant as Ever


    2023-05-26 ARLX004 Gomez Nominated for Vacant FCC Seat, Two Commissioners Renominated


    2023-05-18 ARLX002 Marc Tarplee, N4UFP, Section Manager of the ARRL South Carolina Section, SK


    2023-05-16 ARLX001 National Hurricane Center Amateur Radio Station Annual Test


    2023-04-28 ARLB006 ARRL Advocates for Radio Amateurs as FCC Proposes Changes to 60-Meter Band


    2023-03-29 ARLB005 ARRL Announces Leadership Changes in the Hudson Division


    2023-03-13 ARLB004 W1AW 2023 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2023-02-03 ARLB003 Leadership Changes in ARRL Atlantic Division


    2023-01-09 ARLB002 Bud Kozloff, W1NSK, Appointed as ARRL Connecticut Section Manager


    2023-01-03 ARLB001 W1AW 2023 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2022

    2022-12-24 ARLB026 Rep. Bill Johnson Introduces Bill to Eliminate Private Land Use Restrictions on Amateur Radio


    2022-12-24 ARLX012 Amateur Radio Operators Invited to participate in Asteroid Bounce Experiment


    2022-12-23 ARLB025 Rep. Lesko Introduces Bill to Replace Symbol Rate Limit with Bandwidth Limit


    2022-12-16 ARLB024 New Section Managers Appointed -- Incumbent Section Managers to Continue New Terms in April 2023


    2022-12-12 ARLB023 New General Question Pool Released for Ham Radio Licensing Effective July 1, 2023


    2022-11-21 ARLB021 2022 ARRL Board of Directors Election Results


    2022-11-21 ARLB022 Eastern Massachusetts Section to Welcome New Section Manager; Incumbent Section Managers were Reelected


    2022-11-08 ARLX011 Amateur Radio and ARRL Devotee Ellen White, W1YL (SK)


    2022-11-07 ARLB020 W1AW 2022 Winter Operating Schedule


    2022-10-31 ARLB019 New Wyoming Section Manager Appointed


    2022-10-04 ARLX010 Doreen Bogdan-Martin, KD2JTX, is Elected as Next ITU Secretary General


    2022-09-28 ARLB018 FCC Grants an ARRL Emergency Request to Permit Higher Data Rate Transmissions for Hurricane Relief Communications


    2022-09-23 ARLX009 Amateur Radio Operators Track Hurricane Fiona


    2022-09-02 ARLX008 ARRL President Emeritus Harry Dannals, W2HD (SK)


    2022-09-01 ARLX007 ARRL Mourns Loss of Caroline Kenney, QST Assistant Editor


    2022-08-26 ARLB017 Races for Director and Vice Director Set in ARRL Southeastern Division


    2022-06-20 ARLX005 2022 W1AW and K6KPH Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2022-05-27 ARLB016 Section Manager Spring Election Results


    2022-05-12 ARLX004 Annual Armed Forces Day Cross-Band Exercise Set for May 14


    2022-05-02 ARLB015 Radio Amateurs to Participate in MARS Interoperability Exercise in May


    2022-04-29 ARLB014 A New Colorado Section Manager Begins July 1


    2022-04-23 ARLB013 FCC Has Resumed Processing License Applications and Exam Session Files


    2022-04-22 ARLB012 FCC Not Processing License Applications and Exam Session Files


    2022-04-05 ARLB011 New FCC Application Fee Will Not Apply to Amateur Radio License Upgrades


    2022-03-25 ARLB010 New Amateur Radio License Applications Fee To Become Effective April 19, 2022


    2022-03-14 ARLB009 W1AW 2022 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2022-03-10 ARLX003 Former ARRL Eastern Pennsylvania SM, Traffic Handler Joe Ames, W3JY (SK)


    2022-02-28 ARLB008 ARRL Seeks Exemption from Proposed US Forest Service Communication Facility Fees; Comment Period to be Re-Opened Through March 31


    2022-02-24 ARLB006 Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2022-02-24 ARLB007 FCC: Amateur Service Licensees May Not Use Radio Equipment to Commit Criminal Acts


    2022-01-19 ARLB005 Amateur Operation in 3.45 - 3.5 GHz Segment Must Cease by April 14, 2022


    2022-01-18 ARLB004 New Section Manager Appointed for Northern New York


    2022-01-18 ARLX002 Bangladesh Amateur Radio League Founder Saif Shahid, S21A (SK)


    2022-01-10 ARLB003 Interim Section Manager Appointed for Delaware


    2022-01-10 ARLX001 Former Virgin Islands Section Manager Ron Hall, KP2N (SK)


    2022-01-06 ARLB002 New Technician Question Pool Released, Effective July 1, 2022


    2022-01-05 ARLB001 W1AW 2022 Winter Operating Schedule


    2022-01-05 ARLC001 Radio Amateurs of Canada Announces New President


  • 2021

    2021-12-28 ARLB032 ARRL to Oppose Forest Service Administrative Fees for Amateur Facilities


    2021-12-23 ARLX020 Former Tennessee Section Manager Keith Miller, N9DGK (SK)


    2021-12-22 ARLB031 David Benoist, AG4ZR, Appointed as ARRL Georgia Section Manager


    2021-12-16 ARLB030 Interim SM Appointment Made in Virginia; Georgia SM Post Becomes Vacant


    2021-12-16 ARLX019 Past ARRL Chief Development Officer Mary Hobart, K1MMH (SK)


    2021-12-09 ARLX018 ARRL Virginia Section Manager Joseph Palsa, K3WRY (SK)


    2021-12-07 ARLB029 Senator Blumenthal Supports Amateur Radio at Senate Confirmation Hearing


    2021-12-07 ARLX017 ARRL Northwestern Division Assistant Director Phil Kane, K2ASP (SK)


    2021-12-03 ARLX016 W1AW Code Practice Text Sources Taken from February 1922 QST


    2021-11-30 ARLX015 ARRL Author, QST Technical Editor Joel Hallas, W1ZR (SK)


    2021-11-25 ARLB028 Fall ARRL Section Manager Election Results


    2021-11-19 ARLB027 ARRL Announces Director Election Results


    2021-11-09 ARLB026 W1AW 2021/2022 Winter Operating Schedule


    2021-10-01 ARLX014 Past AMSAT President and Director, and Amateur Satellite Pioneer Tom Clark, K3IO (SK)


    2021-09-29 ARLB025 Georgia Gets a New Section Manager; Re-Elected SMs Begin New Terms on October 1


    2021-09-23 ARLB024 The 2021 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is Just Ahead


    2021-09-23 ARLX012 Radio Amateurs on Standby Following La Palma Volcanic Eruption


    2021-09-23 ARLX013 Clear Frequencies Requested for Possible Nicaragua Earthquake Traffic


    2021-09-09 ARLB023 FCC Extends Filing Deadlines for Affected Louisiana Parishes and Mississippi Counties


    2021-08-31 ARLX011 FEMA Announces HF Interoperability Activity on 60-Meter Channels 1 and 2


    2021-08-30 ARLB022 FCC Grants Temporary Waiver to Permit Higher Symbol Rate Data Transmissions for Hurricane Ida Traffic


    2021-08-17 ARLB021 FCC Application Fees Unlikely to Go into Effect Until 2022


    2021-08-17 ARLX010 Following Earthquake in Haiti, Radio Amateurs Asked to Keep Frequencies Clear


    2021-07-23 ARLB020 ARRL Announces Leadership Changes in the Central Division


    2021-07-01 ARLB019 New Section Managers Appointed in Orange and Eastern Washington


    2021-06-21 ARLX008 2021 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2021-06-17 ARLX007 K9JM to transmit CW and Digital Versions of 2021 W1AW Field Day Bulletin


    2021-05-25 ARLB018 East Bay SM Jim Siemons, W6LK, Stepping Down; Mike Patterson, N6JGA, Appointed


    2021-05-24 ARLB017 Spring ARRL Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2021-05-24 ARLX006 Annual WX4NHC On-the-Air Station Test Set for Saturday, May 29


    2021-05-20 ARLB016 Amateurs' Email Addresses Will Continue to Be Kept Private, FCC Says


    2021-05-07 ARLB015 First-Time Exam Applicants Must Obtain FCC Registration Number before Taking Exam


    2021-04-27 ARLB014 FCC Auto-Registration Feature for Exam Applicants to be Discontinued


    2021-04-27 ARLX005 Annual Armed Forces Day Cross-Band Test Set for May 7 - 8


    2021-04-21 ARLB012 Clear Frequencies Requested for Net Providing 24/7 Coverage of Saint Vincent Volcanic Eruption


    2021-04-21 ARLB013 FCC Issues Enforcement Advisory: Radio Users Again Reminded Not to Use Radios in Crimes


    2021-04-13 ARLB011 Updated Radio Frequency Exposure Rules Become Effective on May 3


    2021-04-06 ARLB010 Oklahoma SM Kevin O'Dell, N0IRW, Stepping Down; Mark Kleine, N5HZR, Appointed as OK SM


    2021-04-01 ARLX004 Past ARRL San Diego Section Manager and Southwest Division Vice Director Tuck Miller, NF9T (SK)


    2021-03-26 ARLB009 NCVEC Question Pool Committee Seeks Input for Updated Technician Question Pool


    2021-03-24 ARLB008 Cooperative Effort Under Way to Resolve Potential 70-Centimeter Interference Issue


    2021-03-23 ARLB006 Amateur Radio Gets a Partial Reprieve on 3.5 GHz


    2021-03-23 ARLB007 FCC Not Yet Collecting $35 Application Fee


    2021-03-17 ARLB005 Incumbent Section Managers Begin New Terms in April


    2021-03-14 ARLB004 W1AW 2021 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2021-02-16 ARLX003 Former ARRL Southwestern Division Director Art Goddard, W6XD (SK)


    2021-02-03 ARLX002 MARS Announces Schedule of Dates for 60-Meter Interoperability


    2021-01-12 ARLX001 Former RAC President John "Hoppy" Hopwood, VE7RD (SK)


    2021-01-08 ARLB003 FCC Invites Comments on Expanding the Number of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators


    2021-01-04 ARLB001 W1AW 2021 Winter Operating Schedule


    2021-01-04 ARLB002 FCC to Require Email Address on Applications Starting on June 29, 2021


  • 2020

    2020-12-31 ARLB041 FCC Reduces Proposed Amateur Radio Application Fee to $35


    2020-12-30 ARLX016 ARRL Staffers to be On the Air from W1AW for Straight Key Night


    2020-12-22 ARLB039 FCC Posts Email Address Reminder On ULS Landing Page


    2020-12-22 ARLB040 Tom Sly, WB8LCD, Appointed as Ohio Section Manager


    2020-12-02 ARLB038 FCC to Require Email Addresses on Applications


    2020-11-25 ARLB037 New York City-Long Island Section Manager Re-Elected in Fall Balloting


    2020-11-25 ARLX015 Former West Virginia Section Manager Ann Rinehart, KA8ZGY (SK)


    2020-11-23 ARLB036 ARRL Announces Director, Vice Director Election Results


    2020-11-19 ARLB035 ARRL Seeks Waiver of Proposed FCC Amateur Application Fees


    2020-11-16 ARLB034 Clear Frequencies Requested for Caribbean Hurricane Emergency Traffic


    2020-11-09 ARLB033 Kristen McIntyre, K6WX, is New ARRL Pacific Division Director


    2020-11-02 ARLB032 W1AW 2020/2021 Winter Operating Schedule


    2020-11-02 ARLX014 ARRL Pacific Division Director Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT (SK)


    2020-10-28 ARLB031 ARRL Urges Members to Join in Strongly Opposing FCC's Application Fees Proposal


    2020-10-13 ARLB029 Bob Buus, W2OD, Appointed as Northern New Jersey Section Manager


    2020-10-13 ARLB030 Mark Stillman, KA3JUJ, Appointed as New Delaware Section Manager


    2020-10-13 ARLX013 Northern New Jersey Section Manager Steve Ostrove, K2SO (SK)


    2020-10-08 ARLB028 FCC Orders Amateur Access to 3.5 GHz Band to "Sunset"


    2020-10-01 ARLB027 Stuart Wolfe, KF5NIX, Appointed South Texas Section Manager


    2020-09-28 ARLB026 ARRL Seeks Changes in FCC Proposal to Delete 3.4 GHz Amateur Band


    2020-09-24 ARLB025 Phil Temples, K9HI, Appointed as New England Division Vice Director


    2020-09-24 ARLX012 Former West Virginia Section Manager Karl Thompson, K8KT (SK)


    2020-09-18 ARLB024 FCC Grants ARRL Rules Waiver Request for Fire Emergencies, Hurricanes


    2020-09-16 ARLB022 5-MHz Interoperability Channels Designated for Wildfires and Hurricane Sally Response


    2020-09-16 ARLB023 Northern Florida ARES Requests Clear Frequencies for HF Nets


    2020-09-03 ARLB021 FCC Application Fee Proposal Proceeding is Open for Comments


    2020-08-24 ARLB020 James Armstrong, NV6W, Named Santa Clara Valley SM


    2020-08-20 ARLB019 Rene Fonseca, NP3O, Elected as Puerto Rico Section Manager


    2020-08-18 ARLX011 Past Puerto Rico Section Manager Victor Madera, KP4PQ (SK)


    2020-06-26 ARLB017 Illinois Section Manager Steps Down, New SM Appointed


    2020-06-26 ARLB018 K9JM to transmit CW version of 2020 W1AW Field Day Bulletin


    2020-06-22 ARLX009 2020 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2020-06-19 ARLX008 K6KPH Unable to Handle June 20 West Coast Qualifying Run or Field Day Transmissions for West Coast


    2020-06-09 ARLB016 New Section Manager Appointed in North Dakota in Wake of Resignation


    2020-06-02 ARLB014 Dan Grady, N2SRK, Appointed as New Rocky Mountain Division Vice Director


    2020-06-02 ARLB015 Spring 2020 Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2020-05-29 ARLB013 Rocky Mountain Vice Director Resigns to Accept Appointment as Colorado Section Manager


    2020-05-15 ARLB012 ARRL Seeks Clarification of Amended Amateur Service RF Safety Rules


    2020-04-24 ARLB011 Ballot Counting Postponed in Four ARRL Section Manager Elections


    2020-04-09 ARLB010 Ned Stearns, AA7A, Appointed as ARRL Southwestern Division Vice Director


    2020-04-09 ARLX007 Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test Postponed


    2020-04-08 ARLX006 Past ARRL Atlantic Division Director Bernie Fuller, N3EFN (SK)


    2020-04-04 ARLX005 Past ARRL Treasurer Jim McCobb, K1LU (SK)


    2020-03-24 ARLB009 W1AW to limit transmit schedule


    2020-03-19 ARLX004 Errata to 2020-2024 Amateur Extra-Class Question Pool Released


    2020-03-10 ARLB008 W1AW 2020 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2020-02-14 ARLB007 FCC Invites Comments on 5.9 GHz Proceeding


    2020-02-07 ARLX003 Former ARRL East Bay Section Manager, Ti-Michelle Connelly, NJ6T (SK)


    2020-02-05 ARLB005 ARRL HF Band Planning Committee Seeks Comments on Recommendations


    2020-01-28 ARLB004 New Amateur Extra Question Pool Released


    2020-01-28 ARLX002 Past ARRL Southeastern Division Director H. Dale Strieter, W4QM (SK)


    2020-01-24 ARLB003 ARRL to Argue for Continued Access to 3-GHz Spectrum as FCC Sets Comment Deadlines


    2020-01-09 ARLB002 John Litz, NZ6Q, Appointed as San Joaquin Valley Section Manager


    2020-01-03 ARLX001 San Joaquin Valley Section Manager Dan Pruitt, AE6SX (SK)


    2020-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2020 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2019

    2019-12-30 ARLX012 Two Solar Cycle 25 Sunspots Appear


    2019-12-27 ARLB025 New Section Manager Will Take Over in North Carolina on April 1


    2019-12-19 ARLB024 FCC Formally Adopts Proposals to Remove Amateur 3-GHz Band, Invites Comments


    2019-12-02 ARLX011 Past ARRL Chief Technology Officer Paul Rinaldo, W4RI (SK)


    2019-11-26 ARLB023 ARRL to Oppose Proposal to Eliminate 3.3 - 3.5 GHz Amateur Allocation


    2019-11-05 ARLB022 W1AW 2019/2020 Winter Operating Schedule


    2019-09-26 ARLX010 WWV Centennial Celebration and Special Event Kick Off this Weekend


    2019-09-20 ARLB021 Ad Hoc Legislative Advocacy Committee to Meet with Lawmakers


    2019-09-19 ARLB020 ARRL Renews Request for FCC to Replace Symbol Rate with Bandwidth Limit


    2019-09-13 ARLB019 FCC Seeks to Streamline its Hearings Process


    2019-09-11 ARLX008 ARRL and IARU President Emeritus Larry Price, W4RA (SK)


    2019-09-11 ARLX009 Past ARRL Iowa Section Manager Bob McCaffrey, K0CY (SK)


    2019-08-20 ARLX007 WWV Centennial Committee Prepares for Trial Run of WW0WWV Special Event


    2019-06-17 ARLB017 ARRL Files Interim Report with FCC in "Symbol Rate" Proceeding


    2019-06-17 ARLB018 Montana to Get New Section Manager


    2019-06-17 ARLX005 2019 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2019-05-23 ARLB016 Springtime Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2019-05-16 ARLB015 The FCC is Not Reinstating a Vanity Call Sign Fee


    2019-04-17 ARLB014 ARRL and FCC Sign Memorandum to Implement New Volunteer Monitor Program


    2019-04-17 ARLX004 Amateur Radio in Space Pioneer Astronaut Owen Garriott, W5LFL (SK)


    2019-03-29 ARLB013 Bob Famiglio, K3RF, Appointed to Fill Atlantic Division Vice Director Vacancy


    2019-03-21 ARLB012 FCC Adopts New Rules for Spectrum above 95 GHz in Branded "Spectrum Horizons" Initiative


    2019-03-15 ARLB009 Commenting Electronically on FCC Proceedings


    2019-03-15 ARLB010 FCC Invites Comments on ARRL Technician Enhancement Proposal


    2019-03-15 ARLB011 New West Gulf Division Vice Director Appointed


    2019-03-14 ARLB008 ARRL Supports No Change to Table of Allocations for 45.5 - 47 and 47 - 47.2 GHz Bands


    2019-03-11 ARLB007 W1AW 2019 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2019-03-01 ARLB006 FCC Universal Licensing System will be Down for Maintenance


    2019-02-21 ARLB005 Winter Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2019-02-15 ARLX003 Ninth District Incoming QSL Bureau has New Manager and Address


    2019-02-14 ARLX002 Former Colorado Section Manager Tim Armagost, WB0TUB (SK)


    2019-02-13 ARLB004 FCC Invites Comments on Amateur Radio-Related Petition for Rule Making


    2019-01-31 ARLB003 Geoffrey Starks Sworn in as FCC Commissioner


    2019-01-25 ARLB002 John Robert Stratton, N5AUS, is New ARRL West Gulf Division Director


    2019-01-03 ARLB001 W1AW 2019 Winter Operating Schedule


    2019-01-03 ARLX001 Third Wednesday Monthly Communications Exercises Set


  • 2018

    2018-12-21 ARLB020 New Section Manager in Southern New Jersey, Eight Incumbents to Continue in Office


    2018-11-29 ARLX014 WX1AW at ARRL Headquarters will be SKYWARN Recognition Day Bonus Station


    2018-11-20 ARLB018 Robert Wareham, N0ESQ, Appointed as Rocky Mountain Division Vice Director


    2018-11-20 ARLB019 ARRL Director, Vice Director Election Results Announced


    2018-11-16 ARLX013 Former ARRL Headquarters Book Team Supervisor Jan Carman, K5MA (SK)


    2018-11-06 ARLB017 W1AW 2018/2019 Winter Operating Schedule


    2018-11-01 ARLB016 ARRL Executive Committee Updated on Regulatory, Governance Issues


    2018-09-13 ARLB015 W1AW Suspending Scheduled Transmissions on Friday, September 14


    2018-08-23 ARLB014 Summer Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2018-08-17 ARLX012 Former Wisconsin Section Manager Don Michalski, W9IXG (SK)


    2018-07-11 ARLB013 ARRL Urges Regulatory Regime to Keep Non-Amateur Satellites off Amateur Spectrum


    2018-06-18 ARLX010 2018 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2018-05-23 ARLB012 New Section Managers Elected in Five ARRL Sections


    2018-05-21 ARLX009 ARRL Business Services Manager Debra Jahnke, K1DAJ (SK)


    2018-05-16 ARLX008 National Hurricane Center's WX4NHC will be On the Air for Annual Station Test


    2018-05-11 ARLB011 Amateur Radio Parity Act Language Inserted in National Defense Authorization Act


    2018-05-09 ARLB010 ARRL Asks FCC to Protect Amateur Radio Millimeter-Wave Bands


    2018-05-01 ARLX007 Former Orange Section Manager, Veteran ARRL Volunteer Sandi Heyn, WA6WZN (SK)


    2018-04-17 ARLX006 Radio Amateurs in Canada to Get New 100 Watt 5 MHz Allocation


    2018-03-15 ARLX005 Past Louisiana Section Manager Jim Molan, KD5IGG, SK


    2018-03-12 ARLB008 W1AW 2018 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2018-03-12 ARLB009 South Texas SM Stepping Aside; New South Texas SM Appointed


    2018-03-01 ARLB007 ARRL Requests Expanded HF Privileges for Technician Licensees


    2018-02-23 ARLX004 IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee Chair Jim Linton, VK3PC (SK)


    2018-02-21 ARLB006 Louisiana Elects New Section Manager


    2018-01-26 ARLB005 Kristen McIntyre, K6WX, Appointed ARRL Pacific Division Vice Director


    2018-01-23 ARLX003 New IARU Region 2 HF Beacon Coordinator Named


    2018-01-16 ARLB004 NCVEC Question Pool Committee Releases Errata to New Technician Question Pool


    2018-01-16 ARLX002 Past ARRL Great Lakes Division Director Jim Weaver, K8JE (SK)


    2018-01-09 ARLB003 NCVEC Releases New Technician License Question Pool into the Public Domain


    2018-01-09 ARLX001 FEMA Region 10 Communication Exercises Will Make Use of 60 Meters


    2018-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2018 Winter Operating Schedule


    2018-01-02 ARLB002 W1AW active on 6 meters for all its scheduled transmissions; signal reports welcome


  • 2017

    2017-12-29 ARLB027 REMINDER: W1AW begins scheduled transmissions on 6 meters starting January 2, 2018


    2017-12-27 ARLB026 New ARRL Section Manager Appointed in North Dakota


    2017-12-05 ARLB025 FCC Seeks Comments on Technological Advisory Council Recommendations


    2017-12-01 ARLB024 W1AW to begin scheduled transmissions on 6 meters starting January 2, 2018


    2017-11-20 ARLB022 Michigan Section Manager Appointment Begins on January 1


    2017-11-20 ARLB023 Ballots Counted in 2017 Director, Vice Director Elections


    2017-11-14 ARLB021 Section Managers to Begin New Terms of Office on January 1


    2017-11-08 ARLX011 ARI President Mario Ambrosi, I2MQP (SK)


    2017-11-06 ARLB020 W1AW 2017/2018 Winter Operating Schedule


    2017-10-24 ARLB019 Communications Interoperability Training with Amateur Radio Community Set


    2017-10-23 ARLX010 QRZ DX and The DX Magazine Publisher Carl Smith, N4AA (SK)


    2017-09-26 ARLX009 Past QCWA General Manager, Former ARRL Staffer Jim LaPorta, N1CC (SK)


    2017-09-15 ARLB018 FCC Opens 630- and 2200-Meter Bands; Stations Must Notify UTC Before Operating


    2017-09-08 ARLB017 Operating Procedures During Hurricane Irma


    2017-08-18 ARLB016 Revised NCVEC Form 605 Must Be Used at Exam Sessions Starting on August 21


    2017-08-15 ARLX008 Solar Eclipse QSO Party Signup So Far Has Attracted More Than 250 Eclipse Enthusiasts


    2017-06-22 ARLX006 ARRL Sacramento Valley Section Official Observer Coordinator Norm Lucas, WB6RVR (SK)


    2017-06-19 ARLX005 2017 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2017-05-24 ARLB015 Spring Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2017-05-20 ARLB014 Ned Stearns, AA7A, Elected as Southwestern Division Vice Director


    2017-05-05 ARLB013 Important Notice - New MF and LF Bands are Not Yet Available to Use!


    2017-04-27 ARLX004 Armed Forces Day Crossband Military/Amateur Radio Communications Test is May 13


    2017-04-06 ARLB012 Revised Memorandum of Understanding between ARRL and FCC Still a Work in Progress


    2017-04-05 ARLX002 30th International Marconi Day Event Set for April 22


    2017-04-05 ARLX003 Former Kansas Section Manager Orlan Cook, W0OYH, and Former Sacramento Valley Section Manager Ron Murdock, W6KJ (SK)


    2017-03-13 ARLB011 W1AW 2017 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2017-02-27 ARLX001 Past ARRL Midwest Division Director Lew Gordon, K4VX (SK)


    2017-02-24 ARLB010 New Section Manager Appointed in West Virginia


    2017-02-22 ARLB009 Winter Cycle Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2017-02-21 ARLB007 FCC Invites Comments on ARRL Petition to Allocate New 5 MHz Band


    2017-02-21 ARLB008 New Section Manager Appointed in Illinois


    2017-01-26 ARLB006 Amateur Radio Parity Act Speeds to U.S. House Passage, Heads to U.S. Senate


    2017-01-17 ARLB005 New "Amateur Radio Parity Act" Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives


    2017-01-13 ARLB004 ARRL Asks FCC to Allocate New 5 MHz Band, Retain Channels and Current Power Limit


    2017-01-12 ARLB003 Illegal Drone Transmitters Could Interfere with Air Traffic Control, ARRL Complaint Asserts


    2017-01-06 ARLB002 FCC Dismisses Two Petitions from Radio Amateurs


    2017-01-03 ARLB001 W1AW 2017 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2016

    2016-12-29 ARLX022 Past Radio Amateurs of Canada President Bill Gillis, VE1WG (SK)


    2016-12-28 ARLB045 FCC Denies Expert Linears' Request for Waiver of 15 dB Rule, Petition Pending


    2016-12-22 ARLX020 Commemorative Fessenden Christmas Eve 600-Meter Transmissions Set


    2016-12-22 ARLX021 Christmas Eve SAQ Alexanderson Alternator Transmission Set


    2016-12-01 ARLB044 ARRL Issues Urgent Last Call to Press for Senate Passage of Amateur Radio Parity Act


    2016-11-23 ARLX019 SKYWARN Recognition Day On-the-Air Event is Saturday, December 3


    2016-11-18 ARLB043 NCVEC Question Pool Committee Seeks Comments on the Technician Question Pool


    2016-11-18 ARLX018 Southern Florida Assistant Section Manager Ray Kassis, N4LEM (SK)


    2016-11-17 ARLB042 ARRL Calls on Members to Press for US Senate Passage of Amateur Radio Parity Act


    2016-11-15 ARLB041 IARU Region 1 Monitoring Service Reports an Apparent Success


    2016-11-15 ARLX017 ARRL Honorary Vice President, Director Emeritus Tod Olson, K0TO (SK)


    2016-11-11 ARLX016 Reminder: 630 Meter Berlin Treaty Commemorative Special Event is Sunday, November 13 (UTC)


    2016-11-07 ARLB040 W1AW 2016/2017 Winter Operating Schedule


    2016-11-03 ARLX015 ARRL President Emeritus Jim Haynie, W5JBP (SK)


    2016-10-27 ARLB039 Rule Making Petition to FCC Calls for Vanity Call Sign Rule Changes


    2016-10-20 ARLB038 Georgia Section Manager Changing on November 1


    2016-10-14 ARLX014 King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej, HS1A (SK)


    2016-10-12 ARLB037 Current Rules Holding Hams Back from Adopting State-of-the-Art Technology, ARRL Says


    2016-10-07 ARLB035 Sarratt and Tiritilli Declared Elected in ARRL Southeastern Division


    2016-10-07 ARLB036 Interim Section Manager Appointed in Eastern Pennsylvania


    2016-10-07 ARLX013 Former ARRL DXCC and Awards Manager Bill Moore, NC1L (SK)


    2016-09-20 ARLB034 FCC Updates Notice on Amateur Radio Operation in CEPT Countries


    2016-09-16 ARLB033 New Section Manager Appointed in Northern New Jersey


    2016-09-14 ARLB032 Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes in the US House of Representatives


    2016-09-02 ARLX012 Tropical Storm Hermine Gains Attention on the Eastern Seaboard, Hurricane Watch Net Secures


    2016-09-01 ARLX011 Hurricane Watch Net Activating for Hermine, Hawaii Dodges Madeline, SKYWARN Eyeing Lester


    2016-08-31 ARLX010 Big Island ARES Districts Activate to Support Possible Hurricane Response in Hawaii


    2016-08-23 ARLB031 Summer Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2016-08-16 ARLB030 ARRL Encourages Comprehensive Noise Floor Study


    2016-08-11 ARLB029 FCC "Symbol Rate" Rule Making Proposal Open for Comment at Least Until October


    2016-07-29 ARLB027 FCC Proposes Rule Changes in Response to ARRL's "Symbol Rate" Petition, Seeks Comment


    2016-07-29 ARLB028 FCC Seeks Comments on Waiver Request from Expert Linears


    2016-07-21 ARLB026 Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA, Appointed Central Division Vice Director


    2016-07-20 ARLB024 ARRL Central Division Director Dick Isely, W9GIG, Steps Down


    2016-07-20 ARLB025 Amateur 47 GHz Allocation Avoids 5G Juggernaut in the US for Now, Worldwide Defense Continues


    2016-07-07 ARLB023 FCC Investigating Amateur Radio, Commercial Application Processing Glitch


    2016-07-01 ARLX009 Past ARRL Roanoke Division Director, Honorary Vice President Dennis Bodson, W4PWF (SK)


    2016-06-30 ARLB022 FCC's OET Clarifies Emissions Compliance Testing for RF LED Lighting Devices


    2016-06-24 ARLB021 FCC Says "No" to Lifetime Amateur Radio Licenses


    2016-06-20 ARLX006 2016 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2016-06-20 ARLX007 ARRL Programs and Services Committee Expresses Appreciation, Support of NTS


    2016-06-09 ARLX005 Past QST VHF-UHF Columnist, ARRL Staffer Bill Smith, W0WOI (ex-K0CER), (SK)


    2016-06-02 ARLB020 Diana Feinberg, AI6DF, Appointed as Los Angeles Section Manager


    2016-05-26 ARLB018 Four New Section Managers to Take Office this Summer


    2016-05-26 ARLB019 ARRL "Strongly Supports" Petition to Drop 15 dB Restriction for Amateur Amplifiers


    2016-05-24 ARLB017 Annual Pre-Hurricane Season Station Test at WX4NHC Set for May 28


    2016-05-19 ARLX004 Educator, ARRL Field Organization Veteran, Author Pete Kemp, KZ1Z (SK)


    2016-05-16 ARLX003 Hollywood Producer, ARRL Patron Dave Bell, W6AQ (SK)


    2016-05-12 ARLB016 Missouri Radio Amateur Petitions FCC to Designate "Symbol Communication" Subbands


    2016-04-28 ARLB015 FCC Invites Comments on Petition to Eliminate 15 dB Gain Limit on Amateur Amplifiers


    2016-04-19 ARLB014 Radio Amateurs Asked to Keep 7.060 MHz Clear for Ecuador Earthquake Emergency Traffic


    2016-04-19 ARLX002 Brazil Eases Authorization for Radio Amateurs Attending the 2016 Summer Olympics


    2016-03-28 ARLB013 ARRL Tells FCC to Restore Balance of Modes on 80 and 75 Meters


    2016-03-24 ARLB012 ARRL HF Band Planning Committee Seeks Suggestions on IARU Region 2 HF Band Plan


    2016-03-14 ARLB011 W1AW 2016 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2016-03-11 ARLB010 ARRL Urges FCC Not to Impose Overbroad Notification Requirement to Operate on 2200 and 630 Meters


    2016-02-24 ARLB008 FCC Seeks Comments on Petition to Grant Lifetime Amateur Radio Licenses


    2016-02-24 ARLB009 Ballots Counted, Results Announced in Three ARRL Section Manager Contests


    2016-02-23 ARLB007 FCC Invites Comments on ARRL Petition That Seeks 80/75 Meter Adjustments


    2016-02-10 ARLB006 US House Subcommittee to Consider Amateur Radio Parity Act


    2016-02-04 ARLB005 Matt Holden, K0BBC, Tapped as ARRL Dakota Division Vice Director


    2016-02-02 ARLX001 Long-Time ARRL Vice Director, Honorary Vice President Evelyn Gauzens, W4WYR (SK)


    2016-01-25 ARLB004 Former Colorado Section Manager Jeff Ryan, K0RM, Appointed as Rocky Mountain Division Vice Director


    2016-01-12 ARLB002 Amateur Radio Parity Act HR 1301 to Get House Subcommittee Airing


    2016-01-12 ARLB003 New Section Manager Appointed in Missouri


    2016-01-04 ARLB001 W1AW 2016 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2015

    2015-12-29 ARLB038 ARRL Again Complains to FCC about Illegal Marketing of Electronic Lighting Ballasts


    2015-12-08 ARLB037 IARU Praises Favorable WRC-15 Result Regarding Use of Amateur Bands for Non-Amateur Satellites


    2015-11-25 ARLB035 Revamped FCC Website Expected to Debut on December 10


    2015-11-25 ARLB036 ARRL Members in Santa Barbara Elect New Section Manager


    2015-11-19 ARLB033 Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes Senate Committee, Gains Cosponsors


    2015-11-19 ARLB034 World Radiocommunication Conference Approves Global 60 Meter Allocation!


    2015-11-16 ARLX013 Past Pacific Division Director Bradley W. "Brad" Wyatt, K6WR (SK)


    2015-11-02 ARLB032 W1AW 2015/2016 Winter Operating Schedule


    2015-10-23 ARLB031 Radio Amateurs in Mexico Prepare as Powerful Hurricane Patricia Nears Landfall


    2015-10-14 ARLB030 ARRL Asks FCC to Clarify that Hams May Modify Non-Amateur Gear for Amateur Use


    2015-09-29 ARLX012 Former ARRL Washington Coordinator, Archivist Perry Williams, W1UED (SK)


    2015-09-10 ARLX011 Former ARRL staffer Mason P. Southworth, ex-W1VLH (SK)


    2015-09-08 ARLB029 FCC Now Says ULS, Other Systems, Will Not Return Until September 10


    2015-09-01 ARLB027 A Reminder - FCC Universal Licensing System Down for Maintenance September 2-8


    2015-09-01 ARLB028 ARRL Supports Maximum Flexibility for Amateur Use of New 2200 and 630 Meter Bands


    2015-08-26 ARLB026 Outcome for 5 MHz at WRC-15 Remains in Limbo


    2015-08-25 ARLB025 FCC Universal Licensing System, Other Applications to be Down for Maintenance


    2015-08-19 ARLB024 ARRL Summer Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2015-07-30 ARLB023 Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee to Disappear in September


    2015-07-02 ARLB021 FCC Speedily Dismisses Petitions to Alter Amateur Service Rules


    2015-07-02 ARLB022 Phillip Groves, N8SFO, Named as West Virginia Section Manager


    2015-06-22 ARLX009 2015 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2015-06-15 ARLX008 West Virginia Section Manager Charles Hardy, WV8CH (SK)


    2015-06-12 ARLB020 Ed James, KA8JMW, Appointed as New Mexico Section Manager


    2015-06-12 ARLX007 Amateur Radio Newsline Co-Founder, Editor Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF (SK)


    2015-05-26 ARLB019 FCC Eliminates Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Regulatory Fee


    2015-05-19 ARLB018 Utah Section Manager Re-Elected, Two New SMs Coming Aboard in July


    2015-04-30 ARLB017 New Section Manager Appointed in North Texas


    2015-04-29 ARLB016 FCC Proposes to Permit Amateur Access to 2200 and 630 Meters


    2015-04-07 ARLB015 ARRL to FCC: Amateurs and Vehicular Radars Can Play Nicely Together on 77-81 GHz


    2015-03-10 ARLX006 Southeastern Division Assistant Director Charles I. "Chuck" Baer, W4ROA (SK)


    2015-03-09 ARLB012 W1AW 2015 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2015-03-09 ARLB013 Comments Due by April 6 on 76-81 GHz Radar Sharing Proposals


    2015-03-09 ARLB014 Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 Introduced in Congress


    2015-03-03 ARLX005 Past IARU Region 1 Chairman Louis van de Nadort, PA0LOU (SK)


    2015-02-26 ARLB011 ARRL Seeks Member Input on Draft HF Band Plan Proposals


    2015-02-25 ARLB010 Two New ARRL Section Managers Will Take Office on April 1


    2015-02-23 ARLB009 Joseph Palsa, K3WRY, Appointed as Virginia Section Manager


    2015-02-17 ARLB007 FCC "Paperless" Amateur Radio License Policy Now in Effect


    2015-02-17 ARLB008 ARRL Warns Experimental Licensee to Avoid Interference to HF Ham Activity


    2015-02-10 ARLB006 FCC Seeks Comment on Radar Sharing Schemes that Could Displace Amateur Radio at 76-81 GHz


    2015-02-06 ARLB005 John Bigley, N7UR, Appointed as Nevada Section Manager


    2015-02-02 ARLX003 Past ARRL Dakota Division Director Howard Mark, K3HM (SK)


    2015-02-02 ARLX004 Nevada Section Manager Gary Grant, K7VY (SK)


    2015-01-29 ARLB004 FCC "Paperless" Amateur Radio License Policy Goes into Effect on February 17


    2015-01-29 ARLX002 ARRL Assistant Roanoke Division Director Anthony R. "Tony" Curtis, K3RXK (SK)


    2015-01-22 ARLB003 ARRL Roanoke Division Director Dennis Bodson, W4PWF, Retires


    2015-01-16 ARLB002 Michigan Passes, Governor Signs Antenna Accommodation Legislation


    2015-01-07 ARLX001 ARRL Roanoke Division Assistant Director, DXpeditioner Jim Wise, W4PRO (SK)


    2015-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2015 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2014

    2014-12-29 ARLB023 Eastern Pennsylvania to Start the New Year with a New Section Manager


    2014-12-18 ARLB022 New Element 3 (General Class) Question Pool Released


    2014-12-18 ARLX015 Past Northern Florida Section Manager Royal V. Mackey, N4ADI (SK)


    2014-11-20 ARLB021 Four New Section Managers to Start in the New Year


    2014-11-11 ARLX014 Past ARRL Connecticut SCM Victor L. Crawford, W1TYQ (SK)


    2014-11-06 ARLB020 W1AW 2014/2015 Winter Operating Schedule


    2014-10-16 ARLX013 Former ARRL Staff Member Mary Lau, N1VH (SK)


    2014-10-02 ARLX012 Past Sacramento Valley SCM, Santa Clara Valley SM, Pacific Vice Director Jettie B. Hill, W6RFF (SK)


    2014-10-01 ARLB018 ARRL Again Asks FCC to Elevate Amateur Service 2300-2305 MHz Allocation to Primary


    2014-10-01 ARLB019 ARRL Takes Issue with NTIA's WRC-15 Proposal for 5 MHz


    2014-09-19 ARLB017 FCC Turns Down Petition to Create a 4 Meter Band in the US


    2014-09-04 ARLB016 New Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee Set at $21.40


    2014-06-28 ARLB015 House Bill Would Require FCC to Extend PRB-1 Coverage to Restrictive Covenants


    2014-06-23 ARLB014 Changes to Amateur Service Part 97 Rules Go Into Effect on July 21


    2014-06-23 ARLX010 2014 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2014-06-12 ARLB013 FCC Decides Not to Adopt New Rules Affecting 902-928 MHz Band


    2014-06-11 ARLB012 FCC Okays Changes to Amateur Radio Exam Credit, Test Administration, Emission Type Rules


    2014-06-05 ARLX009 Honor Roll DXer, Assistant ARRL Director H.O. Townsend, K5CX (SK)


    2014-05-30 ARLB011 Southern Florida Getting New Section Manager on June 1


    2014-05-30 ARLX008 EchoLink/IRLP Conference, Nodes Changed for May 31 WX4NHC Station Test


    2014-05-21 ARLB010 Four New ARRL Section Managers Elected


    2014-05-15 ARLB009 Petition to Expand RFID Use on 70 Centimeters Withdrawn


    2014-05-05 ARLX007 Past SCM, DXer, Propagation Forecaster Lee Wical, KH6BZF (SK)


    2014-03-11 ARLB008 W1AW 2014 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2014-03-03 ARLB007 ARRL Board Requests Member Comments About Digital Modes


    2014-03-03 ARLX006 Past ARRL General Manager, QST Editor John Huntoon, W1RW (SK)


    2014-02-27 ARLB006 Nevada Getting New Section Manager on March 1


    2014-02-19 ARLB005 Two ARRL Sections Getting New Section Managers, Virginia SM Re-Elected


    2014-01-31 ARLB004 FCC Retiring the Front Page


    2014-01-30 ARLB003 FCC Opens Brief Window for Comments on WRC-2015 Draft Recommendations


    2014-01-30 ARLX005 Past ARRL Roanoke Division Director Paschal L. "Andy" Anderson Jr, N4AE (SK)


    2014-01-23 ARLB002 Oregon SM Bonnie Altus, AB7ZQ, Named ARRL Northwestern Division Vice Director


    2014-01-23 ARLX004 Canada to Get Five 60 Meter Channels


    2014-01-22 ARLX003 Retired ARRL Staff Member Walt Ireland, WB7CSL (SK)


    2014-01-15 ARLX002 QST Contributing Editor Jack Troster, W6ISQ (SK)


    2014-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2014 Winter Operating Schedule


    2014-01-02 ARLX001 W100AW active for ARRL's Centennial Year


  • 2013

    2013-12-24 ARLB036 ARRL Files Comments on Its "Symbol Rate" Petition


    2013-12-11 ARLB034 Deadline to Comment on ARRL's "Symbol Rate" Petition Looms


    2013-12-11 ARLB035 ARRL Southeastern Division to Get New Vice Director


    2013-12-05 ARLB033 Plans Announced to Update the Communications Act of 1934


    2013-12-05 ARLX013 ARRL Granted Use of W100AW for League's Centennial


    2013-12-05 ARLX014 Former FMRE President Carlos Levy, XE1YK (SK)


    2013-12-02 ARLB032 ARRL Files Erratum to "Symbol Rate" Petition for Rule Making


    2013-11-20 ARLB030 ARRL Files "Symbol Rate" Petition with FCC


    2013-11-20 ARLB031 Tennessee Section Manager Elected to Second Term in Fall Balloting


    2013-11-18 ARLB029 Southeastern Division Election Results


    2013-11-07 ARLB028 Ohio Section Manager to Step Down


    2013-11-05 ARLB027 FCC Wireless Bureau Gets New Acting Chief


    2013-11-04 ARLB026 W1AW 2013/2014 Winter Operating Schedule


    2013-10-31 ARLB025 FCC Back to Full Complement


    2013-10-22 ARLB024 FCC Turns Away Petition to Expand Technician 10 Meter Privileges


    2013-10-22 ARLX012 Former Western Washington SM Harry Lewis, W7JWJ (SK)


    2013-10-03 ARLB023 ARRL Executive Committee to Consider Numerous Regulatory Issues


    2013-09-19 ARLB022 FCC Dismisses "Encryption" Petition


    2013-09-16 ARLB021 Amateur Radio Provides Critical Communication in Colorado Flooding Response


    2013-09-16 ARLX011 Wayne Green, W2NSD (SK)


    2013-08-22 ARLB019 Pending Amateur Service Rule Changes Are Not on Back Burner, FCC Assures VECs


    2013-08-22 ARLB020 Vanity Call Sign Fee Goes Up August 23!


    2013-08-20 ARLB018 New Delta Division Vice Director Named


    2013-08-19 ARLX010 August West Coast Qualifying Run Schedule Change


    2013-08-01 ARLB017 Nominee for FCC Chair Gets Senate Commerce Committee Nod


    2013-07-09 ARLB016 ARRL Urges Denial of Petition to Permit Encryption of Some Emergency Communications


    2013-06-25 ARLB015 Rules Change Sought to Permit Encryption of Sensitive Emergency Communications


    2013-06-25 ARLX009 Grant L. "Don" Carlson, KQ6FM (SK)


    2013-06-17 ARLX007 2013 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2013-05-31 ARLB014 ARRL Comments on Proposed Expansion of 5 GHz Unlicensed Broadband


    2013-05-30 ARLB013 FCC Seeks Small Vanity Call Sign Fee Increase


    2013-05-22 ARLB012 Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2013-05-22 ARLX006 WX4NHC's Annual On-the-Air Station Test from the National Hurricane Center


    2013-05-02 ARLB011 President Obama Nominates Financier and Former Telecom Executive Tom Wheeler as FCC Chairman


    2013-05-02 ARLX004 Hurricane Watch Net Seeks New Members for Net Control Stations


    2013-05-02 ARLX005 Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test Scheduled for May 11


    2013-04-18 ARLB009 New Section Manager Appointed in North Texas


    2013-04-18 ARLB010 FCC Again Denies ARRL's Petition in BPL Proceeding


    2013-04-04 ARLB008 FCC Seeks to Reassess RF Exposure Limits


    2013-03-26 ARLB007 FCC Grants ARRL's Request for Temporary Waiver for TDMA Systems


    2013-03-26 ARLX002 Former ARRL Northwestern Division Director Mary Lewis, W7QGP (SK)


    2013-03-26 ARLX003 National Traffic System Developer George Hart, W1NJM (SK)


    2013-03-11 ARLB006 W1AW 2013 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2013-02-27 ARLB005 FCC Proposes More Spectrum at 5 GHz for Unlicensed Broadband


    2013-02-21 ARLB004 ARRL Spring Section Manager Election Results


    2013-02-07 ARLX001 IARU Region 2 Seeks Input on HF Band Plan


    2013-01-03 ARLB002 Senate Approves Second Term for FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn


    2013-01-03 ARLB003 Comment Deadline Set in WRC-07 Implementation Proceeding


    2013-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2013 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2012

    2012-12-21 ARLB028 New Section Manager Appointed in New York City-Long Island


    2012-11-21 ARLB027 Monte Simpson, K2MLS, Appointed ARRL Western Washington Section Manager


    2012-11-21 ARLX016 Former "How's DX?" Conductor Rod Newkirk, W9BRD (SK)


    2012-11-05 ARLB026 W1AW 2012/2013 Winter Operating Schedule


    2012-11-01 ARLB025 ARRL Requests Hams Do Not Self-Deploy to Areas Affected by Hurricane Sandy


    2012-10-26 ARLB024 FCC Seeks Comments on Proposed Changes to Amateur Licensing Rules, Emission Types


    2012-10-05 ARLB023 FCC Seeks to Change Amateur Radio Licensing Rules, Allow Additional Emission Types


    2012-09-26 ARLX014 IARU Region 3 Chairman Michael Owen, VK3KI (SK)


    2012-09-26 ARLX015 Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society Chairman Sid T. May, ET3SID (SK)


    2012-08-23 ARLB021 Summer Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2012-08-23 ARLB022 FCC Releases Congressionally Mandated Study on Amateur Radio


    2012-08-21 ARLX013 QST Managing Editor Joel Kleinman, N1BKE (SK)


    2012-08-14 ARLB019 James Millsap, WB4NWS, Appointed Vice Director of the ARRL Southeastern Division


    2012-08-14 ARLB020 Vanity Call Sign Fee to Increase September 4


    2012-08-14 ARLX012 RAC Announces New Ontario Section Boundaries, Abbreviations


    2012-07-12 ARLB018 Executive Order Poses No Threat to the Amateur Radio Service


    2012-06-26 ARLX011 Former ARRL General Manager and IARU President Richard Baldwin, W1RU (SK)


    2012-06-18 ARLB017 New Section Manager Appointed in South Dakota


    2012-06-18 ARLX009 2012 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2012-06-14 ARLB015 New Amateur Extra Class Question Pool Effective July 1


    2012-06-14 ARLB016 President Obama Announces Nomination of Mignon Clyburn for New Term as FCC Commissioner


    2012-06-05 ARLB014 ARRL Board of Directors Approves 9 cm Band Plan


    2012-06-05 ARLX008 Former "The World Above 50 MHz" Conductor Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ (SK)


    2012-06-01 ARLX007 Take Part in the Annual On-The-Air Station Test from WX4NHC at the National Hurricane Center


    2012-05-31 ARLB013 FCC Expands Part 95 MedRadio Rules to Allow Devices in 2360-2400 MHz Band


    2012-05-23 ARLB012 ARRL Spring Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2012-05-23 ARLX006 Former ARRL First Vice President Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML (SK)


    2012-05-17 ARLB011 New "PRB-1" Law Now in Effect in Ohio


    2012-05-17 ARLX005 Former ARRL Vice Director Jim Mozley, W2BCH (SK)


    2012-05-10 ARLB010 Senate Approves Two New FCC Commissioners, Commission to Be at Full Strength


    2012-05-07 ARLB009 FCC Seeks Higher Vanity Call Sign Fee


    2012-05-07 ARLX004 Coast Guard to Join Armed Forces Crossband Communications Test


    2012-05-02 ARLB008 New Section Manager Appointed in Virgin Islands


    2012-05-02 ARLX003 Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test Scheduled for May 12


    2012-04-05 ARLB007 FCC Seeks Public Comments on Emergency Communications by Amateur Radio and Impediments to Amateur Radio Communications


    2012-03-30 ARLX002 Fred Maia, W5YI, (SK)


    2012-03-29 ARLB006 NTIA: No Objection to Additional Data Modes on 60 Meters


    2012-03-12 ARLB005 W1AW 2012 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2012-02-28 ARLB004 ARRL Publishes New Guidelines for 60 Meters


    2012-02-28 ARLX001 Former RAC President Earle Smith, VE6NM (SK)


    2012-02-22 ARLB003 Section Managers Winter Election Results


    2012-02-03 ARLB002 New Rules for 5 MHz (60 Meters) To Go Into Effect March 5


    2012-01-03 ARLB001 W1AW 2012 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2011

    2011-11-23 ARLB024 FCC Releases New Rules for 60 Meters


    2011-11-23 ARLB025 Fall Section Manager Election Results


    2011-11-18 ARLB023 Delta Division Sees Leadership Change; Midwest, Atlantic Divisions Unchanged


    2011-11-07 ARLB022 W1AW 2011/2012 Winter Operating Schedule


    2011-10-26 ARLX007 WD2XSH Experimental Stations to Be Active on November 3


    2011-10-21 ARLX006 Former ARRL Midwest Division Vice Director C. Richard Dyas, W0JCP (SK)


    2011-10-07 ARLB021 New Section Manager Appointed in North Texas


    2011-08-24 ARLB020 Incumbent Section Managers in Western Washington, Georgia Re-elected


    2011-08-11 ARLB019 Vanity Call Sign Fee to Go Up in September


    2011-07-12 ARLB018 New Section Manager Appointed in West Texas


    2011-07-12 ARLX005 Hurricane Watch Net Seeks New Members


    2011-06-20 ARLX003 2011 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2011-06-07 ARLB017 FCC Seeks Comments on Terminating Certain Docketed Proceedings


    2011-05-31 ARLB016 New Section Manager Appointed in Santa Clara Valley


    2011-05-25 ARLB014 Senate "Companion" Bill to HR 607 Avoids Impacting Amateur Spectrum


    2011-05-25 ARLB015 Nevada Members Re-Elect ARRL Section Manager


    2011-05-05 ARLB013 FCC Seeks to Raise the Fee for Vanity Call Signs


    2011-03-31 ARLB012 Revised Spread Spectrum Rules to Go Into Effect April 29, 2011


    2011-03-29 ARLB011 NCVEC Deletes Question from Amateur Extra Question Pool


    2011-03-24 ARLX002 Thormod "Tom" Bøe, LA7OF, (SK)


    2011-03-14 ARLB010 W1AW 2011 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2011-02-23 ARLB009 New Section Manager Elected in Arkansas


    2011-02-09 ARLB008 FCC Adds New Country to CEPT Reciprocal Agreement for Amateurs


    2011-02-01 ARLB007 Former Northern New Jersey Section Manager Appointed Hudson Division Vice Director


    2011-01-20 ARLB004 ARRL Files Petition for Partial Reconsideration with FCC Regarding Vanity, Club Call Signs


    2011-01-11 ARLB003 New Amateur Radio Bill Introduced in Congress


    2011-01-11 ARLX001 Former Western Massachusetts Section Manager Bill Voedisch, W1UD (SK)


    2011-01-03 ARLB001 New Section Manager Appointed in Alabama


    2011-01-03 ARLB002 W1AW 2011 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2010

    2010-12-16 ARLB030 New Rules Governing Vanity, Club Station Call Signs to Take Effect February 14


    2010-12-07 ARLX008 NCVEC Releases New General Class Question Pool


    2010-11-24 ARLB029 2010 Fall Section Manager Election Results


    2010-11-19 ARLB028 New Vice Director for Southeastern Division; Southwestern, West Gulf Divisions Remain Unchanged


    2010-11-11 ARLB027 FCC Issues Report and Order on Vanity and Club Station Call Signs


    2010-11-09 ARLB026 New Section Manager Appointed in Western New York


    2010-11-08 ARLB025 W1AW 2010/2011 Winter Operating Schedule


    2010-09-14 ARLB024 ARRL Honorary Vice President Hugh Turnbull, W3ABC, SK


    2010-08-27 ARLB023 ARRL Director, Vice Director Election Update


    2010-08-25 ARLB022 Summer Section Manager Election Results


    2010-08-05 ARLB021 FCC to Allow Government Drills Without a Waiver as of September 3


    2010-07-27 ARLB020 John Robert Stratton, KE5ISX, Appointed West Gulf Division Vice Director


    2010-07-22 ARLB019 Vanity Call Sign Fees to Decrease August 17


    2010-07-13 ARLB018 ARRL West Gulf Division Vice Director John Thomason, WB5SYT, Resigns Position


    2010-06-23 ARLX006 2010 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2010-05-25 ARLB017 NCVEC Question Pool Committee Withdraws Four Questions


    2010-05-19 ARLB015 Spring Section Manager Election Results


    2010-05-19 ARLB016 FCC Seeks Comments on Newly Proposed Rules


    2010-04-26 ARLB014 FCC Seeks Comments on Newly Proposed Rules for Amateur Radio Operators and Emergency Drills


    2010-04-14 ARLB013 FCC Looks to Lower Fees for Vanity Call Signs


    2010-03-30 ARLB012 ARRL, Red Cross Sign Memorandum of Understanding


    2010-03-18 ARLB011 FCC Proposes to Eliminate Spread Spectrum APC Requirement, and other actions


    2010-03-16 ARLB010 ARRL Seeks Input for New IARU Region 2 Band Plan


    2010-03-15 ARLB009 W1AW 2010 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2010-03-04 ARLB008 FCC Seeks Comments for Blanket Waiver to Allow Amateur Radio in Hospital Emergency Drills


    2010-03-01 ARLX005 IARU Region 2 and Radio Club de Chile Request Amateurs to Keep Emergency Frequencies Clear


    2010-02-24 ARLB007 ARRL Virginia Section Manager Election Results


    2010-02-17 ARLB006 Grant Hopper, KB7WSD, Appointed Northwestern Division Vice Director


    2010-02-16 ARLB005 Rod Blocksome, K0DAS, Appointed Midwest Division Vice Director


    2010-02-12 ARLB004 W1AW to Alternate Digital Mode Schedule


    2010-02-02 ARLX004 NCVEC Releases Second Technician Question Pool


    2010-01-29 ARLB003 FCC Notice of Proposed Rule Making to Revise and Clarify Vanity Call Sign Rules Open for Comments


    2010-01-25 ARLB002 Kent Olson, KA0LDG, Appointed Dakota Division Vice Director


    2010-01-25 ARLX003 Haiti Amateur Radio Frequency Update/Reciprocal Operating Clearance


    2010-01-13 ARLX002 IARU Region 2 Requests Frequencies Be Kept Clear After Massive Earthquake Strikes Haiti


    2010-01-05 ARLX001 NCVEC Releases New Technician Class Question Pool


    2010-01-04 ARLB001 W1AW 2010 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2009

    2009-12-16 ARLB037 Amateur Radio Bill Passes Senate, Moves to the House


    2009-12-10 ARLB036 New Section Manager Appointed in South Carolina


    2009-11-30 ARLB035 FCC Looks to Revise, Clarify Vanity Call Sign Rules


    2009-11-25 ARLB034 Incumbent Section Managers Win New Term of Office


    2009-11-23 ARLB033 New Vice Directors in Central, Roanoke Divisions


    2009-11-19 ARLX012 NCVEC to Release New Technician Question Pool to Public in January 2010


    2009-11-02 ARLB032 W1AW 2009/2010 Winter Operating Schedule


    2009-10-28 ARLX011 Former Hudson Division Director Paul Vydareny, WB2VUK, SK


    2009-10-07 ARLB031 Senate Introduces Companion Bill to HR 2160


    2009-09-10 ARLB030 FCC Chairman Announces Enforcement Bureau Chief


    2009-08-19 ARLB029 ARRL Section Manager Election Results


    2009-08-11 ARLB028 Vanity Call Sign Fees to Increase September 10


    2009-07-20 ARLX010 WALTER CRONKITE, KB2GSD (SK)


    2009-07-14 ARLB027 W1AW to add new digital modes to its transmitting schedule


    2009-07-01 ARLB026 Julius Genachowski Sworn In As FCC Chairman


    2009-06-23 ARLX008 Ohio Section Manager Joe Phillips, K8QOE (SK)


    2009-06-17 ARLB025 Pacific Division Vice Director Steps Down; Appointment Fills Vacancy


    2009-06-04 ARLB024 Jeff Beals, WA4AW, Appointed Southeastern Division Vice Director


    2009-05-21 ARLB023 May Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2009-05-19 ARLB022 FCC Looks to Raise Vanity Call Sign Fees for Second Consecutive Year


    2009-05-19 ARLX007 National Hurricane Center's WX4NHC Sets On-The-Air Station Test


    2009-05-05 ARLX006 ARRL Southeastern Division Vice Director Sandy Donahue, W4RU (SK)


    2009-04-23 ARLB021 Thomas Dick, KF2GC, Returns as Northern New York Section Manager


    2009-04-09 ARLB020 New Section Manager Appointed in South Dakota


    2009-03-30 ARLB019 ARRL Comments on FCC's Proposed Establishment of Rural Broadband Plan


    2009-03-24 ARLB017 Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein to Leave FCC


    2009-03-24 ARLB018 FCC Clarifies What Constitutes an Amateur Radio Repeater


    2009-03-20 ARLB016 FCC Denies Petition to Increase Size of Amateur Radio Question Pools


    2009-03-20 ARLX005 Global Simulated Emergency Test Scheduled for April


    2009-03-18 ARLX004 Rich Beebe, N0PV, SK


    2009-03-09 ARLB015 W1AW 2009 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2009-03-05 ARLB014 Julius Genachowski Nominated as Next FCC Chairman


    2009-02-25 ARLB013 2009 Winter Section Manager Election Results


    2009-02-25 ARLX003 BSA Updates Radio Merit Badge Requirements


    2009-02-13 ARLX002 IEEE to Form Balloting Group on BPL EMC Standard


    2009-02-10 ARLB012 W1AW to QSY on 160 Meters


    2009-02-03 ARLB011 ARRL Executive Committee Issues Mobile Amateur Radio Operation Policy Statement


    2009-01-27 ARLB009 ARRL Board of Directors Considers Internal and External Goals for 2009


    2009-01-27 ARLB010 Dean Feken, KL7MA, Appointed Oklahoma Section Manager


    2009-01-26 ARLB007 J. John Thomason, WB5SYT, Appointed West Gulf Division Vice Director


    2009-01-26 ARLB008 Laura L. Smith Named to Amateur Radio Enforcement Role


    2009-01-23 ARLB006 Michael J. Copps Named Acting FCC Chairman


    2009-01-20 ARLB005 Coy Day, N5OK, Resigns from ARRL Board of Directors


    2009-01-16 ARLB003 FCC Chairman Kevin Martin Announces Resignation


    2009-01-16 ARLB004 New Section Manager Appointed in Wyoming


    2009-01-09 ARLB002 ARRL Board of Directors, Standing Committees to Meet in Connecticut Next Week


    2009-01-09 ARLX001 Earthquake Strikes Costa Rica, Emergency Ham Frequency Declared


    2009-01-05 ARLB001 W1AW 2009 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2008

    2008-12-18 ARLB022 New Section Manager Appointed in Arkansas


    2008-12-01 ARLB021 ARRL President Emeritus George Wilson, W4OYI, SK


    2008-11-22 ARLB020 ARRL Delta Division Gets New Leadership, Great Lakes Division Remains Unchanged


    2008-11-19 ARLB019 Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2008-11-10 ARLB018 ARRL 2008 Frequency Measuring Test Set


    2008-11-05 ARLB017 W1AW 2008/2009 Winter Operating Schedule


    2008-10-24 ARLB015 FCC Responds to ARRL Petition Against Experimental License using 40 Meter Band


    2008-10-24 ARLB016 Next Round of PAVE PAWS Mitigation Contacts Begin


    2008-10-22 ARLB014 ARRL Files Petition with FCC against Experimental License Using 40 Meter Band


    2008-10-09 ARLB013 Pennsylvania Becomes 27th State with PRB-1 Law on Books


    2008-08-26 ARLX008 FCC Vanity Call Sign Fees to Increase September 25


    2008-08-20 ARLB012 New Idaho and North Dakota Section Managers to Take Office October 1


    2008-06-24 ARLX006 2008 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2008-05-29 ARLX005 National Hurricane Center's WX4NHC Sets On-The-Air Station Test


    2008-05-22 ARLB011 New Section Managers to Take Office July 1


    2008-05-19 ARLB010 Spring 2008 W1AW Frequency Measuring Test Set


    2008-05-12 ARLX004 Ronald A Parise, WA4SIR, SK


    2008-05-09 ARLB009 FCC Looks to Raise Vanity Call Sign Fees


    2008-05-07 ARLX003 Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test to Be Conducted May 10


    2008-04-25 ARLB008 Court Finds FCC Violated Administrative Procedure Act in BPL Decision


    2008-04-22 ARLB007 New Section Manager Appointed in New Hampshire


    2008-03-13 ARLB006 FCC Fixes Typographical Errors in Part 97


    2008-03-10 ARLB005 W1AW 2008 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2008-02-20 ARLB004 ARRL Section Manager election results


    2008-01-22 ARLB003 Harrison Re-elected ARRL President at January Board Meeting


    2008-01-21 ARLB002 ARRL Board meeting in Houston, Texas


    2008-01-17 ARLX002 Lunar Echo Experiment looking for Amateur Radio Participants


    2008-01-16 ARLX001 Hiram Percy Maxim II Passes Away at 72


    2008-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2008 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2007

    2007-12-27 ARLX008 New Prefix for Bosnia-Herzegovina Officially Announced


    2007-12-21 ARLB027 New Section Manager Appointed in Wyoming


    2007-11-09 ARLB026 Update to ARRL 2007 Frequency Measuring Test


    2007-11-06 ARLB025 W1AW 2007/2008 Winter Operating Schedule


    2007-11-05 ARLX007 Motorola buys Yaesu


    2007-10-30 ARLB024 Hollingsworth to Stay Put at FCC


    2007-10-25 ARLB023 Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, Special Counsel, Retires


    2007-10-24 ARLB022 New Section Manager Appointed in Western Pennsylvania


    2007-10-18 ARLB021 ARRL 2007 Frequency Measuring Test Set


    2007-10-10 ARLX006 October/December 2007 West Coast Qualifying Run Schedule Change


    2007-08-31 ARLB019 ARRL Continues Efforts On Interference To PAVE PAWS Radar Sites


    2007-08-31 ARLB020 FCC Issues Two Citations in Longstanding Power Line Noise Case


    2007-08-21 ARLB018 ARRL San Francisco Section Manager Re-elected


    2007-06-26 ARLX005 July 2007 West Coast Qualifying Run schedule change


    2007-06-21 ARLX003 2007 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2007-06-01 ARLB017 ARRL to FCC: Shut Down "Grossly Noncompliant" Ambient BPL Pilot Project


    2007-05-30 ARLB015 ARRL Files Federal Appeals Court Brief in Petition for Review of BPL Rules


    2007-05-30 ARLB016 FCC Designates Hearings on Three Amateur Radio Applications


    2007-05-30 ARLX002 Canada Ending 136 kHz and 5 MHz Special Authorizations


    2007-05-23 ARLB014 Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2007-04-23 ARLB012 FCC poised to lower vanity call sign fee


    2007-04-23 ARLB013 ARRL aiding effort to mitigate repeater interference to military radars


    2007-04-05 ARLB011 DXing on 60 meters has a downside, ARRL advises


    2007-03-12 ARLB010 W1AW 2007 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2007-02-28 ARLX001 ARRL Honorary Vice President, Past Director Ed Metzger, W9PRN, SK


    2007-02-21 ARLB009 Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2007-02-09 ARLB008 FCC Now Processing Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Backlog


    2007-02-07 ARLB007 No Code-Free Upgrades Available Until February 23


    2007-01-26 ARLB006 ARRL Board accepts National Emergency Response Planning Committee report


    2007-01-24 ARLB005 It's official! Morse code requirement ends Friday, February 23.


    2007-01-19 ARLB004 Codeless Amateur Radio testing tentatively begins February 23


    2007-01-12 ARLB003 FCC suspends vanity call sign processing


    2007-01-09 ARLB002 California ham has role in sea rescue


    2007-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2007 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2006

    2006-12-16 ARLB030 FCC to Drop Morse Testing for All Amateur License Classes


    2006-12-08 ARLB029 FCC revokes Amateur Radio license of convicted felon


    2006-11-29 ARLB028 FCC corrects error in "Omnibus" Report And Order


    2006-11-22 ARLB027 "Omnibus" Amateur Radio Report and Order Takes Effect December 15


    2006-11-21 ARLB026 New Vice Director Elected for Roanoke Division


    2006-11-20 ARLB025 W1AW to change its 80-meter digital frequency


    2006-11-10 ARLB024 FCC "omnibus" rule changes not yet in effect


    2006-11-08 ARLB023 ARRL Frequency Measuring Test 2006 Goes Back to Basics


    2006-10-30 ARLB022 W1AW 2006/2007 Winter Operating Schedule


    2006-10-20 ARLB021 New ARRL section managers to take office


    2006-10-13 ARLB020 ARRL requests members' input on recent FCC "omnibus" Report and Order


    2006-10-12 ARLB019 FCC releases long-awaited ''Omnibus'' Amateur Radio Report and Order


    2006-10-04 ARLB018 ARRL plans federal court appeal of certain BPL rules


    2006-09-19 ARLB017 Radio jammer Jack Gerritsen gets seven years, fines


    2006-09-06 ARLX005 ARRL Midwest Division Director Wade Walstrom, W0EJ, SK


    2006-08-25 ARLB016 Vice Director election set in Roanoke Division


    2006-08-22 ARLB015 Incumbent Section Managers overcome re-election challenges


    2006-07-27 ARLX004 Dr Charles E. "Chuck" Brady Jr, N4BQW, SK


    2006-07-17 ARLB014 ARRL Board of Directors to meet July 21-22


    2006-06-19 ARLX002 2006 W1AW/K6KPH Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2006-06-09 ARLB013 Full US House Okays Telecoms Bill with BPL Study Language Intact


    2006-06-07 ARLB010 Vermont Governor Signs Amateur Radio Antenna Bill


    2006-06-07 ARLB011 Karl Bullock, WA5TMC, Appointed Delta Division Vice Director


    2006-06-07 ARLB012 Robert M. McDowell joins FCC


    2006-05-24 ARLB009 Section Manager Election Results


    2006-05-03 ARLB008 FCC WRC-03 amateur rule changes now in effect


    2006-04-28 ARLB007 House Committee Okays Telecoms Bill with BPL-Interference Study Amendment


    2006-04-03 ARLB006 W1AW 2006 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2006-03-27 ARLB005 Vanity call sign fee poised to drop slightly later this year


    2006-03-08 ARLX001 ARRL Staff Member John C. Hennessee, N1KB, SK


    2006-02-22 ARLB004 Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2006-02-14 ARLB003 FCC noncommittal on "Morse code" proceeding


    2006-01-20 ARLB002 Joel Harrison, W5ZN, elected ARRL'S 14th president


    2006-01-03 ARLB001 W1AW 2006 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2005

    2005-12-16 ARLB030 ARES emergency net established after Missouri dam break


    2005-12-16 ARLX006 Holiday Toy Drive trucks hit the highway


    2005-11-22 ARLB029 Western Massachusetts, Delaware to get new Section Managers


    2005-11-18 ARLB028 Winners announced in contested ARRL Director, Vice Director races


    2005-11-09 ARLB027 ARRL 2005 Frequency Measuring Test set for November 17 UTC


    2005-11-08 ARLB026 Indiana Ham Radio Volunteers Assisting in Wake of Killer Tornado


    2005-11-03 ARLX005 Radio amateurs helping hurricane kids through toy drive


    2005-10-31 ARLB025 W1AW 2005/2006 Winter Operating Schedule


    2005-10-25 ARLB024 Deadline is October 31 to file comments in FCC "Morse code" proceeding


    2005-09-26 ARLB022 Amateur Radio continues Hurricane Rita response


    2005-09-26 ARLB023 Amateur Radio antenna "CC&R Bill" reintroduced in Congress


    2005-08-31 ARLB021 Comment deadlines set in FCC "Morse code" proceeding


    2005-08-25 ARLB020 Higher Amateur Radio vanity call sign application fee now in effect


    2005-08-24 ARLB019 LA Section Manager re-elected; new SMs picked in West Virginia, Wyoming


    2005-07-21 ARLB018 FCC proposes dropping Morse code requirement entirely


    2005-07-20 ARLB017 ARRL board adopts modified regulation by bandwidth proposal


    2005-07-11 ARLB015 FCC Issues Revised Form 605


    2005-07-11 ARLB016 Vanity call sign application fee to rise


    2005-06-22 ARLX003 The ARRL Letter, Volume 24, Number 24 - SPECIAL


    2005-06-20 ARLX002 2005 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule


    2005-06-17 ARLB014 US Senate version of Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act Introduced


    2005-05-25 ARLB013 Members pick new Section Managers in New Hampshire, West Texas


    2005-04-29 ARLB012 Resolution Calls on FCC To Evaluate BPL Interference, Review Rules


    2005-04-28 ARLX001 Dr. William W. McGrannahan, N0ZL (ex-K0ORB), SK


    2005-04-04 ARLB011 W1AW 2005 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2005-03-24 ARLB009 League files opposition to BPL reconsideration petitions


    2005-03-24 ARLB010 Huge mass casualty exercise will put Amateur Radio under scrutiny


    2005-03-01 ARLB007 Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act of 2005 Introduced


    2005-03-01 ARLB008 FCC Morse, restructuring proposals could be out by mid-year


    2005-02-24 ARLB006 ARRL Announces Section Manager Election Results


    2005-02-09 ARLB005 ARRL Tells FCC to "Reconsider, Rescind and Restudy" BPL Order


    2005-02-03 ARLB004 ARRL Board outlines ambitious legislative agenda


    2005-01-21 ARLB003 FCC chairman resigns


    2005-01-19 ARLB002 ARRL Volunteers, PRB-1 Help Amateurs Get Tower Permits


    2005-01-06 ARLB001 W1AW 2005 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2004

    2004-12-10 ARLB038 FCC proposes additional fine for former amateur licensee


    2004-12-10 ARLB039 FCC requires BPL trial to work with ham radio club


    2004-11-23 ARLB037 Section Manager Election Results


    2004-11-19 ARLB036 Norton, Woolweaver and Donahue winners in contested ARRL division races


    2004-11-11 ARLB035 W1AW 2004 Frequency Measuring Test set


    2004-11-08 ARLB034 FCC suspends Amateur Service license grants


    2004-11-01 ARLB033 W1AW 2004/2005 Winter Operating Schedule


    2004-10-29 ARLB032 FCC BPL Report And Order stresses interference avoidance, resolution


    2004-10-25 ARLB031 Draft Bandwidth Petition, BPL Focus of ARRL Executive Committee Meeting


    2004-10-15 ARLB030 FCC Adopts New BPL Rules


    2004-10-07 ARLB029 Eastern Massachusetts getting new Section Manager; six incumbents gain new terms


    2004-10-04 ARLB028 Santa Clara Valley gets new Section Manager


    2004-09-24 ARLB027 FCC Poised to Act on BPL Report and Order in mid-October


    2004-08-26 ARLB026 Two ARRL directors to step aside; balloting set in three divisions


    2004-08-25 ARLB025 ARRL seeks comment on draft "Bandwidth" petition


    2004-08-24 ARLB024 Minnesota Elects New Section Manager


    2004-08-06 ARLB023 FCC says new vanity fee really goes into effect August 10


    2004-08-04 ARLB022 FCC no longer issuing certain 2x3-format vanity call signs


    2004-07-21 ARLB021 ARRL Board Okays Volunteer Grassroots Lobbying Effort


    2004-07-21 ARLX006 John D. Kraus, W8JK, SK


    2004-07-07 ARLB020 FCC Sets New Vanity Fee Start Date: August 6, 2004


    2004-06-22 ARLX004 W1AW Field Day message to be transmitted on both US coasts


    2004-05-28 ARLB019 FCC extends reply comment deadline in BPL proceeding


    2004-05-26 ARLB018 FCC chairman responds to request to support ARRL restructuring Plan


    2004-05-21 ARLX003 Longtime ARRL Staffer, SSB Pioneer By Goodman, W1DX, SK


    2004-05-19 ARLB017 Eight Section Managers returned to office


    2004-05-12 ARLB016 ARRL supports FCC's cognitive radio technology proposals with reservations


    2004-05-07 ARLB015 Minor FCC amateur rule changes effective June 1


    2004-04-23 ARLB014 Illinois amateurs support tornado relief, recovery efforts


    2004-04-16 ARLB012 FCC proposes wide-ranging changes to Amateur Service rules


    2004-04-16 ARLB013 FCC okays RF identification tags at 433.5 to 434.5 MHz


    2004-04-14 ARLB011 ARRL Requests Filing Deadline Extension in BPL Proceeding


    2004-04-12 ARLB010 FCC to Stop Accepting Pre-December 2003 Form 605


    2004-04-06 ARLB009 W1AW 2004 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2004-04-06 ARLX002 Well-Known Contester Bill Fisher, W4AN, SK


    2004-03-31 ARLB008 Wyoming Gets New Section Manager


    2004-03-31 ARLX001 W1AW/90 Operates Through 2004


    2004-03-24 ARLB007 FCC invites comments on Amateur Radio restructuring plans


    2004-02-24 ARLB006 Bunsold Wins San Diego Section Manager Election


    2004-02-12 ARLB004 Amateur Radio bills add cosponsors


    2004-02-12 ARLB005 FCC okays BPL proposal


    2004-01-20 ARLB003 ARRL to Propose New Entry-Level License, Code-Free HF Access


    2004-01-15 ARLB002 Pacific Section Manager change takes place early


    2004-01-05 ARLB001 W1AW 2004 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2003

    2003-12-31 ARLX011 Joe T. Knight, W5PDY, SK


    2003-12-12 ARLB071 FCC announces new Universal Licensing System interface


    2003-12-11 ARLB070 Congressional recess provides opportunity to promote bills


    2003-12-04 ARLB069 New General Class Question Pool Released


    2003-11-24 ARLB068 Former New England Director Robert Chapman, W1QV, SK


    2003-11-21 ARLB067 Fallon Retains Hudson Division Directorship


    2003-11-19 ARLB065 FCC adds Part 15 spectrum at 5 GHz, turns down ARRL request


    2003-11-19 ARLB066 Tennessee, Alabama Getting New Section Managers


    2003-11-18 ARLB064 ARRL 2003 FMT - Frequency Correction


    2003-11-17 ARLB063 ARRL 2003 Frequency Measuring Test Set


    2003-10-28 ARLX010 Amateurs Aid Agencies in California Fire Emergency


    2003-10-27 ARLB062 W1AW 2003/2004 Winter Operating Schedule


    2003-10-09 ARLB061 FCC invites comments on additional Morse code-related petitions


    2003-09-19 ARLB060 W1AW to shift 160-meter transmission frequency


    2003-09-16 ARLB059 Amateur Radio prepares to greet Hurricane Isabel


    2003-09-05 ARLB058 Amateurs plan to activate in advance of Fabian


    2003-09-04 ARLB057 Sole ARRL Director Race is in Hudson Division


    2003-08-28 ARLX009 Past New Mexico SM Joe Knight, W5PDY, honored at convention


    2003-08-27 ARLB056 New ARRL Section Managers taking reins in Western Pennsylvania and Orange


    2003-08-22 ARLB055 Pro-BPL comments lack technical substance, ARRL says


    2003-08-18 ARLB054 Hams a bright spot during power blackout


    2003-08-18 ARLX008 Roy Neal, K6DUE, SK


    2003-08-08 ARLB053 Two ARRL Sections to Get New Section Managers in October


    2003-08-01 ARLB052 FCC Turns Away ARRL Challenge over Part 15 Authority


    2003-07-31 ARLX007 FCC upholds vanity fee policy, sets new fee start date


    2003-07-29 ARLB051 ARRL urges improved RFI immunity standards for consumer electronics


    2003-07-25 ARLX006 RSGB celebrates its 90th anniversary


    2003-07-24 ARLB050 ARRL Board requests policy recommendations to implement WRC-03 results


    2003-07-18 ARLB049 Hams supporting communications in Arizona forest fire




    2003-07-14 ARLB047 FCC declares Communications Emergency for Texas coast


    2003-07-11 ARLB045 7 MHz realignment compromise makes radio history


    2003-07-11 ARLB046 Hurricane Watch Net, SATERN keeping an eye on Claudette


    2003-07-10 ARLB043 ARRL files comments, studies in Broadband Over Power Line proceeding


    2003-07-10 ARLB044 Hurricane Watch Net activating for Claudette


    2003-06-26 ARLB042 Hams aid New Mexico, Arizona fire efforts


    2003-06-24 ARLB041 ARRL becomes an affiliate program of Citizen Corps


    2003-06-18 ARLB040 5 MHz allocation update


    2003-06-12 ARLB039 IARU team on the job at WRC-03


    2003-06-03 ARLB038 New 60-meter band becomes available July 3


    2003-05-22 ARLB037 FCC Proposes Additional 5-GHz Spectrum for Unlicensed Use


    2003-05-21 ARLB036 Incumbents elected in eight ARRL sections


    2003-05-14 ARLB035 FCC declines to grant amateur LF allocation; gives five channels at 5 MHz


    2003-05-14 ARLX004 National Hurricane Center's WX4NHC announces 2003 on-the-air test




    2003-05-09 ARLB033 FCC Declares General Communications Emergency for Oklahoma Area


    2003-05-07 ARLB032 Amateurs continue tornado relief-recovery support


    2003-04-30 ARLB031 FCC Now Accepting Comments in "Broadband Over Power Line" Inquiry


    2003-04-23 ARLB030 W1AW Operator Chuck Bender, W1WPR, SK


    2003-04-11 ARLB029 IARU admits three new member-societies


    2003-04-07 ARLB028 W1AW 2003 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2003-04-01 ARLB027 ARRL Headquarters TIS Coordinator Al Alvareztorres, AA1DO, SK


    2003-03-26 ARLB026 FCC Proposes to Hike Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee


    2003-03-25 ARLX003 Georgia Hams Respond in Aftermath of Killer Tornadoes


    2003-03-21 ARLB025 ARRL Executive Committee Updated on FCC, Legislative Matters


    2003-03-06 ARLB023 FCC makes housekeeping changes in Amateur Service rules


    2003-03-06 ARLB024 Arkansas gets new Section Manager


    2003-03-05 ARLX002 Amateurs Respond to Pennsylvania's Big Chill


    2003-02-24 ARLB022 ARRL Expresses Concerns About Ham Radio Impact of 70-cm Changes


    2003-02-22 ARLB021 N6AJO Appointed to Be Pacific Division Vice Director




    2003-02-19 ARLB019 Four New Section Managers Elected


    2003-02-17 ARLB016 FCC Declares Communications Emergency in Virginia






    2003-02-14 ARLB015 Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act of 2003 introduced


    2003-02-11 ARLB014 New Field Day entry class


    2003-02-07 ARLB013 Pacific Division Director Jim Maxwell, W6CF, SK


    2003-02-06 ARLX001 FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau gets new chief


    2003-02-03 ARLB012 Texas amateurs aid in shuttle debris recovery, cataloging


    2003-01-31 ARLB011 FCC Invites Comments on Amateur-Related Petition


    2003-01-30 ARLB010 New FCC consumer e-mail service now available


    2003-01-29 ARLB009 ARRL asks FCC not to Rush to Judgment


    2003-01-23 ARLB008 Reinhardt selected as PRC chairman


    2003-01-22 ARLB007 Board Discusses Strategic Planning, WRC-03 Efforts


    2003-01-16 ARLB006 FCC seeks comments on WRC-03 draft proposals


    2003-01-15 ARLB005 FCC Launches Consumer-Oriented Electronic Comment Filing System


    2003-01-10 ARLB004 ARRL Board to Take Strategic Tack at January Meeting


    2003-01-03 ARLB002 ARRL Concludes 5-MHz Experiments, Awaits FCC Decision on New Band


    2003-01-03 ARLB003 Hams help out during OK telephone emergency


    2003-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2003 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2002

    2002-12-30 ARLB074 FCC seeks comments on Amateur Radio-related petitions


    2002-12-27 ARLX009 Special Event, ARISS Contact To Mark Transmission Centennial


    2002-12-20 ARLB073 ARES Teams Assist Mississippi Town


    2002-12-12 ARLB071 New Nevada Section Manager appointed


    2002-12-12 ARLB072 FCC grants deadline extension on Spectrum Policy comments


    2002-12-09 ARLX008 Hams respond to North Carolina storm crisis


    2002-11-22 ARLB070 DXCC legend Bob White, W1CW, SK


    2002-11-20 ARLB069 Section Manager Election Results Announced


    2002-11-15 ARLB068 ARRL announces Director, Vice Director election results


    2002-10-29 ARLB067 New cosponsors for CC&R bill continue to sign up


    2002-10-28 ARLB066 W1AW Fall/Winter Operating Schedule


    2002-10-18 ARLB065 Congress completes legislative business; CC&R bill likely left behind


    2002-10-17 ARLB064 FCC rejects amateur's Petition for Reconsideration on CC&R issue


    2002-10-15 ARLB063 FCC opts for status quo at 2300 to 2305 MHz


    2002-10-10 ARLB062 FCC terminates Communications Emergency


    2002-10-09 ARLB061 New West Texas Section Manager named


    2002-10-02 ARLB060 FCC Declares Communications Emergency as Hurricane Lili Approaches Gulf Coast


    2002-10-01 ARLB059 Hams on duty as Lili hits Cuba


    2002-09-27 ARLB058 FCC rescinds Gulf Coast communications emergency


    2002-09-27 ARLX007 Former FCC Official A. Prose Walker, W4BW, SK


    2002-09-25 ARLB057 FCC expands Gulf Coast communications emergency


    2002-09-24 ARLB056 FCC Declares Communications Emergency for Gulf Coast


    2002-09-20 ARLB055 ARRL officials upbeat about reaching 5-MHz compromise


    2002-09-19 ARLB054 Hurricane Watch Net Activates for Isidore


    2002-09-10 ARLB052 Amateurs to remember September 11


    2002-09-10 ARLB053 NTIA gives thumbs down to 5 MHz petition


    2002-08-21 ARLB051 Incumbent Section Manager re-elected in Puerto Rico


    2002-08-16 ARLB050 Emergency Communications Training to Begin September 1


    2002-08-07 ARLB049 NCVEC endorses trial of amateur testing via videoconferencing


    2002-08-02 ARLB047 New Sacramento Valley SM announced


    2002-08-02 ARLB048 More Cosponsors Sign Aboard CC&R Bill, HR 4720


    2002-08-02 ARLX006 ARRL Legislative And Public Affairs Manager Steve Mansfield, N1MZA, SK


    2002-07-23 ARLB045 Great Lakes Division leadership changes


    2002-07-23 ARLB046 "Section News," Line Scores Moving from QST to Web


    2002-07-19 ARLB043 ARRL receives homeland security training grant


    2002-07-19 ARLB044 The ARRL Board of Directors convenes July 19-21 in Windsor, Connecticut


    2002-07-12 ARLB042 ARRL comments on FCC spectrum policy


    2002-07-09 ARLX005 Amateur Flood Response, Relief Support Continues in Texas


    2002-07-08 ARLB040 General Communications Emergency Declaration


    2002-07-08 ARLB041 General Communications Emergency Termination


    2002-07-01 ARLB039 General Communications Emergency Rescinded


    2002-06-24 ARLB038 General Communications Emergency Declaration


    2002-06-20 ARLX003 Florida Man convicted of deliberate interference, unlicensed operation


    2002-06-19 ARLB037 White House greets Amateur Radio operators


    2002-06-18 ARLB035 FCC Invites Public Comments on New Amateur Band Proposals


    2002-06-18 ARLB036 World Radiocommunication Conference 2003 rescheduled for Geneva


    2002-06-17 ARLB034 ARRL Part 15 stance draws industry fire


    2002-06-10 ARLB032 Colorado Fires Keep Hams Hopping


    2002-06-10 ARLB033 Venezuela Withdraws Invitation for WRC-03, Conference Location Uncertain


    2002-06-05 ARLB031 Second Precision Emergency Automated Position Reporting system test set


    2002-05-22 ARLB030 New Section Managers Take office July 1 in Four ARRL Sections


    2002-05-14 ARLB029 Landmark bill could provide amateurs relief from restrictive covenants


    2002-05-14 ARLX002 Past ARRL President Robert W. Denniston, W0DX/VP2VI, SK


    2002-05-10 ARLB028 FCC proposes two new amateur bands!


    2002-05-09 ARLB026 West Virginia Amateurs help state deal with flooding


    2002-05-09 ARLB027 New Mexico amateurs support fire response


    2002-04-18 ARLB025 Comments invited on Novice Band, field-reparable gear petitions


    2002-04-11 ARLB024 W1AW 2002 Spring/Summer Operating Schedule


    2002-03-27 ARLB022 Amateurs summon help after sailboat runs aground


    2002-03-27 ARLB023 FCC proposes to raise vanity fee


    2002-03-19 ARLB021 Comments in SAVI proceeding bolster ARRL position


    2002-03-15 ARLB020 Vanity may be back on track


    2002-03-11 ARLB018 New Mexico, West Virginia are latest PRB-1 states


    2002-03-11 ARLB019 FCC making headway with vanity backlog


    2002-03-06 ARLB017 Vanity processing to resume


    2002-02-27 ARLB016 Lone missing application holding up vanity system


    2002-02-20 ARLB015 Section Manager election results announced in Virginia, Pacific


    2002-02-14 ARLB013 ARRL asks FCC to drop RFID rules proposed for 425-435 MHz


    2002-02-14 ARLB014 Amateur Radio volunteers support Olympics


    2002-02-12 ARLB012 ARES/RACES responds in California wildfire emergency


    2002-02-06 ARLB011 Turkish Amateurs Fill Post-Quake Communication Gap


    2002-02-01 ARLB010 Ham operators to provide Super Bowl support


    2002-01-31 ARLB009 President Bush addresses Florida ARES net


    2002-01-29 ARLB008 ARRL going to the mat on 70-cm band threat


    2002-01-22 ARLB007 ARRL Board Adopts Modified Novice Band Refarming Plan


    2002-01-18 ARLB006 President Jim Haynie, W5JBP, re-elected


    2002-01-10 ARLB003 W1YRC Appointed Rhode Island Section Manager


    2002-01-10 ARLB004 FCC Acts on October 15, 2001, Vanity Applications


    2002-01-10 ARLB005 FCC invites petition comments


    2002-01-08 ARLB002 Vanity processing may resume soon


    2002-01-07 ARLX001 Rhode Island Section Manager Armand Lambert, K1FLD, SK


    2002-01-02 ARLB001 W1AW 2002 Winter Operating Schedule


  • 2001

    2001-12-28 ARLB056 FCC Denial Leaves League Eyeing Congressional Action on CC&Rs


    2001-12-21 ARLB055 ARRL Study Panel Recommends Eliminating Novice Bands (REVISED)


    2001-12-13 ARLX013 Spark, ARISS QSO mark Marconi transatlantic centennial


    2001-12-03 ARLB054 Section managers appointed to fill vacancies


    2001-11-30 ARLB053 New Amateur Extra class question pool released


    2001-11-29 ARLB052 Comments due February 12 in "Band Threat" proceeding


    2001-11-28 ARLX012 W1AW schedules Transatlantic, OSCAR celebrations in December


    2001-11-21 ARLB051 Section Manager election results announced


    2001-11-20 ARLB050 Mail disruptions lead to vanity processing suspension


    2001-11-16 ARLB049 Vice Director election results announced in three ARRL divisions


    2001-11-15 ARLB048 FCC Announces Mail Changes for Gettysburg Office


    2001-11-14 ARLB047 W1AW seeking 40-meter reports


    2001-10-24 ARLB045 ARRL to FCC: No Commercial Users at 2390-2400 MHz!


    2001-10-24 ARLB046 FCC clarifies CORES amateur implementation


    2001-10-12 ARLB044 IARU Administrative Council Calls for End to Morse Requirement


    2001-10-12 ARLX011 Salvation Army Team Emergency Response Network update


    2001-09-25 ARLB042 FCC Staff Member Steve Linn, N4CAK, SK


    2001-09-25 ARLB043 ARES/RACES NYC Effort Stands Down; REACT Still Seeking Amateurs


    2001-09-18 ARLB041 Amateur Radio volunteer information is on line


    2001-09-14 ARLB040 Additional Amateur Radio volunteers sought from Greater New York City


    2001-09-14 ARLX010 North American Sprint (SSB) cancelled


    2001-09-12 ARLB039 ARRL President praises response to terrorist attacks


    2001-09-11 ARLX009 FCC, federal agencies shut down after terrorist attacks


    2001-09-10 ARLB038 Hurricane Watch Net activates for Erin


    2001-08-31 ARLB037 Lower Amateur Radio Vanity Fee is Effective September 10


    2001-08-23 ARLB036 Candidates Vie for Vice Director in Three Divisions


    2001-08-22 ARLB035 Section Manager Election Results


    2001-08-17 ARLB034 ARRL to FCC: Stop the Encroachments!


    2001-08-14 ARLB033 FCC Invites Comments on ARRL's 60-Meter Petition


    2001-08-09 ARLB032 FCC Action Puts Amateur Allocation in Peril


    2001-08-07 ARLB031 Hurricane Watch Net Stands Down; Ham Radio Praised


    2001-08-05 ARLB030 Hurricane Watch Net Activates As Barry Approaches Gulf Coast


    2001-08-03 ARLB029 ARRL, AeroAstro Square Off Over 2300-2305 MHz


    2001-07-26 ARLB028 ARRL Petitions for New 60-Meter Amateur Band


    2001-07-24 ARLB027 ARRL Board Calls for Congressional Action on CC&Rs


    2001-07-05 ARLB026 Amateur LF signal spans the Pacific!


    2001-07-02 ARLX008 "Mister Guitar," Chet Atkins, W4CGP, SK


    2001-06-25 ARLB025 W1AW seeks 80-meter bulletin reports


    2001-06-19 ARLB024 Amateur Morse Testing Changes Effective July 1


    2001-06-15 ARLB023 Communication emergency lifted; hams continue Gulf flood response


    2001-06-12 ARLB022 Texas, Louisiana Hams Wade in to Help in Allison's Wake




    2001-05-30 ARLB020 ARRL seeks FCC probe of long-range cordless telephone sales


    2001-05-25 ARLB019 FCC puts regulatory ball in amateurs' court


    2001-05-22 ARLB018 Two ARRL Sections to Get New Section Managers


    2001-05-14 ARLB017 ARRL Executive Committee Reviews Preliminary 5 MHz Band Petition


    2001-05-10 ARLB016 ARRL Again Petitions FCC for Primary Allocation at 2300-2305 MHz


    2001-05-04 ARLB015 7 MHz "realignment" among WRC-2003 Advisory Committee preliminary views


    2001-04-24 ARLB014 Kansas Hams Responding in Tornado's Aftermath


    2001-04-09 ARLB013 FCC holds the line on license restructuring


    2001-04-04 ARLB012 Overwhelming response to Intruder Survey


    2001-03-23 ARLB011 Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act Introduced In Senate


    2001-03-23 ARLX006 Ham radio aids high seas rescue


    2001-03-15 ARLB010 FCC Denies LA County 2.4 GHz Application, Cancels Experimental Grant to City


    2001-03-14 ARLB009 ARRL 160-Meter Band Plan Committee seeks input


    2001-03-13 ARLB008 ARRL Seeks to Expand Amateur Access to 216-220 MHz


    2001-03-09 ARLB007 Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act of 2001 Introduced


    2001-02-28 ARLB006 Hams Responding to Northwestern US Earthquake


    2001-02-23 ARLB005 Three ARRL Sections to Get New Section Managers


    2001-02-20 ARLX005 LF-to-LF Transatlantic Amateur Contact is Completed


    2001-02-01 ARLB004 ARRL Takes Part in ITU Study of Unwanted Emissions.


    2001-02-01 ARLX004 Indian Hams Working Around the Clock in Quake Relief


    2001-01-31 ARLB003 FCC Begins WRC-2003 Preparations


    2001-01-26 ARLX003 Amateur Radio Giant Bill Orr, W6SAI, SK


    2001-01-22 ARLB002 ARRL Board Approves Dues Increase, Alters Morse Position


    2001-01-16 ARLX002 Hams Respond to El Salvador Earthquake


    2001-01-12 ARLX001 FCC Chairman Kennard Announces Resignation


    2001-01-02 ARLB001 FCC Cancels Voluntary Communications Emergency


  • 2000

    2000-12-28 ARLB051 New FCC System Yields Fast License Grants


    2000-12-28 ARLX014 Personal Communications Pioneer Al Gross, W8PAL, SK


    2000-12-27 ARLB050 FCC Requests Voluntary Communications Emergency


    2000-12-22 ARLB049 ARRL seeks FCC review of PRB-1 decision


    2000-12-07 ARLB047 Former West Gulf Director Jack Gant, W5GM, SK


    2000-12-07 ARLB048 FCC Seeks to Require FCC Registration Number


    2000-12-06 ARLB046 Former ARRL NW Division Vice Director Gib Gibson, W7JIE, SK


    2000-11-21 ARLB045 Section Managers Elected


    2000-11-17 ARLB044 ARRL Division Election Results


    2000-11-01 ARLB043 Supreme Court Ends KV4FZ Renewal Saga


    2000-10-26 ARLB042 Goldwater K7UGA Call Sign Re-issued


    2000-10-19 ARLB041 Kentucky Hams Help in Coal Sludge Spill Disaster


    2000-10-02 ARLB040 Hurricane Watch Net Activated for Hurricane Keith


    2000-09-29 ARLB039 ARRL seeks monitoring reports on 10 and 12 meters


    2000-09-12 ARLB038 WS7W is New Rocky Mountain Vice Director


    2000-09-01 ARLB037 RF safety rules now in force for all amateurs


    2000-08-28 ARLB036 Balloting set in three ARRL divisions


    2000-08-24 ARLB035 Quiat Named an ARRL Honorary Vice President


    2000-08-02 ARLX013 Lew "Mac" McCoy, W1ICP, SK


    2000-07-31 ARLX012 Former Puerto Rico SM Guillermo Schwarz, KP3S, SK


    2000-07-27 ARLB034 NCVEC advances revised Morse testing standards


    2000-07-26 ARLB032 ARRL Board announces award winners


    2000-07-26 ARLB033 ARRL Board Approves More Colorful QST, Technology Upgrade, "Big Project"


    2000-07-25 ARLB031 Florida man arrested for interference to hams, unlicensed operation


    2000-07-21 ARLB029 FCC launches CORES


    2000-07-21 ARLB030 ARRL asks for primary status at 2400-2402 MHz


    2000-07-10 ARLX011 K1TO and N5TJ repeat as WRTC winners


    2000-07-06 ARLB028 FCC says "no" to SSB, digital modes in VHF CW subbands


    2000-06-29 ARLX010 Antenna Designer Louis Varney, G5RV, SK


    2000-05-26 ARLB027 FCC says ULS registration can protect license record


    2000-05-12 ARLB026 VECs Struggle with Paperwork Mountain


    2000-05-10 ARLB025 New Mexico amateurs assisting in evacuation


    2000-05-09 ARLB024 FCC opens ULS to Web applications


    2000-04-25 ARLB023 ARRL Web Access Disrupted


    2000-04-19 ARLB022 FCC says Generals not allowed in Advanced subbands


    2000-04-14 ARLB019 Regulatory Matters Top ARRL Executive Committee Agenda


    2000-04-14 ARLB020 West Central Florida Section Gains Another County


    2000-04-14 ARLB021 Wayne Mills, N7NG, to Join ARRL HQ Staff


    2000-04-14 ARLX008 League Officials in Paris for IARU Anniversary


    2000-04-03 ARLX007 Wounded Boy Transported to Dallas Hospital


    2000-03-30 ARLX006 Ham Radio Efforts Continue Following High-Seas Rescue


    2000-03-29 ARLX005 Hams Help Get Wounded Boy from High Seas to Hospital


    2000-03-24 ARLB017 FCC Puts CORES and FRN on Hold


    2000-03-24 ARLB018 PRB-1 Bill Introduced in New York


    2000-03-16 ARLB016 League Files Partial Reconsideration Petition on Restructuring


    2000-03-15 ARLB015 ARRL invites input on new Education Program


    2000-03-09 ARLB014 US Appeals Court Upholds RF Exposure Regulations


    2000-03-08 ARLB013 Amateur Radio Spectrum Bill Introduced in Senate


    2000-02-28 ARLB012 Nevada Section Manager Bob Davis, K7IY, SK


    2000-02-22 ARLB011 Section Managers Elected


    2000-02-15 ARLB010 Georgia Amateurs Respond to Tornado Disaster


    2000-02-09 ARLB009 Revised question pools now available


    2000-02-09 ARLX003 Virginia General Assembly praises hams


    2000-02-09 ARLX004 W1AW QRV during School Club Roundup and GOTA


    2000-02-04 ARLB008 ARRL Asks FCC to Deny Kenwood Sky Command Petition


    2000-02-04 ARLX002 American Lung Association seeks hams for 2000 "Big Ride"


    2000-01-28 ARLB006 ARRL Officer Elections Set Musical Chairs in Motion


    2000-01-28 ARLB007 ARRL Seeks Partial Reconsideration of Restructuring R&O


    2000-01-24 ARLX001 Hedy Lamarr, actress and inventor, SK


    2000-01-21 ARLB005 ARRL Board Elects New President, Officers


    2000-01-14 ARLB003 Question Pool Committee Eyes February 1 Release Date


    2000-01-14 ARLB004 West Central Florida Sets Inauguration, Special Event


    2000-01-11 ARLB001 Work begun to revise Amateur Radio examinations


    2000-01-11 ARLB002 ARRL Seeks Reconsideration of PRB-1 Petition Denial


  • 1999

    1999-12-30 ARLB096 FCC restructures: Three license classes, one code speed


    1999-12-17 ARLB095 New section managers take office January 1


    1999-12-10 ARLB094 ARRL to Seek Partial FCC Reconsideration Of PRB-1 Petition Denial


    1999-12-09 ARLX011 Charles J. "Chod" Harris, WB2CHO, SK


    1999-12-03 ARLB093 FCC intervenes in power line noise complaints


    1999-12-01 ARLX010 VHF-UHF Pioneer Paul M. Wilson, W4HHK, SK


    1999-11-24 ARLB091 NWS/ARRL On-Air Event Set for November 27


    1999-11-24 ARLB092 FCC Denies League's Request for Stronger Federal Preemption Policy


    1999-11-23 ARLB090 Section Managers Elected


    1999-11-19 ARLB089 ARRL Board of Directors Election Results


    1999-11-12 ARLB088 Amateur restructuring details possible by year's end


    1999-11-09 ARLX009 Frederick O. Hammond, VE3HC, SK


    1999-11-04 ARLB086 West Central Florida Section Manager Appointed


    1999-11-04 ARLB087 It's as easy as IOY


    1999-11-04 ARLX008 ARRL November Sweepstakes Changes


    1999-10-20 ARLB085 Hurricane Watch Net Tracking Jose


    1999-10-18 ARLX007 Radio Legend Jean Shepherd, K2ORS, SK


    1999-10-15 ARLB084 Hurricane Watch Net Tracking Irene


    1999-10-12 ARLB083 New West Central Florida Section Effective January 15, 2000


    1999-10-05 ARLB082 Texas schedules on-air ARES drills




    1999-09-24 ARLB079 League Opposes LA County Experimental Video Proposal


    1999-09-23 ARLB078 ULS vanity processing inches forward


    1999-09-21 ARLB077 North Carolina and Virginia ARES/RACES continue flood response








    1999-09-16 ARLB071 Voluntary Communications Emergency Cancelled








    1999-09-15 ARLB065 Voluntary Emergency Declaration Update








    1999-09-15 ARLB069 Ham Radio Supporting Storm Response




    1999-09-14 ARLB064 FCC declares voluntary communications emergency


    1999-09-09 ARLB061 ARRL task force seeks future technology proposals


    1999-09-09 ARLB062 FCC relaxes rules for spread spectrum


    1999-09-02 ARLB060 Balloting scheduled in four ARRL divisions


    1999-08-31 ARLB059 No word yet on restructuring


    1999-08-31 ARLX006 Hiram Percy Maxim event returns


    1999-08-26 ARLB058 Hurricane Watch Net Activated as Dennis Approaches




    1999-08-24 ARLB056 Section Manager election results




    1999-08-20 ARLB053 VEC applications pile up as ULS gets up to speed


    1999-08-20 ARLB054 Salvation Army amateur net handling earthquake traffic


    1999-08-19 ARLB052 FCC Sequential Call Sign Update


    1999-08-13 ARLB051 ULS opens for amateur business August 16


    1999-08-06 ARLB049 International Humanitarian Award nominations open


    1999-08-06 ARLB050 Goldwater ham station to become museum exhibit


    1999-07-29 ARLB048 FCC starts amateur ULS phase-in August 8


    1999-07-20 ARLB047 ARRL Board Adopts New League Identity


    1999-07-19 ARLX005 CQ Editor Alan M. Dorhoffer, K2EEK, SK


    1999-07-16 ARLB044 FCC fines Florida man $20,000


    1999-07-16 ARLB045 ARRL Board meets in Connecticut


    1999-07-16 ARLB046 FCC Delays Universal Licensing System for Amateur Radio


    1999-07-14 ARLB043 Amateur Station Sequentially Assigned Call Signs


    1999-07-09 ARLB042 FCC Says Telephone Numbers Optional for ULS


    1999-06-22 ARLB040 No question pool changes--yet


    1999-06-22 ARLB041 FCC sets new vanity fee


    1999-06-18 ARLB039 Multiple call sign holders could face fines


    1999-06-18 ARLX003 CLOVER Inventor, Ray Petit, W7GHM, SK


    1999-06-08 ARLB038 Easy Operation Overseas Now a Reality for US Hams


    1999-06-03 ARLB037 FCC Sequential Call Sign Update


    1999-06-02 ARLB036 Hurricane Watch Net to Prepare for 1999 Season


    1999-05-20 ARLB035 League urges FCC to expedite restructuring


    1999-05-19 ARLB033 FCC Spikes Restructuring Rumor at Dayton


    1999-05-19 ARLB034 FCC call sign update


    1999-05-17 ARLB032 Section Manager election results


    1999-05-11 ARLB031 ARRL to Celebrate 85th Anniversary on the air


    1999-05-06 ARLB030 Operators still needed in Oklahoma tornado recovery




    1999-04-29 ARLB028 FCC Drops Amateur Radio Enforcement Line


    1999-04-27 ARLB027 FCC says no to expanding special event call sign program


    1999-04-16 ARLB026 League tips hat to amateur volunteers


    1999-04-09 ARLB025 FCC Sequential call sign update


    1999-04-07 ARLB024 FCC Issues Strengthened Scanner Receiver Rules


    1999-04-01 ARLB023 FCC says reciprocal permits now "paperless"


    1999-03-31 ARLB022 ARRL rebuts late-filed power industry arguments in LF proceeding


    1999-03-25 ARLB021 Vanity call sign application fee to rise slightly


    1999-03-23 ARLB020 ARRL Technical Awards Nomination Deadline Looms


    1999-03-19 ARLB018 New IARU Leaders Chosen


    1999-03-19 ARLB019 FCC's Riley Hollingsworth visits ARRL HQ




    1999-03-12 ARLB016 Low-frequency Experimental license issued


    1999-03-12 ARLX002 Hurricane Watch Net, W4EHW get Outstanding Achievement Awards


    1999-03-08 ARLB015 FCC call sign update


    1999-03-04 ARLB014 Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act of 1999 introduced


    1999-02-26 ARLB013 FCC shuts down troublesome Bay Area repeater


    1999-02-19 ARLB012 FCC takes enforcement actions


    1999-02-12 ARLB011 J. A. "Doc" Gmelin, W6ZRJ, SK


    1999-02-11 ARLB010 Wireless Privacy Bill Reintroduced


    1999-02-08 ARLX001 King Hussein, JY1, SK


    1999-01-26 ARLB009 Ham Nets Activate in Wake of Colombian Quake


    1999-01-23 ARLB007 FCC issues 5-MHz Experimental License to ARRL


    1999-01-23 ARLB008 Hams Respond As Killer Tornadoes Rake South


    1999-01-18 ARLB006 ARRL Board meets in Houston


    1999-01-14 ARLB003 FCC warns alleged major amateur offenders


    1999-01-14 ARLB004 FCC official meets hams on their own turf


    1999-01-14 ARLB005 ARRL Board meets in Houston


    1999-01-06 ARLB001 Field Services, Educational Activities join forces


    1999-01-06 ARLB002 K9JF appointed Northwestern Division Vice Director


  • 1998

    1998-12-22 ARLB106 ARRL seeks 1998 Instructor of the Year nominees


    1998-12-18 ARLB105 FCC acts in alleged exam, license fraud cases


    1998-12-04 ARLB103 New 1999 W1AW Operating Schedule


    1998-12-04 ARLB104 Northwestern Division Director Mary Lou Brown, NM7N, SK


    1998-12-03 ARLB102 League files "restructuring" comments with FCC


    1998-11-24 ARLB101 Section Manager election results


    1998-11-20 ARLB100 ARRL elections




    1998-11-16 ARLB099 FCC call sign update


    1998-11-10 ARLB097 FCC Declares Communications Emergency


    1998-11-05 ARLB096 Amateur Radio provides lifeline in Central America


    1998-11-03 ARLB095 ARRL Petitions FCC for LF Allocations


    1998-10-28 ARLB092 Hurricane Watch Net keeping eye on Mitch




    1998-10-28 ARLB094 Mitch stalls off Central America


    1998-10-26 ARLB089 FCC lifts restrictions on use of 7290 and 3935 kHz


    1998-10-26 ARLB090 ARRL Board reaffirms, modifies its restructuring proposal


    1998-10-26 ARLB091 FCC cracks enforcement whip


    1998-10-22 ARLB086 ARRL Board of Directors holds special meeting


    1998-10-22 ARLB087 FCC issues Universal Licensing System rules


    1998-10-22 ARLB088 FCC call sign update




    1998-10-09 ARLB084 FCC Denies KV4FZ Petition for Reconsideration


    1998-10-05 ARLB083 FCC cancels voluntary communications emergency


    1998-09-29 ARLB081 FCC shifts Amateur enforcement duties


    1998-09-29 ARLB082 Hurricane Watch Net closes; Georges languishes on Gulf Coast


    1998-09-28 ARLB080 Mississippi hams counter Georges with regional response


    1998-09-27 ARLB079 Communications Emergency


    1998-09-24 ARLB078 Florida hams continue hurricane vigil as Caribbean begins recovery


    1998-09-23 ARLB077 Florida hams brace for Hurricane Georges


    1998-09-22 ARLB076 Hurricane Georges hits Puerto Rico and moves on


    1998-09-21 ARLB075 Hurricane Georges hits Caribbean Islands


    1998-09-17 ARLB072 League says 75 MHz too much for DSRC


    1998-09-17 ARLB073 League asks FCC to hold the line on conducted emissions


    1998-09-17 ARLB074 FCC adopts Universal Licensing System


    1998-09-11 ARLB071 South Texas hams brace for Tropical Storm Frances


    1998-09-10 ARLB070 FCC Sequential call sign update


    1998-09-05 ARLB069 Question pool changes put on hold


    1998-09-04 ARLB067 Earl downgraded; some ham activity continues


    1998-09-04 ARLB068 New vanity address for paper filers


    1998-09-02 ARLB065 FCC issues errata on streamlining NPRM


    1998-09-02 ARLB066 Gulf Coast hams bracing for Hurricane Earl


    1998-08-28 ARLB064 Bonnie visits Virginia


    1998-08-26 ARLB061 ARES teams deployed for Hurricane


    1998-08-26 ARLB062 Bonnie strikes North Carolina; Virginia awaits its turn


    1998-08-26 ARLB063 Directors, vice directors face competition


    1998-08-25 ARLB060 Hurricane and storm Bulletin


    1998-08-24 ARLB059 Comm Emergency Declared


    1998-08-21 ARLX007 Arnold R. Brilhart, K6GF, SK


    1998-08-18 ARLB058 Section Manager election results


    1998-08-11 ARLB056 FCC Sequential call sign update


    1998-08-11 ARLB057 FCC proposes to streamline amateur rules


    1998-08-07 ARLB055 FCC's streamlining proposals due out soon!


    1998-07-31 ARLX006 Judson F. "Jud" Whatley, W4NZJ, SK


    1998-07-21 ARLB054 ARRL Board July meeting actions


    1998-07-20 ARLB052 ARRL Proposes Simplified Amateur License Structure


    1998-07-20 ARLB053 ARRL Board announces award winners


    1998-07-16 ARLB051 League reiterates stance on LMCC petition


    1998-07-15 ARLB050 ARRL says scanner proposals could hurt hams


    1998-07-14 ARLB048 Election to decide Southern Florida SM


    1998-07-14 ARLB049 Hams volunteer in emergencies


    1998-07-09 ARLB047 FCC Sequential call sign update


    1998-06-26 ARLB046 FCC amends rules for U-NII devices on 5 GHz


    1998-06-26 ARLX004 Field Day Bulletin 1998


    1998-06-26 ARLX005 Fred Link, ex-W2ALU, SK


    1998-06-19 ARLB045 Hams eat smoke in Florida


    1998-06-18 ARLB044 New vanity fee set


    1998-06-17 ARLB043 FCC proposes 5.9 GHz allocation


    1998-06-16 ARLB042 K1TWF appointed New England Vice Director


    1998-06-05 ARLB041 FCC sequential call sign update


    1998-06-02 ARLB040 ARRL files against LMCC


    1998-05-29 ARLB039 Sen Barry Goldwater, K7UGA, SK


    1998-05-28 ARLB038 ARRL asks ULS changes


    1998-05-22 ARLB037 Rule request clarification


    1998-05-19 ARLB034 FCC sequential call sign update


    1998-05-19 ARLB035 WB8BGY appointed Great Lakes Vice Director


    1998-05-19 ARLB036 More call signs requested


    1998-05-14 ARLB033 Local CB enforcement bill passes Senate


    1998-05-13 ARLB032 Call to action on LMCC


    1998-05-08 ARLB031 Hurricane exercise


    1998-05-07 ARLB030 LMCC petition opposed


    1998-04-24 ARLB027 League supports lower vanity fee schedule


    1998-04-24 ARLB028 FCC assigns RM number, seeks comments on ARRL petition


    1998-04-24 ARLB029 Colvin Award to Swiss-led group for 3B7 DXpedition


    1998-04-24 ARLX003 Clevis O. "Cliff" Laverty, W1RWG, SK


    1998-04-07 ARLB026 FCC sequential call sign update


    1998-04-03 ARLB025 Vanity fee to drop drastically


    1998-04-02 ARLB023 Ham radio eases tornado recovery in Minnesota


    1998-04-02 ARLB024 Section Manager Recall Election Results


    1998-03-30 ARLB022 Spectrum Protection bill introduced


    1998-03-24 ARLB021 Great Lakes director resigns


    1998-03-23 ARLB020 FCC changes for ULS


    1998-03-20 ARLB018 Virginia hams press governor to sign antenna bill


    1998-03-20 ARLB019 Major changes in Field Day rules


    1998-03-11 ARLB017 FCC Sequential call sign update


    1998-02-27 ARLB016 Hams help in aftermath of Florida tornadoes


    1998-02-24 ARLB015 Section Managers elected


    1998-02-23 ARLX002 Iris Colvin, W6QL, SK


    1998-02-18 ARLB014 FCC Amateur Radio computer system down


    1998-02-12 ARLB013 US to join CEPT


    1998-02-10 ARLX001 AMSAT News Service editor BJ Arts, WT0N, SK


    1998-02-04 ARLB012 FCC sequential call sign update


    1998-01-30 ARLB011 FCC's John B. Johnston, W3BE, retires


    1998-01-23 ARLB010 Ice storm relief effort continues


    1998-01-21 ARLB009 Correction to W1AW Bulletin ARLB007 ARRL Board meets 2/2


    1998-01-20 ARLB006 W3VR/W3CUL awarded


    1998-01-20 ARLB007 ARRL Board meets 2/2


    1998-01-20 ARLB008 ARRL Board meets 1/2


    1998-01-14 ARLB005 NY Comms Emergency


    1998-01-12 ARLB004 Jean Peacor, K1IJV, SK


    1998-01-09 ARLB002 FCC issues Gate 4 calls


    1998-01-09 ARLB003 Hams respond to emergency


    1998-01-06 ARLB001 FCC Sequential call sign update


  • 1997

    1997-12-19 ARLB077 In the aftermath of Typhoon Paka


    1997-12-18 ARLB076 Hams help in wake of Guam typhoon


    1997-12-12 ARLB074 Gate 4 attracts hundreds


    1997-12-12 ARLB075 New Section Managers appointed


    1997-12-02 ARLB073 FCC Sequential call sign update


    1997-11-21 ARLB071 Ballots decide directors races


    1997-11-21 ARLB072 WRC-97 Wraps up in Geneva


    1997-11-19 ARLB070 FCC issues RF safety Supplement B to OET Bulletin 65


    1997-11-18 ARLB069 Section Manager Election Results


    1997-11-14 ARLB068 WRC-97 Heads Into Final Week


    1997-11-11 ARLX020 AWA cofounder Bruce L. Kelley, W2ICE, SK


    1997-11-07 ARLB067 WRC-97 info


    1997-11-06 ARLB066 FCC call sign update


    1997-11-04 ARLB065 Gerry Mathis, W3GM, SK


    1997-10-30 ARLB064 FCC to open Gate 4


    1997-10-24 ARLB063 FCC issues new Form 610


    1997-10-24 ARLX019 Robert M. Morris, W2LV, SK


    1997-10-17 ARLB062 WRC-97 Opens October 27


    1997-10-16 ARLB061 FCC sequential call sign update


    1997-10-10 ARLB060 State Department applies for US CEPT participation


    1997-10-03 ARLB058 FCC announces electronic renewal Form 900


    1997-10-03 ARLB059 ARRL seeks changes to CW waiver rules


    1997-09-29 ARLB057 Doug DeMaw, W1FB, SK


    1997-09-23 ARLB056 Al Severson, AB8P, SK


    1997-09-18 ARLB055 FCC issues Gate 3 call signs!


    1997-09-12 ARLB054 IARU Region 3 conference concludes in Beijing


    1997-09-11 ARLB053 All vanity applications to require Form 159


    1997-09-05 ARLB051 Gate 3 grants soon


    1997-09-05 ARLB052 Hurricane Watch Net activated as Erika eyes Caribbean


    1997-09-04 ARLB050 FCC call sign update


    1997-08-26 ARLB049 RF exposure update


    1997-08-21 ARLB048 1x1 call sign rules


    1997-08-20 ARLB047 Section Manager election results


    1997-08-08 ARLB044 Electronic vanity applications flood Gate 3


    1997-08-08 ARLB045 One less Little LEO


    1997-08-08 ARLB046 ARRL studies new eavesdropping bill


    1997-08-07 ARLB043 FCC call sign update


    1997-07-24 ARLB042 W1AW seeks 20 meter bulletin reports


    1997-07-22 ARLB041 FCC puts priority on electronic applications


    1997-07-21 ARLB039 ARRL Board supports ham spectrum protections, band plans, VE rules changes


    1997-07-21 ARLB040 Board announces award winners


    1997-07-18 ARLX018 Hurricane Danny Update


    1997-07-11 ARLX017 Justin Barton, WA1ITZ, SK


    1997-07-03 ARLB037 Vanity Gate 3 Part 1


    1997-07-03 ARLB038 Vanity Gate 3 Part 2


    1997-07-02 ARLB036 FCC call sign update


    1997-06-28 ARLB035 1997 Field Day Bulletin


    1997-06-26 ARLB034 Ham radio serving as extra link during Mir crisis


    1997-06-24 ARLB033 Volunteers protected


    1997-06-13 ARLB032 New Yorker's ham ticket suspended for 15 months


    1997-06-13 ARLX016 New section ups the ante on SS clean sweep


    1997-06-06 ARLB031 Vanity call sign update


    1997-06-06 ARLX014 Hams praised for help in wake of devastating Texas tornado


    1997-06-06 ARLX015 Royalty on the radio


    1997-06-04 ARLB030 FCC call sign update


    1997-05-30 ARLB028 Congress acts to protect volunteers


    1997-05-30 ARLB029 New Vermont Section Manager


    1997-05-22 ARLB026 ARRL comments on petition


    1997-05-22 ARLB027 FCC revises 610s


    1997-05-22 ARLX013 G2UK and ZL2GX, SK


    1997-05-16 ARLB025 ITU concludes pre-WRC-97 talks


    1997-05-15 ARLB024 Saturday is World Telecommunication Day


    1997-05-09 ARLX012 Hams maintain flood relief efforts


    1997-05-06 ARLB023 FCC call sign update


    1997-05-02 ARLB022 FCC proposes, ARRL opposes vanity license fee hike


    1997-05-02 ARLX011 Hams scaling back flood relief operations


    1997-04-25 ARLX010 Hams continue flood relief assistance


    1997-04-22 ARLX009 Hams continue flood relief assistance


    1997-04-18 ARLB021 Ham radio excluded from CB enforcement bill


    1997-04-18 ARLX008 Edward P. Tilton, W1HDQ, SK


    1997-04-17 ARLB020 ARRL calls on FCC to privatize handling of malicious interference complaints


    1997-04-11 ARLX007 Minnesota hams brave weather emergency


    1997-04-04 ARLB019 FCC call sign update


    1997-04-02 ARLB017 FCC issues changes in Amateur Radio rules (Part 2)


    1997-04-02 ARLB018 FCC issues changes in Amateur Radio rules (Part 1)


    1997-03-21 ARLB016 League petitions for RACES flexibility


    1997-03-14 ARLB014 Ham radio Volunteer Services bill introduced


    1997-03-14 ARLB015 1x1 call signs put on ice


    1997-03-07 ARLB013 FCC call sign update


    1997-03-05 ARLB012 FCC proposes changes in spread spectrum regs


    1997-03-03 ARLX006 HAARP QSL info


    1997-02-21 ARLB011 FCC new toll-free number


    1997-02-21 ARLX005 HAARP to air test transmission for hams


    1997-02-18 ARLB010 Section Manager election results


    1997-02-14 ARLB008 Comments needed, Little LEO


    1997-02-14 ARLB009 FCC resumes vanity processing!


    1997-02-13 ARLB007 FCC call sign update


    1997-02-06 ARLB006 Vanity call update


    1997-02-06 ARLX004 YLRL founder Ethel Smith, K4LMB, SK


    1997-01-31 ARLB005 ARRL members asked to comment


    1997-01-25 ARLB004 FCC finds missing call signs


    1997-01-24 ARLX003 Ken Cornell, W2IMB, SK


    1997-01-22 ARLB003 ARRL Board Meets


    1997-01-13 ARLB002 FCC call sign update


    1997-01-11 ARLX002 Past ARRL President SK


    1997-01-07 ARLB001 New Section Managers


    1997-01-03 ARLX001 Heard Island DXpedition departure delayed


  • 1996

    1996-12-24 ARLB102 FCC Delays New RF-Exposure Rules


    1996-12-23 ARLB101 Dave Coons, WT8W, is new Great Lakes Vice Director


    1996-12-20 ARLB100 WRC99 Committee Supports HF CW Requirement


    1996-12-19 ARLB098 Vice Director Thernes, W4ZN, resigns


    1996-12-19 ARLB099 Maxim Award nominations


    1996-12-17 ARLB097 NTIA Report Bullish on Additional HF Allocations for Amateur Radio


    1996-12-16 ARLB095 TAPR Digital Directory


    1996-12-16 ARLB096 League "heartily supports" FCC proposal to ease international operating


    1996-12-13 ARLB091 New on the ARRLWeb page


    1996-12-13 ARLB092 ARRL Colvin grant to Heard Island DXpedition


    1996-12-13 ARLB093 Vanity call sign update


    1996-12-13 ARLB094 ARRL again asks for primary allocation at 2300-2305 MHz


    1996-12-13 ARLX019 Transatlantic anniversary


    1996-12-11 ARLB090 ARRL Instructor of the Year Nominations Open


    1996-12-10 ARLB088 McNamara to leave FCC


    1996-12-10 ARLB089 Vanity call update




    1996-12-02 ARLB086 W1AW Schedule change


    1996-11-27 ARLB085 Vanity program online


    1996-11-19 ARLB082 SM election results


    1996-11-19 ARLB083 Vanity call update


    1996-11-19 ARLB084 Vanity program on hold


    1996-11-16 ARLB081 Election results


    1996-11-14 ARLB080 New 2.3 GHz service


    1996-11-13 ARLB079 Vanity call update


    1996-11-05 ARLB078 Gate 2 calls issued


    1996-10-31 ARLB077 FCC computer update


    1996-10-30 ARLB076 FCC computer down


    1996-10-29 ARLB075 ARRL Board meets


    1996-10-16 ARLB073 ARRL Election Ballots


    1996-10-16 ARLB074 Congress directs FCC to put 2.3 GHz spectrum up for bid


    1996-10-15 ARLX018 Oldest LW transmitter


    1996-10-09 ARLB070 IARU meeting Part 1


    1996-10-09 ARLB071 IARU meeting Part 2


    1996-10-09 ARLB072 President's Message


    1996-10-03 ARLB069 FCC Gate 2 update


    1996-10-01 ARLB068 Noel Eaton, VE3CJ, SK


    1996-09-27 ARLB067 MARS to drop all CW nets


    1996-09-26 ARLB065 Gate 2 like a lottery


    1996-09-26 ARLB066 International ops news


    1996-09-19 ARLB064 On-line vanity call sign


    1996-09-17 ARLB063 WA2LQQ, SK


    1996-09-10 ARLB062 ARRL Petitions FCC To Change Safety Rules


    1996-09-09 ARLB060 Hudson director resigns


    1996-09-09 ARLB061 Communications emergency termination


    1996-09-06 ARLB059 Comm emergency termination


    1996-09-05 ARLB057 Fran nr 1


    1996-09-05 ARLB058 Comm emergency declared


    1996-09-01 ARLB056 Hurricane Edouard 1


    1996-08-22 ARLB054 SM election results


    1996-08-22 ARLB055 FCC to open Gate 2




    1996-08-09 ARLB052 ARRL/VEC electronic filing


    1996-08-06 ARLB050 New RF standards Part 1


    1996-08-06 ARLB051 New RF standards Part 2


    1996-07-26 ARLB049 VEC filing news


    1996-07-24 ARLB047 ARRL receives award


    1996-07-24 ARLB048 Electronic filing update


    1996-07-23 ARLB046 BID reminder


    1996-07-22 ARLB044 FCC call sign update


    1996-07-22 ARLB045 ARRL Board meets


    1996-07-12 ARLX017 Hurricane Bertha Update 2


    1996-07-10 ARLX016 Bertha update 1


    1996-06-26 ARLB043 Correction to ARLB042


    1996-06-25 ARLB042 FCC call sign update


    1996-06-21 ARLB040 Field Day Bulletin


    1996-06-21 ARLB041 FCC opens vanity call sign Gate 1A


    1996-06-11 ARLB038 FCC closes sites


    1996-06-11 ARLB039 Vanity calls issued


    1996-06-06 ARLB037 2m/70cm/WRC update


    1996-06-05 ARLX015 N4T TN bicentennial


    1996-05-30 ARLB032 Band threat - part 1


    1996-05-30 ARLB033 Band threat - part 2


    1996-05-30 ARLB034 Band threat - part 3


    1996-05-30 ARLB035 Band threat - part 4


    1996-05-30 ARLB036 Addition to ARLB035


    1996-05-29 ARLB031 Vanity call update


    1996-05-24 ARLB030 SM election results


    1996-05-23 ARLX014 Jerry Freeman, W4JJ, SK


    1996-05-15 ARLB029 Dick Pitner, W0FZO, SK


    1996-05-13 ARLX013 Armed Forces Day


    1996-05-09 ARLB028 FCC call sign update


    1996-05-03 ARLB027 KB5UJD yields ham ticket for life


    1996-05-02 ARLB024 WK6R new vice director


    1996-05-02 ARLB025 Question pool news


    1996-05-02 ARLB026 Vanity call update


    1996-04-29 ARLB021 H-Ts OK at Olympics


    1996-04-29 ARLB022 FCC 5 GHz news


    1996-04-29 ARLB023 FCC denies petition


    1996-04-17 ARLX012 N5FM marks anniversary


    1996-04-12 ARLX009 W3A QRV


    1996-04-12 ARLX010 GA call STA


    1996-04-12 ARLX011 WD8PSX, SK


    1996-04-09 ARLB020 Milt Chaffee, W1EFW, SK


    1996-04-02 ARLB019 Bill seeks protection


    1996-03-22 ARLB018 KF2PJ Eastern New York SM


    1996-03-22 ARLX008 Arrest made in murder of ham couple




    1996-03-14 ARLB016 NY Section changes


    1996-03-07 ARLX007 Hams help in train crash


    1996-03-01 ARLB015 VEC conflict-of-interest rules


    1996-02-28 ARLB014 Ex-ARRL Director killed


    1996-02-23 ARLB013 Question pool committee


    1996-02-20 ARLB012 SM election results


    1996-02-15 ARLB009 PRB-1 change sought


    1996-02-15 ARLB010 FCC call sign update


    1996-02-15 ARLB011 Vanity calls delayed


    1996-02-08 ARLX006 Correction to ARLX005


    1996-02-07 ARLX005 Hams test Army station


    1996-01-31 ARLB008 FCC affirms 219-220 MHz


    1996-01-31 ARLX004 Nick Marshall, W6OLO, SK


    1996-01-26 ARLB007 FCC changes hearing date


    1996-01-26 ARLX003 Joseph Merdler, N6AHU, SK


    1996-01-25 ARLB006 FCC call sign update


    1996-01-22 ARLB005 ARRL Board meets


    1996-01-18 ARLX002 Helge Granberg, K7ES, SK


    1996-01-17 ARLB004 FCC shrinks backlog


    1996-01-16 ARLB003 FCC proposes to suspend amateur use of 76-77 GHz


    1996-01-12 ARLB002 Ham License Issuance Still Stalled


    1996-01-06 ARLX001 AMSAT Chairman Browning, SK


    1996-01-02 ARLB001 FCC remains closed


  • 1995

    1995-12-30 ARLX075 Ham radio on parade


    1995-12-19 ARLB111 New 2300 MHz uses


    1995-12-19 ARLB112 Spread spectrum changes


    1995-12-19 ARLX074 Ham radio on parade


    1995-12-08 ARLB109 FCC Vanity Call Sign


    1995-12-08 ARLB110 Nominations Open


    1995-12-08 ARLX073 W2AN special event


    1995-12-06 ARLB107 HPM Award nominations


    1995-12-06 ARLB108 FCC book on Internet


    1995-11-30 ARLB106 PRB-1 clone in MA


    1995-11-30 ARLX072 W2AN special event


    1995-11-29 ARLB105 Award to Wyoming youth


    1995-11-29 ARLX071 Philip Rand, W1DBM, SK


    1995-11-28 ARLX070 ETO agrees to merger


    1995-11-27 ARLX069 Writer Frank Jones SK


    1995-11-22 ARLB104 SM election results


    1995-11-17 ARLB103 Election results




    1995-11-08 ARLX068 Pact in alien search


    1995-11-06 ARLX067 Sound on TAPR Home Page


    1995-11-03 ARLX066 Call signs for Austrians


    1995-10-31 ARLB100 Morse requirement stays


    1995-10-27 ARLB098 1-year OK for RF lights


    1995-10-26 ARLX065 Joint event postponed


    1995-10-24 ARLX064 Israel-Jordan week set


    1995-10-20 ARLB097 Morse speed change denied


    1995-10-20 ARLX063 CW practice for Alaskans


    1995-10-17 ARLB096 FCC OKs closings plan


    1995-10-16 ARLB095 FCC call sign update


    1995-10-16 ARLX062 DARA scholarships open


    1995-10-12 ARLB093 Aid for Virgin Islands


    1995-10-12 ARLB094 Digital rules clarified


    1995-10-12 ARLX061 Call for microwave hams


    1995-10-09 ARLX059 Maine's top teacher


    1995-10-09 ARLX060 Hams, stars in demo


    1995-10-06 ARLB092 Comm emergency canceled


    1995-10-04 ARLB090 Confab targets 40 meters


    1995-10-04 ARLB091 Comm emergency declared


    1995-10-03 ARLB089 Vanity call rules set


    1995-09-28 ARLX058 HT saves ham's life


    1995-09-27 ARLX055 Call for club judging


    1995-09-27 ARLX056 Young Welsh ham honored


    1995-09-27 ARLX057 Hams help after storm




    1995-09-22 ARLB087 FCC notifications begin


    1995-09-21 ARLX054 Antenna page on Internet


    1995-09-18 ARLX053 Hurricane Marilyn 2


    1995-09-16 ARLX052 Hurricane Marilyn 1


    1995-09-14 ARLX051 WRTC-96 makes plans


    1995-09-12 ARLB086 Quello opposes FCC cuts


    1995-09-12 ARLX050 Sky search gets name


    1995-09-08 ARLB085 3rd-party, reciprocal news


    1995-09-05 ARLX049 Hurricane Luis 1


    1995-09-01 ARLB084 W1AW/126 operation


    1995-08-30 ARLX048 Accident on Montserrat


    1995-08-28 ARLX047 WRTC-1996 plan announced


    1995-08-23 ARLX046 Sunspot hints new cycle


    1995-08-22 ARLB083 SM election results


    1995-08-18 ARLB081 ARRL reply to rules plan


    1995-08-18 ARLB082 FCC proposes closings


    1995-08-16 ARLX044 Hurricane Felix 3


    1995-08-16 ARLX045 James Brown, W6VH, SK


    1995-08-15 ARLB080 FCC plan considers RFI


    1995-08-15 ARLX041 Hurricane Felix 2


    1995-08-15 ARLX042 TX balloon launch set


    1995-08-15 ARLX043 Oklahoma hams lauded


    1995-08-14 ARLX040 Hurricane Felix update


    1995-08-11 ARLB079 Comment date for IARP


    1995-08-09 ARLX039 Ham's war anniversary


    1995-08-08 ARLX038 Dick Cotton, W8DX, SK


    1995-08-07 ARLB078 FCC call sign update


    1995-08-03 ARLB077 Comm Emergency delcared


    1995-08-02 ARLX035 ARRL HQ staffer honored


    1995-08-02 ARLX036 2 meter record claimed


    1995-08-02 ARLX037 3 hams die in LA shooting


    1995-08-01 ARLB076 Hurricane Erin update


    1995-07-27 ARLX034 CREN Contest


    1995-07-26 ARLB075 Hemispheric permit sought


    1995-07-25 ARLB073 New RFI book from the FCC


    1995-07-25 ARLB074 Form 610 copies okayed


    1995-07-25 ARLX033 Scholarship winners named


    1995-07-24 ARLB072 ARRL Board of Directors


    1995-07-21 ARLX032 Stan Kaisel, K6UD, SK


    1995-07-20 ARLX031 Ham Radio and More guests


    1995-07-17 ARLB071 ARRL supports changes


    1995-07-14 ARLB070 FCC call sign update


    1995-07-13 ARLB068 Fines for 4 amateurs


    1995-07-13 ARLB069 5 GHz petition opposed


    1995-07-13 ARLX029 Record set at 3456 MHz


    1995-07-13 ARLX030 N9MEZ Young Ham of Year


    1995-07-05 ARLB067 ARRL president steps down


    1995-07-05 ARLX028 CY3IARU at IARU meeting


    1995-06-30 ARLB066 Vanity call sign fee set


    1995-06-28 ARLB065 Olympics traffic pact


    1995-06-28 ARLX027 Inventor W9CSX SK


    1995-06-27 ARLB064 FCC closes field office


    1995-06-23 ARLB063 Field Day Bulletin 1995


    1995-06-21 ARLX026 Ham radio on TV 6/23


    1995-06-16 ARLB062 W1AW FD sked


    1995-06-15 ARLB061 FCC call sign update


    1995-06-13 ARLB060 Response to RFI proposal


    1995-06-13 ARLX025 CT Amateur Radio Week


    1995-06-09 ARLB059 Division vice dir appointed


    1995-06-08 ARLB057 NH antenna bill signed


    1995-06-08 ARLB058 FCC on the Internet


    1995-06-05 ARLB056 ARRL Director resigns


    1995-05-30 ARLX024 SSTV at W1AW


    1995-05-24 ARLB055 Correction to ARLB054


    1995-05-23 ARLB054 SM election results


    1995-05-19 ARLX023 EMF cancer link studied


    1995-05-17 ARLB053 Atlantic Division awards


    1995-05-16 ARLX022 Armed Forces Day


    1995-05-10 ARLB051 Maia petition rebutted


    1995-05-10 ARLB052 Oklahoma help completed


    1995-05-09 ARLB049 FCC call sign update


    1995-05-09 ARLB050 Rules changes detailed


    1995-05-03 ARLB048 Rules changes proposed


    1995-05-02 ARLB047 HF auto digital detailed


    1995-05-01 ARLX021 Conference papers sought


    1995-04-27 ARLB046 Hams help at site


    1995-04-26 ARLB045 HF auto digital approved


    1995-04-26 ARLX020 Dana Atchley, W1CF, SK


    1995-04-25 ARLB044 New band available


    1995-04-21 ARLB043 Awards Committee Accepts CAC Recommendations


    1995-04-19 ARLB041 More comments on WRC 95


    1995-04-19 ARLB042 Comm emergency declared


    1995-04-18 ARLB040 FCC data on Internet


    1995-04-18 ARLX019 Marconi program on TV


    1995-04-17 ARLB039 FCC call sign update


    1995-04-12 ARLB038 4 ordered for FCC retests


    1995-04-11 ARLB036 Study sees more ham bands


    1995-04-11 ARLB037 New club licenses surface


    1995-04-11 ARLX018 New to CQ Halls of Fame


    1995-04-10 ARLX016 WRTC rescheduled for 1996


    1995-04-10 ARLX017 US grant to Ukraine


    1995-04-05 ARLB034 Petition threatens W1AW


    1995-04-05 ARLB035 FCC won't reconsider


    1995-04-03 ARLB033 More calls for some areas


    1995-04-02 ARLB032 W4OYI moved to home town


    1995-03-30 ARLB030 Comments for conference


    1995-03-30 ARLB031 2 amateur satellites lost


    1995-03-28 ARLB029 Enforcement said dismal


    1995-03-24 ARLB027 Date for club call signs


    1995-03-24 ARLB028 W4OYI condition improves


    1995-03-24 ARLX014 Ham-author to speak


    1995-03-24 ARLX015 Awards clarification


    1995-03-21 ARLB026 Vanity call change sought


    1995-03-21 ARLX013 Hamvention honors trio


    1995-03-17 ARLB024 NTIA releases report


    1995-03-17 ARLB025 Amateurs get 219 MHz


    1995-03-08 ARLB022 Correction to ARLB021


    1995-03-08 ARLB023 FCC call sign update


    1995-03-07 ARLB021 Vanity call schedule


    1995-03-04 ARLB020 Emergency service sought


    1995-02-24 ARLB019 Update on ARRL President's Condition


    1995-02-21 ARLB018 SM election results


    1995-02-16 ARLB016 FCC call sign update


    1995-02-16 ARLB017 RFI changes proposed


    1995-02-13 ARLB015 ARRL President hospitalized


    1995-02-10 ARLB014 Digital meet scheduled


    1995-02-10 ARLX012 Help with history


    1995-02-09 ARLB013 Changes to 902-MHz band


    1995-02-07 ARLB012 Allocations at 2400 MHz


    1995-02-02 ARLX011 Morse champ dies


    1995-02-01 ARLB011 Vanity call sign order


    1995-01-31 ARLB010 Renewal hearing ordered


    1995-01-31 ARLX010 Bill Grenfell, W4GF, SK


    1995-01-30 ARLX008 Apply for scholarships


    1995-01-30 ARLX009 10 GHz record correction


    1995-01-27 ARLB009 Two apply to IARU


    1995-01-27 ARLX006 Young ham nominations


    1995-01-27 ARLX007 Help the Special Olympics


    1995-01-26 ARLB008 Board meeting news


    1995-01-25 ARLB007 Vanity calls soon


    1995-01-24 ARLB006 Hams aid Japan relief


    1995-01-23 ARLX005 Balloon launch slated


    1995-01-20 ARLB005 Bulletin hoax


    1995-01-19 ARLX004 Balloon launch 1/21


    1995-01-18 ARLB003 FCC call sign update


    1995-01-18 ARLB004 Spectrum changes


    1995-01-17 ARLX002 Event honors Challenger


    1995-01-17 ARLX003 Progress toward WRTC 95


    1995-01-13 ARLX001 10-GHz record claimed


    1995-01-12 ARLB002 2400-MHz reply made


    1995-01-04 ARLB001 IARU satellite post



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