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Please take a moment to find answers to frequently asked questions below.

  • How do I reset my Password?

    To reset your ARRL account password:

    Note: Your ARRL Username most often may be your call sign unless chosen otherwise.


  • How do I use the forwarding service?

    To opt in for <username>

    • Login to your ARRL account
    • Click on your name at the top of the screen
    • Click on Contact Information in the Communication tab
    • Click on Add New Email Address
    • Select ARRL.NET Forwarding in the Email Location drop down
    • Enter email address you would like the mail forwarded to
    • Click Save

    Note: If you select your username to be something other than your call sign, please keep in mind your e-mail alias will still be <username> and not <callsign>
    The alias is a forwarding service only, POP3 is not supported.

    To Test Your Alias

    *Please allow approximately 6 hours for the e-mail forwarding service to activate after you have selected or modified the information*

    Please send a test e-mail from an account other than the address in the "E-mail" field in your profile. Test messages cannot be sent to yourself.

    For Example, your e-mail address is and your alias is If you send a message from to your alias the message will not forward back into your inbox. Send a test message from an alternate account to get a reliable test and avoid a bounced message.

    Note: You cannot have your e-mail set to forward to your alias. This action causes a mail routing loop and mail will fail to be delivered. Also, a bounced message usually does not get generated in this situation.

    For Example, your e-mail address is and your alias is You cannot have forwarding to your alias.

    Note: A common bounce message that is received through the forwarding is the "User unknown" bounce.

    This may mean that you are not opted-in for the forwarding service or you are not a current active member of ARRL. Please make sure you are opted-in to use the forwarding service and you are a current active member of ARRL.

    Please remember that not all spam going into your e-mail inbox is from the forwarding service. Examination of the header information is needed to find if the message came through the forwarding service.

    Note: If you find that mail is slow to be delivered or seems to be completely down please visit to find out  what may be happening with our third party provider.


    Why doesn’t my address work when I try to test it?


    Note:  If a message is sent from the same address that is receiving the message (ie your destination address), it is very likely that the message will be silently deleted.  This happens to prevent spam from being sent with forged mail headers or to prevent the possibility of the message looping.  This filtering is being done by the sending and/or receiving ISPs and NOT by ARRL, therefore ARRL has no control over what occurs with these messages.



    Note:  Over time ARRL has seen an increasing number of ISP’s implementing these checks, and the responding to the situation in different ways. Some silently drop messages, others might generate a rejection or bounce message. Some have even taken the steps of banning future messages from the same email address or even email server.

    For further assistance with your forwarding service, Contact Us.


  • How do I filter spam sent through my address?

    What is SPAM? Spam is also known as "Unsolicited Commercial E-mail." It is junk mail sent to you without your permission that offers to sell you something, asks for donations or tries to involve you in get-rich-quick schemes. Usually, spam is bulk-mailed to hundreds or thousands of email users.

    ARRL does not publish or provide email addresses to any third party.

    Spammers use "spambots," software programs that search Web pages, newsgroups and mailing lists automatically extracting e-mail addresses.

    There are many users whose addresses have been in the system since its beginning who have never had any spam sent to their address. Check for your address on the Internet search engines, such as Google.  If they can find your address, the spammers can, too. Some spammers generate addresses at random.

    The ARRL has added both spam filtering and virus scanning to the E-mail Forwarding Service. However, while these will help reduce the volume of unwanted messages through your address, no single solution is 100% effective in eliminating spam while allowing all legitimate messages to come through. 

    Overly aggressive filtering could result in legitimate messages being misidentified as spam and not delivered; however here are a few websites to help you fight spam:

  • How do I check on my ARRL email subscriptions?

    If you have opted in for an forwarding alias and are not receiving emails:

    1) Please check your Junk E-mail folder. 

    2) Please check your email preferences in your ARRL profile:

    • Login to your ARRL profile
    • Click "Edit your Profile"
    • Verify your email address is current and accurate
    • Click "Edit Email Subscriptions"
    • Ensure a check mark is next to any notifications/e-letters you would like to receive
    • Ensure there is no check mark next to "Temporarily disable all automatically sent email
    • Contact your ISP's customer service department to make sure the ISP is not blocking messages

    Questions about the forwarding service? Contact Us

  • How do I access digital editions of magazines?

    Please visit our Digital Magazine FAQ page for frequently asked questions about the digital edition of QST and On the Air.


  • How do I change my mailing address?

    To change your mailing address please click Here or email 


  • How did my mailing address change in my membership record?

    As a service to members, ARRL uses the USPS Change of Address database to clean and standardize addresses before mailing QST and other membership correspondence. This service only affects addresses for members who have submitted a change of address with the USPS. If there is a problem with the updated information, ARRL can alter our membership database, but the USPS should also be contacted to correct their records. Contact information for Official Change of Address through the USPS: Call (800) 275-8777 or visit

  • How can I temporarily suspend payment of my dues and delivery of my magazine if I am deployed in the military?

    ARRL recognizes the hardships military personnel and their families face. We understand that members who are deployed away from their homes or permanent duty stations may experience difficulties with mail delivery.

    In support of our deployed forces, we have adopted the following deployment policy:

    ARRL members in active US military deployment outside the ARRL operating territory may request to temporarily suspend dues payments and/or delivery of QST (or On the Air) for the duration of the deployment. The objective is to ensure that a member in active duty and deployed overseas can maintain his or her membership. Send a copy of your deployment orders or verification letter to ARRL:

    • Email
    • Maill: ARRL Attn: Circulation / Military Deployment 225 Main Street Newington, CT 06111 USA 
    • Fax: (860) 594-0303 

    Thank you for your service to our country.

  • How do I report a Silent Key to the ARRL?

    The ARRL would first like to express our condolences for your loss. We understand that this is a difficult time and hope to make reporting a Silent Key a simple process. To report a Silent Key to the ARRL, please see the Silent Key Submission Guidelines. Once the process is complete, the callsign of the Silent Key will appear in an upcoming issue of QST.

    Current or past ARRL membership is not a requirement for inclusion.

  • How do I find information on other Amateur Radio topics on

    For information on many Amateur Radio topics, please feel free to explore the 11 different sections of

    • Home
    • On the Air
    • Licensing, Education & Training
    • Membership
    • Regulatory & Advocacy
    • Public Service
    • Technology
    • Get Involved
    • ARRL Store
    • About ARRL
    • News & Features

    For direct links to a topic you are interested in learning more about, please visit our ARRL Site Index.

  • How do I contact ARRL if I need further member support?

    If you have a member support related question not listed in our FAQ, please Contact Us.

    Thank you for your patience and for supporting the ARRL.


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