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Technical Information Service

TIS is an ARRL Membership Benefit

...a program of the ARRL Laboratory

The ARRL Technical Information Service (TIS)
is the member's resource for technical support. As an ARRL member, get expert answers to your operating and technical questions via email or phone for free.

TIS also supports a vast collection of technical material including some of the best QST and QEX articles for free download. We can also help refer you to field volunteers in ARRL Sections who can provide local assistance.

If our self-service resources still leave you perplexed, you can contact the ARRL Lab staff for assistance with ham radio questions by mail, email or phone.


  • ANSWERS individual member technical questions via email or phone. Stuck on a project? Can’t get your new radio on the air?
  • HELPS members access various self-service resources (
  • (RE)SOLVES RFI problems through advice, research by testing noisy devices, and by interfacing with offending sources such as power companies, device manufacturers, and neighbors
  • SUPPORTS members. Be sure to include your call sign or membership number with your inquiry.

Where to Look for Answers

How do I ...?

Radio Technology Topics--Technical pages on a variety of subjects you can read/download

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)--The ARRL lab offers a wealth of resources in dealing with RFI.

Where did I see ...?

ARRL Periodicals Index Search - This database contains the QST index from 1915 to the present and the QEX index from 1981 to the present. Annual indexes can be downloaded from the archive by using the search terms "index volume"  December 2001 has the last printed index.

Downloadable PDF indexes are available for 2002 to 2012,

Digital QST from 2012 to the present is fully text searchable.

Where do I find ...?

How do they compare ...?

How TIS Can Help

Members can contact TIS at

Non-members should contact TIS is pleased to help a new ham get started or help an old timer get back into ham radio but non-members will be asked to join the ARRL so we can continue to provide this valuable membership service. After solicitation, non-member inquiry will be promptly forwarded to the ARRL TIS staff.


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