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 The ARRL Education Department has taken on the vital challenge to expand the public's view on how much Ham radio can do for future generations through the Education and Technology Program and Two students working on a soldering kit together.Teachers Institutes hosted ever year. We are also committed to providing educational resources to those who are interested in building up or refreshing their knowledge and skills in the ever-expanding world of Ham Radio. There is so much to discover! 

Our section of our website is aptly named.The left-hand panel of this page hosts a variety of topics which can be clicked to reveal more subtropical information, definitions, recent photos, videos and helpful downloads. Some of our most frequently sought after resources are linked and displayed below for easy access.  

Welcome and 73! 

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Why Should I Get Licensed?

Before you go on air, you need to be licensed and know the rules.  Learn More

What's New?

The FCC question pool for Extra Class license examinations has been revised and will be effective for exams conducted on or after July 1, 2024.
The next update is the Technician Class question pool in 2026.
Study materials are available through the ARRL store

Find a ham radio exam session in your area or take the exam online. In-person and online tests are given regularly. Register with an ARRL VEC team for your exam and receive your license in 24 to 48 hours.  Search for exam teams.     

The $35 application fee, in effect since April 19, 2022, applies to new, renewal, and modification applications requesting a new vanity call sign. The fee will be per application. Other types of application filings are exempt from the fees. Visit the FCC Application Fees page for detailed information and instructions.  

ARRL Youth Licensing Grant Program 
ARRL will cover the one-time $35 FCC application fee for new license candidates younger than 18-years old for tests administered under the auspices of the ARRL Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (ARRL VEC). The $35 FCC application fee will be reimbursed after the ARRL VEC receives the completed reimbursement form and the new license has been issued by the FCC. The reimbursement check will be mailed to the fee payer. Also, candidates younger than 18-years old would pay a reduced exam session fee of $5 to the ARRL VEC VE team at the time of the exam. For more information and for the reimbursement instructions, visit the Youth Licensing Grant Program webpage.

Be a Volunteer Examiner

Volunteer Examiners (VEs) are licensed radio amateurs holding a General Class license or higher, who offer their time to administer the FCC licensing tests.
Learn More



  • Find A License Class

    Find a license class offered in your local area. Learn More

  • Find a Test Location

    Find an in-person ham radio exam location in your area or schedule an online exam. Online and in-person tests are given regularly. Learn More

  • FCC License Info and Forms

    ARRL can provide helpful FCC information about licensing requirements, forms, fees and regulations. Learn More

  • Get on the Air

    You've got your license, now what? Find resources to help you set up your first station, get on the air and have fun! Learn More

  • Ham Radio in the Classroom

    Bring Amateur Radio and wireless technology literacy to America's classrooms. Learn More

  • College Students and Educators

    Check out Amateur Radio resources for college/university-level STEM students and educators interested in RF and communications. Learn More

  • Youth

    Ham Radio is FUN! Find resources for getting active and getting on-the-air... Learn More


    The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station program provides a thrilling introduction to space exploration. Learn More

  • Volunteer Instructors

    Teaching a ham radio class? Here's a collection of resources for volunteer instructors, radio clubs and mentors (Elmers). Learn More

  • Online Courses

    Courses are currently available for Public Service and Emergency Communications. Learn More


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