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ARRL General Bulletin ARLB004 (2011)

ARLB004 ARRL Files Petition for Partial Reconsideration with FCC
Regarding Vanity, Club Call Signs

QST de W1AW  
ARRL Bulletin 4  ARLB004
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  January 20, 2011
To all radio amateurs 

ARLB004 ARRL Files Petition for Partial Reconsideration with FCC
Regarding Vanity, Club Call Signs

In October 2010, the FCC released a Report and Order (R&O),
detailing rules changes to the vanity call sign system and call
signs for Amateur Radio clubs. These new rules are scheduled to go
into effect on February 14. The ARRL found that most changes made by
the R&O are "reasonable codifications and clarifications of existing
policies." But several amended Sections of Part 97 -- including
sections 97.5 and 97.19 -- are unclear. As such, the ARRL filed a
Petition for Partial Reconsideration, urging the FCC to reconsider
and modify these portions "in order to reflect the intent of the
Report and Order."

In the R&O, the FCC took into consideration some of the ARRL's
comments, but not all. The ARRL found it "disappointing" that the
Commission refused to consider in this proceeding "a series of
reasonable proposals aimed at increasing the available pools of
Group A call signs." The ARRL, in its comments, asked the FCC to
consider several changes that could be made "that would increase the
number of desirable call signs available for assignment, both
sequentially and in the vanity call sign program, and which would
provide greater flexibility in the temporary assignment of
special-event call signs in the Amateur Service."

While the ARRL did not seek reconsideration of this refusal, it
noted that the Commission's "tersely stated dismissal of these
proposals" should, however, be reevaluated in the near term in a
separate proceeding. As such, the ARRL urged the FCC to remain open
to "future, near-term proposals to address improvements to the
sequential, vanity and special event call sign systems; to preclude
abuses of the vanity call sign assignment system; and to remedy the
serious shortage of available Group A call sign permutations."

The Petition for Partial Reconsideration can be found on the web at, .  


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