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Lightning Strike Diagnostic Protocol IC-7300 Oct 13th 2021, 20:21 2 924 on 15/10/21

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Lightning Strike Diagnostic Protocol IC-7300 syzygetic on 13/10/21
Hey all! So I was on the air here in Washington DC until a couple months ago, when lightning hit my house and fried almost everything electronic in it. My antenna tuner is definitely toast, my antenna is burned a bit.

However, my IC-7300 powers on. I have no antenna, so I can't really tell if it's actually able to receive or transmit, but I can validate that all functions through the screen work.

I am not up for rebuilding my shack and whatnot, I'm just done with the hobby until I have more time again, but I do want to know if the radio works, at least, and I don't mind buying a little gear to validate it.

So, if you had a radio which was suspect, and nothing else around it survived, what would you do to validate function? Is there any standard battery of tests you'd run?

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