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ETP Classroom Resources

Resources for Classroom Teachers

ARRL provides classroom teachers with teaching tools and resources, and connects educators with shared materials.

Teachers who would like to use Amateur Radio as an instructional tool in the classroom find that participation in our Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology provides them with valuable ideas to help design an appropriate plan to engage specific topics of classroom curriculum. It also gives them greater confidence to introduce hands-on activities.

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Check out our Forum on Amateur Radio in the Classroom to share ideas and questions about teaching wireless technology topics in the classroom.

Copyright. ARRL ETP resources are intended for educational purposes. When used for this purpose, please acknowledge ARRL as the source. Additional permission is required to use this material in any training or product that will be redistributed or used for re-sale. Learn More

Resource Library

  • The resources provided in this library range from ideas to engage entry level topics in radio science and electronics to hands-on instructional resources to demonstrate topics in radio science to plans for hands-on projects to do amateur radio activities.

  • ARRL ETP Curriculum Guide

    The Curriculum Guide includes activities that explore wireless technology, career paths, non-verbal communication, Ohm’s law, and building a crystal radio receiver.
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  • Lesson Ideas and Learning Activities

    Check out this new library of lessons and activities that are organized around six general topics.  You'll find indiciations of the appropriate audience for each lesson or activity, as well as additional references to explore the topic in greater depth. Contribute your lesson ideas!
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  • ETP Kits & Projects

    Find kits and projects to instruct basic electronics, demonstrate wave forms and modulation, conduct a radio direction finding activity, build a seismometer, to name a few.
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  • Radio Lab Handbook

    The ARRL Education & Technology Program Radio Lab Handbook includes lessons on Communications Electronics, Transmitting and Receiving Devices, and Wireless Phenomena. 
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  • Explore Satellite Communications

    Bring Space into the Classroom. This library is a collection of resources designed  for teachers who want to explore satellite communications with students. There are also instructional resources designed for classroom exploration of satellite telemetry data used to understand satellite engineering and research deployed on satellites. The classroom resources are manipulatives that  can prepare students to understand and utilize live telemetry data that can be captured live from orbiting satellites.


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  • Weather Satellite Images

    You can download images like these in your classroom.  Learn how.

    Images courtesy of Matt Severin N8MS.
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  • Recent Newsletters

    Our newsletters often include stories and comments from teachers about how they are integrating amateur radio and ETP resources in their classrooms. Their experiences may provide ideas and inspiration for you.
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  • Radio Direction Finding/ Fox Hunting

    Radio Direction Finding exercises are  a great way to introduce the concepts of antenna directinality, triangulation and principles of interfeence and radio wave propagation.

    While teaching at Rock Canyon High School in Douglas County, CO, teacher Cindy Powell, KE0FGH, developed a Fox Hunting exercise and shared the lesson on Orienteering she used to prepare students for the activity.




  • Teachers Institute

    Training on how to teach radio science as part of classroom curriculum. Learn More

    Teachers Institute

  • ETP Grants

    ARRL offers grants for radio stations and other equipment to bring amateur radio into classrooms. Learn More

    ETP Grants


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