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ARRL Propagation Bulletin ARLP011 (1995)

ARLP011 Propagation de KT7H
QST de W1AW  
Propagation Forecast Bulletin 11  ARLP011
>From Tad Cook, KT7H
Seattle, WA  March 4, 1995
To all radio amateurs 
ARLP011 Propagation de KT7H
Solar activity has remained at low levels.  Solar flux has averaged
in the mid-eighties, with mostly stable geomagnetic conditions.  The
best day over the past week was February 25, when the A index was
zero with the K index also zero over all periods.  Conditions then
became unstable, with the A index rising above 20 and the K index up
to four and five by the end of the month.
Solar flux is expected to rise slightly, peaking around 95 by the
middle of March.  It should then drop back to the mid-eighties.
March 7, 11, 12 and 27 could be revisited by unstable conditions due
to recurring coronal holes.
Sunspot Numbers for February 23 through March 1 were 64, 39, 40, 43,
56, 61 and 84, with a mean of 55.3.  10.7 cm flux was 84.6, 83.4,
83.3, 86.2, 87.6, 90.7 and 90, with a mean of 86.5.
The path projection for this week is from Miami, Florida to Brazil.
80 meters looks good from 2330 to 1000z, and 40 meters from 2230 to
1030.  Check 30 meters from 2030 to 1230, with the best period from
2330 to 0800.  20 meters should be open from 1130 to 0700, and 17
meters from 1230 to 0030.  15 meters should be open from 1300 to
2300.  12 meters looks promising from 1330 to 2230 and 10 meters
looks very strong from 1430 to 2200.


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