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Tech Prep Resource Library

Many in the ham radio community develop resources to help others study for their license. We also share links to other online resources we think will help you understand concepts that are important to your preparation for a ham radio license.

You'll also find references to resources that will help you get started once you get your license!

Exam Prep Resources

  • Online Practice Exams

    Practice with the actual questions until you're confident of success!
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  • Free Study Guides

    Dan Romanchik, KB6NU  offers a study guide for Technician license preparattion.


    Jack Tiley, AD7FO also offers a study guide for Technician license preparation on the Inland Empire VHF Radio Club webisite. . Click on "Training Links" and go to the Technician training link.

  • Online Video/Audio Courses

    An online Technician license exam self-study course is offered by Fred Benson NC4FB. The purpose of the resources developed for this course is to provide candidates in geographical areas that do not provide classes and candidates who cannot attend a class with the means to prepare for the Technician license exam.  The materials cover all questions in the question pool with explanations, subelement tests, and sample license exams.  Help is available upon request via Email.


    Benson also offers a "kid friendly" self-study course and a self-study program especially designed for emergency services personnel.


    Andy Vallenga, KE4GKP, "The Ham Whisperer" offers a video course based on the FCC question pool sequence to assist with Technician license preparation. 


    Dave Casler, KE0OG provides a guided self-study video course based on ARRL's Ham Radio License Manual curriculum.


    Chris Johnson, N1IR, offers an online Technician license preparation course, supported by webinars.

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