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High-Speed Digital Topics


 The Amateur Radio bands above 50 MHz can support computer-to-computer communications at speeds high enough to support multimedia applications--voice, data and image communications. Hams call this HSMM—high speed multimedia. Shannon's theorem can be used to prove the unsuitability of lower bands for HSMM--either there isn't enough bandwidth or you can't get enough SNR across a useful propagation path.

Most importantly, hams can repurpose WiFi equipment to create a Mesh Network for Emergency Communications messaging.  But, doing so is sufficiently hard that you need to experiment and practice. You can't expect to look at a video and some online articles and get a network going in preparation for an imminent disaster--you won't have the time to create a functional network.



Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network or AREDN ®
How to create a Mesh Network for Emergency Communications Messaging.

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