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Dues Survey comment I made on the survey Jul 3rd 2023, 14:09 4 1,719 on 15/10/23

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Dues Survey comment I made on the survey WB2IHB on 3/7/23
Your QST magazine has so much advertising in it that it is ridiculous. It is like paying for advertising with very little content. I am sick and tired of flipping through the pages and seeing advertising. Do this - separate the advertising from the actual non-advertising content and you will notice that there is approximately 3/4 advertising and 1/4 non advertising content. I don't care about advertising - I can get that online. You could save a lot of paper, shipping, and time eliminating the advertising. Let the advertisers pay for a separate advertising issue and send that to us on the advertisers dime. You are making more than enough money off of your advertisers that you don't have to screw us with increase membership fees to mail that out that I consider as junk mail. Doing that would decrease membership fees. C'mon guys, wake up and smell the roses.

If you do not agree to this then instead of increasing our dues increase the cost to your advertisers to cover your requested dues increase.

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