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SS Contest Stratgy Oct 20th 2013, 16:39 6 7,439 on 9/11/13

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SS Contest Stratgy W9FY on 1/11/13
Appreciate all your comments.

Thanks es 73!
Olaf W9FY
SS Contest Stratgy W9FY on 20/10/13
I would like to plan for the upcoming SS to up my QSOs (increase coverage) on the 15 and 10m bands. I am in Illinois. What propagation software would be recommended for viewing domestic propagation, and either provide take off angles or account for antenna (i.e. 15m dipole at different heights)? Or what other combinations of software should I look at?
I'm looking to up my odds of getting some more sections , I know some may be hard to impossible--but I would like to plan as best as I can, check what options I may have and can implement, and see what happens.

Tnx es 73,
Olaf W9FY

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