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De-activation of "" In Process Feb 7th 2017, 03:31 2 7,053 on 7/2/17
Upgrade Mailbox Quota Here Sep 8th 2016, 23:10 5 7,043 on 12/11/17
ARRL Webmail Upgrade SCam Sep 25th 2015, 10:35 2 6,844 on 25/9/15
IRLP vs Dstar vs Allstar...Commercialization of Amateur Radio Aug 27th 2015, 22:16 2 10,539 on 17/11/15
Reverse Class D Exemption from Field Day Jun 29th 2014, 14:57 7 10,891 on 12/9/16

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De-activation of "" In Process AA1PR on 7/2/17
this is clearly spam aka a scam from
you might want to let members know


Our record indicates that you recently made a request
to de-activate your E-mail account and this request will
be processed shortly.

If this request was made accidentally and you have no
knowledge of it, you are advised to immediately cancel
the request.


However, if you do not cancel this request, your account
will be de-activated and your email data will be deleted.

Yours Sincerely,
Email Administrator
Upgrade Mailbox Quota Here AA1PR on 12/9/16
OK thanks
I know what a scam is there is no need to direct me to a link
I was looking for validity, not a lesson like a school child
I got another one today and as such It seems time for the ARRL to notify their members as I suspect some of the older hams might fall for this tom foolery

Upgrade Mailbox Quota Here AA1PR on 8/9/16
Seems this is potential spam?


Your mailbox quota is full.

This may lead to email system failure and you will not be able to receive more mails henceforth.

To continue using your mailbox, you need to upgrade your mailbox quota immediatey. This service is free.

Upgrade Mailbox Quota Here

Once your account upgrade is completed, your mailbox will work effectively.

Mail Center 2016
ARRL eQSL Policy 0007035750H80 on 19/4/16
ARRL seemed in my humble opinion afraid of eqsl and created LOTW. Double blind hocus pocus if you keep an accurate log its no issue & ARRL has no need to verify your QSO's or errors its your responsibility. My issue is that LOTW has killed the traditional art of QSLing to the point its almost impossible to obtain an actual QSL card.
In regards to eqsl I've stopped using it many years back because of all the bogus requests I received.
ARRL has always wanted to be the controlling figure & will never let go however harmful their control is, they seem to either not notice or dont care
RANT: who cares if you have dxcc on all bands, very insecure to boast such... go brag elsewhere contesters kill the bands so badly the average Joe wont operate
ARRL has an internal conflict in that they promote an amateur society in a collective state but promotes contests which is an (conflicting) individualistic state... end of rant
Reverse Class D Exemption from Field Day AA1PR on 11/3/16
I see there has been no other comments besides ours

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