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Rig control under Linux AB5XZ on 6/9/12
I'm going through the Python book, and it looks pretty easy for what I want to do, but I am at a loss as to how to insert Hamlib into the mix. Python is already present in the Raspberry Pi's Debian Linux package.
I have the little joystick and have been musing about ways to make the user interface pretty simple and nearly intuitive.
One thing I have discovered is that there doesn't seem to be a CAT command that will turn the FT-100D on and off. I have found a place in its circuitry that I can tap into to switch power on and off, using a 5v discrete. The little joystick (Sparkfun or Adafruit) has two pots and one momentary contact switch, which lets me use 3 of the GPIO ports on the Raspberry Pi, so I have 5 left.
If you have suggestions, I'm
Rig control under Linux AB5XZ on 31/8/12
I've been reading the Python book, and I believe that it has just about everything I need to build the GUI for my rig control. There's a little thumb-operated joystick with a single pushbutton that seems just right for a physical interface to the GUI. And, the joystick costs under $6! It looks as if Hamlib will do the trick for controlling the rig. I've been traveling since mid August, and should be home in September so I can get some work done on this project.
Rig control under Linux AB5XZ on 13/8/12
Thanks for the recommendation. I've looked at Hamlib, and I think I can use it. I have a book on Python that covers the use of a graphical interface toolkit, and I think I can make it work. The learning curve is something of a cliff. I will join the Hamlib developer mailing list - thanks for the suggestion. I will be using a GUI desktop. I've acquired a little keyboard about the size of a checkbook that also includes a touchpad, and I plan to use that to do most of the setup for the mobile station. It's wireless (2.4 GHz) and works with the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi has a composite video output that I have displayed on the dashboard screen of my Explorer, so I've got some parts working. Again, thanks for the input. 73TomAB5XZ
Rig control under Linux AB5XZ on 6/8/12
Thanks for the suggestion. I have seen Hamlib mentioned, and it may be part of the solution. I haven't used Python, but I guess I can learn. I've learned a dozen or so programming languages and dialects in the past (which is no guarantee of success in the future, to paraphrase the stockbroker). 73TomAB5XZ
Rig control under Linux AB5XZ on 5/8/12
I have a Raspberry Pi computer that runs Linux. I would like to use it to control a mobile radio, but haven't yet found software that is suitable. I have a Yaesu FT-100D transceiver that I hope to use for this project. It's not necessary to have a logging function, although it would eventually be useful.

Any suggestions?

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