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QST article on window feedthroughs May 12th 2014, 17:33 3 4,439 on 13/5/14

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QST article on window feedthroughs WU7B on 13/5/14
Thx Zack. That was exactly what I was looking for. I'm glad you found it for me. I was ready to just put a board up and drill holes through it. This will look much more professional. Ben/WU7B
QST article on window feedthroughs WU7B on 12/5/14
There was an article in QST in the past couple of years on making a cable feedthrough for the window. I like it so much I immediately put it in my garage to build some day...well as luck would have it the XYL got tired of my collecting everything in the garage and had several young men clean it out while I was away. ergo no more QST article. I have search and searched and can not find that article in the archives. Fortunately I had ordered all the parts needed before storing the QST in the garage and now when I have the time, I no longer can find the article to contruct it. Does anyone know which QST this article was in and how I can get a copy?

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