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Timeframes for processing VUCC applications via LOTW? Aug 3rd 2011, 18:06 6 17,105 on 30/6/17

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Why are cellular bands blocked on receivers? ka9wgn on 5/8/11

Quote by ka9wgn
If someone were to petition for a rulemaking to remove the blocking requirements for those unencrypted cellular frequencies, who would object? Would the cell phone companies still file objections for some reason? Is there a reason such a petition should not be done?

In theory, with mobile telephones in the USA now operating on digital networks, our receivers should not have any ability to receive and decode those signals. Maybe a rulemaking petition should be submitted to FCC to remove that requirement. Then again, the mobile-phone carriers may object to changing the rule since it has been in place for so long - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

In comparison to how it has been done in the USA, Canada never had rules or regulations that required receivers to block reception of the 800 MHz mobile phone bands. You could purchase receivers, and some ham transceivers, that had the 800 MHz range - and other frequencies, like those at 900 MHz I mentioned before - unblocked. Those radios would generally be more expensive than the USA versions, which would have those ranges blocked.


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK (I live in Arizona, but traveled to Canada often enough to write the ham exams up there in 2002)

Timeframes for processing VUCC applications via LOTW? WD9EWK on 5/8/11
Hi again!

This morning, LOTW reported that my VUCC endorsement that I filed on Sunday evening had been accepted. My satellite VUCC is now up to 125 grids, from the 113 when I filed the initial application in May. Having this processed within a few days of filing the endorsement on the LOTW is reasonable, but I would still appreciate someone from ARRL commenting on what should be "reasonable" timeframes when someone submits an initial application and endorsement. That would help set expectations for those using LOTW.

Thanks and 73!

Patrick Stoddard, WD9EWK

Why are cellular bands blocked on receivers? ka9wgn on 4/8/11
Quote by ka9wgn

Since cellular telephone service on the unencrypted cellular frequencies has ended, why is it that wideband radio receivers still need to have the cellular bands blocked?

Because the FCC rules haven't kept up with the
technology. Not only are the two 800 MHz band
segments get blocked, other frequencies in the
receivers that can receive images of signals in
the blocked 800 MHz band segments also get blocked.
Many VHF/UHF FM transceivers that have receivers
that cover into the 900 MHz range have some of
our 902-928 MHz band blocked for that reason.


Timeframes for processing VUCC applications via LOTW? WD9EWK on 3/8/11

Before I start e-mailing people at ARRL, I would like to get a clear statement on how long it should take to have a VUCC application or endorsement processed through LOTW. I know LOTW is supposed to cut down on the workload at ARRL, and is priced less than a paper application, but what should I consider a "reasonable" amount of time for processing, before I start e-mailing the Awards Desk or LOTW Help - or others like my section manager, division director, etc.?

In February, I submitted an initial VUCC application using only LOTW. I received various excuses on why nothing had been done with the application - conversion issues, end-of-year DXCC processing, etc. - until this application was canceled in May. I was never given an explanation why the original application was canceled, but was told I could resubmit it. The resubmitted application was approved in a day, and the certificate was sent out the next day. So I know that, given enough agitating, the process can be very quick.

I submitted an endorsement for my VUCC on Sunday evening. It has stayed at the "Sent" status since then, with no changes. I won't wait until November to start sending e-mails to the ARRL hierarchy, but will wait some reasonable amount of time to see what - if anything - happens with this endorsement. Comments?


Patrick Stoddard, WD9EWK

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