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Heath SB-200 need a standby pot Jan 16th 2023, 13:02 2 2,549 on 17/1/23
How to do a search on the forum Oct 22nd 2022, 10:17 2 2,788 on 24/10/22
Pacemakers and Amplifiers Oct 22nd 2022, 09:55 2 3,213 on 24/10/22

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Heath SB-200 need a standby pot tom3holer on 16/1/23
I am restoring a nice SB-200 with new tubes and all the Harbuck mods. One thing I want to do is add a standby switch to the Rel PWR Sens pot so as to not alter the faceplate of the rig. It is a 100K pot for a 3/8" hole. I have looked for a couple of days including Digi Key and Mouser but can't seem to find it. Did a Google search and mostly get Guitar sites but none with what I need; a 100K pot with a Push-Pull switch for a 3/8" hole.
Does anyone have an idea where to get one of these?

How to do a search on the forum tom3holer on 22/10/22
I have a topic I would like to search but cannot find a search link when on that particular forum.

I know it must be me but where the heck is is?

Pacemakers and Amplifiers tom3holer on 22/10/22

I have a St. Jude pacemaker since 2014 with no issues. I would like to get an amp but in reading it is somewhat vague on whether it would be safe The antenna is an end fed long wire, whose feed point is about 60' away, I talked with the tech at Abbot, who bought St. Jude for some time ago, the other day and he said there has been no testing done with high power ham equipment.

Basically, I am trying to get some real world feedback from hams that have had experience with this issue. I did see an article that was on the website here that laid out the recommended max V/Meter but I don't have any way of testing that.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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