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My first year as a ham... bibliomane74 on 4/8/16
OK, so I just noticed that I got my Ham license one year ago tomorrow and figured I'd sum up my first year and get some advice. I took the Technician and General exams and was roaring to go - excited to get started and get on the air. Then I........

That's it. That's my first year as a ham. You see, I went crazy trying to consider my options on a radio. Got overwhelmed with all the talk about needing a huge antenna. I couldn't find another ham in the area and I don't see that there's a club within 35 miles or so.

When I went to take the exam I drove about 50 minutes and thought I may be able to get involved in the club there. I took the test and stayed for a meeting afterwards. However, despite my being new and eager, not a soul in the club introduced themselves to me... I probably should have tried harder, but I left the meeting a bit intimidated and came home figuring that I would figure things out on my own. But it didn't happen.

So, here I am a year later. Without a radio or an antenna, and hoping now to make year two better. I really want to be part of the hobby, and I really want to get my son involved - he's 8. But I'm not yet ready to build a tower in the yard and what not...

Thanks for reading this. I hope to get moving soon and be a contributing member of the hobby.

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