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HT Question Mar 17th 2017, 18:13 4 6,269 on 23/3/17
Newbie with CW learning problem Dec 6th 2016, 23:27 2 8,607 on 7/12/16
Looking for portable SW receiver Oct 13th 2016, 00:49 3 5,948 on 24/10/16
Burning out after 20 min of studying code Oct 3rd 2016, 20:46 4 8,785 on 17/1/17
Antique keyers -- value? Jun 17th 2016, 19:07 3 6,698 on 1/7/16
Hitting a repeater with HT? Jun 15th 2016, 19:06 3 5,867 on 16/6/16
Any truth to this rumor? Jun 8th 2016, 00:01 6 7,143 on 5/8/16
Thoughts on learning Morse Code Jun 6th 2016, 20:07 4 9,659 on 5/2/17
How are most repeaters powered? Jun 5th 2016, 18:02 2 11,398 on 6/6/16
Battery options for Baofeng Jun 4th 2016, 05:24 2 5,638 on 5/6/16

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HT Question W0SJF on 23/3/17
Thanks, Martin. I'll save my money and go for the HF rig. You, too, Zack. Good advice.
HT Question W0SJF on 17/3/17
Currently have a Baufeng Dual Band HT used mainly for club net meetings. I'm working towards my General License and was wondering if there is any use in getting a Tri Band HT that will get into the HF frequencies or just bite the bullet and get a "real" radio and antenna. OR -- should I get both?

Thanks. W0SJF
Newbie with CW learning problem W0SJF on 6/12/16
How do I break the habit of freezing when I can't remember the letter I just heard and go on to the next one? When a new letter comes up in code, and I can't quickly remember the letter or number, I'm like a deer caught in the headlights.
Looking for portable SW receiver W0SJF on 13/10/16
Many have told me one of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of HAM, and to help learn Morse Code, is to just listen. I remember when I was a kid my dad bought me a receiver that brought me hours and days of enjoyment just listening. I'm not ready to drop a bundle on a decent transceiver yet, so are there any portable receivers out there that are worth it? When I go to Amazon and look at them my eyes glaze over and I can't make up my mind.

Burning out after 20 min of studying code W0SJF on 13/10/16
Thanks for the response. I'll try a few shorter sessions each day.

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