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HBR 14 coils conversion to toroidal coils Jun 27th 2014, 11:46 2 6,743 on 21/3/15

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HBR 14 coils conversion to toroidal coils cathoderay on 27/6/14
I have studied the tube HBR 14 receiver for several months now, and I am gathering together the required parts. I have managed to obtain the IF coils from e-bay. I now turn my attention to the RF and osc coil design.
I wanted to change my design to cover the whole HF 1.7-30MHz. And I wanted to use toroidal coils for the RF and Osc coils.

Is there a resource around that will enable me to be able to design the RF transformers, using toroidal cores?

I would want to switch these in, not use plug in coils. Possibly using reed relays.

Does anyone have a view on any of my plans? I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has done similar mad things.

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