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Everyham's Amp effirlem on 4/3/14
Thanks for the info Zack. I see where the doubler in Fig.2 is basically the same as the one in Fig. 5. Never thought about half wave/full wave. So I will just proceed with my project.

Everyham's Amp effirlem on 4/3/14
OK, got the relay situation straightened out. Bought a relay off Ebay that is a replacement for the relay in a Heathkit SB200. Now I have another concern. In the PDF of the "Every Ham's Amp", the schematic of the power supply shows one leg of the transformer connected to the diodes at a point where they are "+" to "-". The other leg of the transformer is connected the the capacitor bank where they are "+" to "+". Am I missing something here? Every other schematic that I have looked at says that they should be "+" to "-".
Everyham's Amp effirlem on 22/1/14
Thanks again for another lead. I have some of the automotive relays that they talk about in the link, but I am leery about using them in the amp.

Everyham's Amp effirlem on 21/1/14
Thanks Zack, this will give me a place to start looking. I have some 12 volt relays but I believe that the current rating on them is too small, 3 amps.

Everyham's Amp effirlem on 19/1/14
I read the article about building an amp that was in the January QST. I even ordered the 2014 handbook so that I could read the article there. This got my interest up to point that I am now ordering parts to build my own amp. In the parts list of "Everyham's Amplifier" there is no mention of "K1 or K2". And now my question. What is the proper relay to use and where can I get one?


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