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SWAN 500CX voltage problem Feb 26th 2013, 21:18 3 7,524 on 28/2/13

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SWAN 500CX voltage problem N9JAF on 28/2/13
Thx for the info Zak, I have not checked that yet, but will give it a look. I figured that Switch 7(Cal./Rec./Trans.) where I traced the V3 wire should have 6.3 volt feed to connect the voltage depending upon switch position. Hope to figure it out, really appreciate the help.

John Fairburn KA9PIE
SWAN 500CX voltage problem N9JAF on 26/2/13
Have a Swan 500CX that I purchased back in 85, it's been on the shelf for about 25 years. Have recently begun to try and get it up and running again. The receiver seems to work well, as well as it ever did, but no power on transmit. Have gone through and found that V3(6GK6) Driver has no 6.3 volts AC @ pin 4, the tube is cold to the touch. The PA tubes, V4 and V5 have the 6.3 volts AC. Have traced through the wiring, but haven't yet discovered the problem. I would appreciate any advice as to where to look, and how to get the required voltage to the tube. Don't want to put alot of money into the rig, but would like to get it going for old times sake. Thanks for any help. KA9PIE

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