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Get ARRL Calendar data into our Calendars Jul 15th 2015, 03:44 2 6,042 on 21/7/15
June 2000 QST - PSK31 Transceiver Jun 1st 2015, 21:54 7 7,188 on 2/6/15
Maritime mobile in XE Land Feb 18th 2012, 00:01 2 7,965 on 16/3/12
Operating Maritime Mobile and in a Reciprocal Country Feb 17th 2012, 00:27 2 7,929 on 25/2/12

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Get ARRL Calendar data into our Calendars W7PEA on 15/7/15
There are couple ARRL Calendars that have interesting data, but they are not in a fomat where we can get them into our calendars.
Contest Calendar

All good stuff, but not in a way we can use them.

If you're familiar with adding other calendars (like your sports teams, holidays from other countries, etc) to your own online Calendar service (GMail Calendar, Sunrise, etc) this is what i'm talking about.

The way many of these get published and show up as calendars you can add is they are first published to which is a for fee service, but they might have a free option for non-profits.

Ideally the ARRL could create regional calendars for each type of content and then we could add them as we see fit.

Another completely different idea is to add a little "add to calendar" link to each event. There are lots of helper libraries\plugins out there to do this.

Anyone else interested in seeing all the local events in their online calendar?

W7PEA Patrick
June 2000 QST - PSK31 Transceiver W7PEA on 2/6/15
Wow, that is a very confusing "typo" it totally changes the meaning of what is being conveyed.

Thanks again Zack!
June 2000 QST - PSK31 Transceiver W7PEA on 2/6/15
Hi Zack, not sure I understand what you mean about the "ar4" and "are".

For context for everyone else. In the reprinted article it actually reads, "Unless otherwise specified, resistors ar4-1/4 W, 5% tolerance carbon-composition or metal-film units." Notice the ar4 part.

I assumed that just the "e" and SPACE were missing and the "4-" was valid. Are you saying that the "4-" is incorrect and they should just be 1/4W resistors.

W7PEA \ Patrick
June 2000 QST - PSK31 Transceiver W7PEA on 2/6/15
Hmmm, that could be bad news. I assumed if I could find components with the same specs that I'd be fine but that is proving hard. For instance the author says about resistors. "Unless otherwise specified, resistors are 4-1/4 W, 5% tolerance carbon-composition or metal-film units. All small-value capacitors are NPO/COG types; do not substitute." And it seems to me as if 4.25W rated resistors are about as common as Sasquatch. I assumed I could pop-up to 5W, but maybe not.

He does also state after that sentence, "Unless otherwise noted, equivalent parts can be substituted." Problem is without many of the specs for the original parts its hard to match them.

I'll keep plodding a long... more may become obvious once I get deeper into this.

Thanks for that information though!
W7PEA \ Patrick
June 2000 QST - PSK31 Transceiver W7PEA on 1/6/15
Small Wonder Labs is no longer around and I want to build the project outlined in this June 2000 QST project.

JUNE 2000 - QST (PG. 31)
A Panoramic Transceiving System for PSK31
Author: Benson, Dave, NN1G
Article: QST Archive in PDF format

I am having some problems finding replacements or identifying a few of these parts, can anyone help me out with comparable part numbers.

Part Description in QST
L1 4.7 uH, 5% tolerance RF Choke (Mouser 43LS Series)
L2 1.2 uH 5% tolerance RF Choke (mouser 43LS Series)
L4 10uH 5% tolerance RF Choke (Mouser 43LS Series)
L7 6.8uH 5% tolerance RF Choke (Mouser 43LS Series)

I've pinged Mouser about these ones too. That 43LS seems to reference a XICON product they no longer carry and Xicon isn't online (closed?). I'm not precisely sure where I can vary the part against the original. I can find fixed inductors that match the uH and Tolerance, but then there are a variety of Q, Resonant Freq, and other parameters and I'm not sure which are important.

Part Description in QST
L3, L8, L9 1uH, Toko TK1411 (DigiKey TK1411)

Toko says they no longer make variable inductors and they can't ID that part number. I don't know enough to guess what all the proper specs would be for a replacement and the article doesn't supply more than that information and the schematic representation that L3, L8, L9 are adjustable inductors.

I'll share more as I go, but right now I'm stuck on sourcing the parts.

W7PEA \ Patrick

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