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Assisted Category Questions Feb 15th 2012, 18:48 2 8,919 on 6/11/12
What is the secret to logging zones/sections close to your QTH? Nov 21st 2011, 20:39 6 9,258 on 25/11/12
NAQP SSB Question Aug 22nd 2011, 14:38 3 10,375 on 29/8/11
Questions About Calling Off Freq in a Pileup Aug 1st 2011, 21:05 7 14,809 on 16/8/19

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Assisted Category Questions Macromancer on 15/2/12
The recent thread on contesting ethics prompted me to start a thread on two questions that I have regarding the unassited category:

I have been operating low power, single op, unassisted, all bands, ssb only mode in contests. I am totally comfortable that I have participated unassisted and followed the rules, etc.

Question number 1: I frequently encounter multiop stations that umprompted will say "We're also working 10m on XYZ". Working unassisted, I don't act on this information. Is my assumption correct that if I were to log the station on the freq they mentioned, it would invalidate my unassisted status, even if I run across them while using S&P in the 10m band sometime later in the contest?

Question number 2: While participating single op, unassisted, all bands, ssb only, can I run JT65 mode with a second transceiver, or does that put me in the single op, two radios category? I'm thinking JT65 activity, pskreporter, etc. could be helpful in determining good band openings during DX contests.

What is the secret to logging zones/sections close to your QTH? Macromancer on 22/11/11
K1ZZ, many thanks for the 80m/low dipole tip.

FWIW, b/f the contest I was trying out my recently strung 40m dipole and was able to work a NFL station early in the afternoon, so was hopeful that 40m would work close in during daytime in the actual contest.

It didn't work out that way, but I did manage to snag PAC on 40m very early Sunday morning, so on balance no complaints.

What is the secret to logging zones/sections close to your QTH? Macromancer on 21/11/11
The ARRL Phone Sweepstakes was a ton of fun. No surprise, the bulk of the sections that I was unable to log are close to my QTH.

Any tips on how to log stations on HF that are generally too close to work are greatly appreciated.

My setup is an FT897D barefoot into 3 separate dipoles cut for 15, 20 and 40 meters.

Many thanks,

What ever happened to SSB CQ? K2ADK on 4/10/11
I can't comment on 80 or 40m, but lots of ssb "CQ CQ CQ" on 20m and 15m.

I am on one or both bands almost every evening and frequently hear folks calling CQ. Similarly, I've had good luck calling CQ and getting a return call on both bands.

NAQP SSB Question Macromancer on 22/8/11
About 6hrs into this weekend's NAQP SSB contest and I realized that my name "Alan" is not the most efficient name to exhange, as there are so many ways to spell it.

Could I use the name "Bob" or "Al" going forward, as either one is easy to understand and to spell, or do I have to use my name as it's entered in the FCC database?



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