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Contestants assisting low power stations Mar 30th 2012, 10:06 7 8,847 on 7/1/13

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Contestants assisting low power stations VK3NRW on 30/3/12
Hi all,
I enjoy contests but sometimes find it difficult to work DX stations to exchange numbers etc due to being able to run max of 100 watts. If this occurs most times I just cease trying if I cannot get through in about 3-4 tries as other station may have their antenna facing wrong direction but so be it. During CQ WPX last weekend I was listening to an Australian Foundation licencee trying to get through to a US station, this US operator sacrificed time to assist this Foundation operator to exchange numbers and then thanked the lower powered station for their patience. I admired the US station for his consideration and he should have had the thanks for his patience. I might advise anyone who is not aware that a Foundation station here in OZ has a max output of 10 WATTS & that doesn't go far in a contest but he is still an amateur.
John Weston

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