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QST Magazine arriving in poor condition Mar 21st 2016, 15:09 1 5,937 on 21/3/16
Heathkit SB-401 relay RL1 Aug 7th 2012, 22:09 3 9,233 on 9/8/12
Lightning Arrestors Jun 2nd 2012, 13:48 8 10,309 on 26/9/12

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New QST Format & Downloading to PC 0008430731H80 on 20/6/17
I too, do not like the new QST on-line viewer, so I guess I'm number 46.
It is almost impossible to read the magazine on line, as it takes forever to load. Add this fact to my prior complaints of receiving the printed version in bad shape about one half the time, along with the 25% increase in cost a couple of years ago, forces me to consider ending my membership.
QST Magazine arriving in poor condition KapAceHigh on 21/3/16
I have received two issues of QST during the past year or so in very tattered, crumbled condition, including the April 2016 issue which I just received on March19th.
My issues arrive without any protective covering or sleeve. Is this SOP, or is someone in the USPS removing it to take a look at the mag?
Since we are or will be paying an extra $10 in basic membership fees, it would be nice if HQ took some of this 25% increase to upgrade the mailing of QST Magazine so the magazine arrives in great condition and I won't have to request a replacement copy which usually arrives after the next issue is sent.

Bob Kapalo, WA1RK
Heathkit SB-401 relay RL1 KapAceHigh on 9/8/12
Thanks Zac for your reply.
Looking into this a bit further, there are two additional contacts (lugs) that are not connected. As you state, the mod may have been already made. So I am not going to attempt any changes unless I can come up ith the connection diagram for the relay. Also, it might not be possible without unsoldering a lot of the wires to this relay due to the high density of connections to it.



Heathkit SB-401 relay RL1 KapAceHigh on 7/8/12
I'm thinking of following a Heathkit recommendation to connect contact 7 of RL1 to ground to eliminate the problem of the transmitter remaining on transmit when I end transmission. This is due to "gassy" final tubes, the Heathkit bulletin states.

Maybe I'm missing something, but going through the schematics, I come up with six poles for RL1, not five. I do see a contact lug on the RL1 on my SB-401 without any connection. Can I assume this is number 7? Don't know if there are any other contacts without a connection. This could be possible.

Wonder if anyone has the connection diagram for RL1, or did the suggested fix.

Thanks all.

73's KC2ZDT

Lightning Arrestors KapAceHigh on 6/6/12
Thanks for the information and the importance of grounding everything.
Guess the best precaution is to disconnect the antenna and power from all the equipment ahead any approaching thunderstorm.


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