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ATT UVERSE Interference WA2EXZ on 8/1/12
I just recently had ATT Uverse installed at my QTH. Guess I should have done more research before making that decision. I am seeing RFI into the Uverse system when I operate 20 meters. I have cleared up most of the TVI with Split beads on one of the tv box coax lines. I am still seeing interference on the Internet line and can shut down the internet activity with less than 2.5 watts from my QRP battery operated rig when on 20 meters. As I read posts on the WEB RFI into Uverse seems to be common. Most of the posts seem to be dealing with interference on 160 or 80 meters though and not 20 meters. Has anyone experienced interference with Uverse. Does anyone know what the specs are for Uverse internet DSL lines being installed locally? (Carrier frequency etc.?) Anyone have any ideas on where I could get that info or where else I might POST for more info?

The configuration I have is a large Box mounted on the back of the house… the att lines come into that box and then it splits out the cable, phone and DSL lines. Power is supplied from a power supply with Battery back-up with-in the house. We have 3 TV boxes….. one of them being the DVR. The dsl line goes to a 2wire router (Wi-Fi and 4 hardwire ports). Telephone and DSL come into the house via old existing telephone 4 conductor cable (RED, GREEN, yellow, Black). Cable comes into the house via coax to a splitter.

I eliminated most of the interference in the TV by winding 4 turns of the coax at one of the boxes through a toroid. I also added a couple split beads to that same line. I do still get a little tearing in the TV picture at 600 watts … 100 watts is now fine. It is only happening on 20 meters (across the band) . With any power at all (less than 2 watts)I loose DSL temporarily while transmitting. It recovers with-in 3 to 5 seconds. I have an 80 meter loop that I use on 20 and a 2 element beam … both antennas cause the problem.

The power level causing interference is so so low I am worried the DSL carrier is running at or close to 14 MHZ but I can’t verify. I am hoping I can get this fixed but have heard of a couple cases now where att couldn’t or wouldn’t fix the problem and De- installed Uverse at an amateur’s house.

I'm looking for Ideas on how to eliminate the RFI. Looking at ideas on how to approach ATT. Does anyone know what the ARRL Stance is for ATT Uverse?

Thanks for any help... 73 Bob WA2EXZ

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