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DC designation? Feb 13th 2014, 21:30 3 6,796 on 14/2/14
20 vs 10? Oct 29th 2012, 13:17 3 7,574 on 20/11/12
"broadband noise" Oct 18th 2012, 21:03 6 7,527 on 20/10/12

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DC designation? W3ULS on 14/2/14
Thanks Much. We in DC are rare birds, that's for sure, in more ways than one!
DC designation? W3ULS on 13/2/14
I live in DC. For the ARRL DX CW contest, how do I state my designation? MDC? Or just DC? I think different contests have different designations.

John W3ULS
20 vs 10? W3ULS on 29/10/12
In my setup, I'm limited to one band at a time, and to low power. I see that east coast contestants in the CQ WW SSB contest over the weekend reported excellent results on 10 meters. I found plenty of activity listening on 20 meters, especially Europeans and N and S America, Caribbean, etc. I heard but one VK, and one weak JA (I think).

Looking forward to the CW part of the CQ WW contest next month, when I plan to operate, would I be better off tuning up on 10 meters (assuming similar conditions) rather than sticking with 20, considering my limited antenna and low power? In the good old days, 10 meters allowed worldwide contacts with very little in the way of equipment, and I'm wondering if it's coming back to the level of propagation where I could benefit?


John, W3ULS
"broadband noise" W3ULS on 19/10/12
Thanks, men. I love it when experts give expert responses. It validates my ARRL dues!
"broadband noise" W3ULS on 18/10/12
I'm scratching my head about the following.

There was a discussion on another reflector in which the participants alluded to "broadband noise" as being an inherent problem for some transceivers (but not theirs). For instance, in a Field Day setup, certain transceivers operating QRQ CW were reported as obliterating reception for nearby transceivers on particular bands, making it impossible to operate the other transceivers.

What is "broadband noise" and what makes a "noisy" transmitter, particularly CW >40 wpm? Is it the same as the transmit phase noise graph QST has published for years?

John, W3ULS

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