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Heath SB-200 need a standby pot

Jan 16th 2023, 13:02


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I am restoring a nice SB-200 with new tubes and all the Harbuck mods. One thing I want to do is add a standby switch to the Rel PWR Sens pot so as to not alter the faceplate of the rig. It is a 100K pot for a 3/8" hole. I have looked for a couple of days including Digi Key and Mouser but can't seem to find it. Did a Google search and mostly get Guitar sites but none with what I need; a 100K pot with a Push-Pull switch for a 3/8" hole.
Does anyone have an idea where to get one of these?

Jan 17th 2023, 07:09


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285 hits for the search "switch potentiometer 100k" on ebay.

Ebay is a great source for finding vintage parts.
Many of these parts are sold with a "buy it now" option as opposed to an auction listing.

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