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Newcomer - Looking For Info

Jun 3rd 2016, 13:07


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My name is Ronnie. I'm 70 years young, after giving up SCUBA Diving, I decided I needed a hobby, and Radio Ham interest me. I have little or know experience with electronics, Ham Radio, but have some skills in the electrical field. I had just purchased the ARRL Technician License manual. It would be helpful for me if someone can answer a few questions.

Being an average student, how long will it be, for me to be ready, to take an exam for my license?

How much time are you permitted to take the exam?

Do most people pass the exam on the first try?

What is the link for a downloadable study guide?

Any additional information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 3rd 2016, 16:45


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Jun 3rd 2016, 22:11


Joined: Aug 1st 2015, 21:31
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Well Ronnie, getting licensed isn't hard but everyone learns at their own levels, some are quick others it takes a bit longer.

I believe you have 1 hour to finish the exam, but its been quite some time since I took one. (and im one of the quick guys I only needed about 15 minutes or so)

I would say most do pass. as long as they study.

Jun 5th 2016, 17:45


Joined: May 25th 2016, 22:40
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At 68 years young this is how I did it. I started with the ARRL manual which was a great read and a good start but I didn't find it was all that great to prep for the test, leaving me at a constant 50% pass rate on sample tests. I then paid a few bucks for the Ham Test Online course on the net. Really good prep for the test and you will learn a lot as well. After taking that course I was passing sample tests online at a rate of 100%. The course said it would take about 10 hours of study and that was about right for me. I studied for about a week and passed on the first try. I was coming out of a career in TV and amp repair which was good for only about 3 questions on the test. I was never a good student so I have to give kudos to both the ARRL and mostly Ham Test Online. I also found an app that generated tests on my phone and I pulled that out a lot when I had some free time. That app helped me to feel very confident when I started seeing the actual questions on the test.
Jun 6th 2016, 19:13


Joined: May 24th 2016, 19:55
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Thanks Everyone for your relies. I'm going to study for the next couple of months

Oct 3rd 2016, 16:37


Joined: Aug 18th 2015, 16:03
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I used this site:
It lets you keep a record. I took it a bunch of times online. Pretty much after a few times you already see all the possible questions and answers. So even if you're technically challenged you could still pass. There is a limited pool of questions. Not to say that you shouldn't know the information as all of it's helpful. Just don't get hung up thinking you have to be an electronics expert.

The important part is being aware that what your license allows you to do. As far as which band/s, how much power, and what type of communications. Basically staying within the rules.

Luckily on the tech quiz there is not a whole lot of band related questions. Even after I got my license there's a bunch I couldn't tell you. But that's where charts come in handy. I always check myself before I plan on transmitting.

There are a bunch that have little to no interests in the electronics side of things other than how to plug it in, turn it on, and use it. That's okay. But you do need to know things like how much power you're using when transmitting, what band and frequency, etc. Just don't get worried too much about knowing how to make a rf amp etc. lol

For the tech it's getting your feet wet and getting started. There is always tons to learn no matter how long you're a ham. Some get involved in making antennas, others like receiving satellite information, while others are into CW or digital modes of all type.

Since you have the book might as well read it to see what it's like. Then take the online exam. Especially right before you take the actual one so you'll know what questions to expect.


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