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Endowment Funds

The ARRL Endowment

In July 2003 The ARRL Board of Directors created the ARRL Endowment – a vital tool in securing the financial future of ARRL – to perpetuate the mission of the American Radio Relay League, Inc. and for the exclusive use of ARRL.  

The ARRL Endowment provides a “savings account” to produce earnings that will fund future programs and activities, provide resources for future challenges, support valued professional staff and fund essential capital needs.   Gifts to the ARRL Endowment may be directed to one or more of the special interest funds that support ARRL’s work on behalf of Amateur Radio, or to one of the special gift opportunities identified by ARRL. Contributions to the Endowment’s General Fund support ARRL operations and provide maximum flexibility for ARRL to respond to the changing demands of the organization.  

Endowment funds are invested to ensure the preservation and enhancement of principal, consistent with the investment policy of ARRL as approved by the ARRL Board of Directors. The policy sets the rules for restricting the use of earnings and principal. The objective of the investment policy of the Endowment is to ensure funding stability for ARRL consistent with the wishes of the donors who intend to leave a legacy and support ARRL activities in the future. As you  consider your plans, there are many approaches to fulfilling your charitable wishes, including life income plans, securities, real estate, trusts or retirement plans that you may want to explore.


Endowment Funds

  • Spectrum Defense Fund

    The Spectrum Defense Fund provides funds for advocacy for Amateur Radio and related activities.  

  • Antenna Defense Fund

    The Antenna Defense Fund (also known as the Legal Research and Resource Fund) provides for research and expert opinions and the filing of legal briefs in proceedings related to Amateur Radio.


  • Youth & Education Fund

    The Youth and Education Fund provides for the Education & Technology Program, other ARRL youth programs, on-line and other general education programs and public service activities, including emergency training and promotion activities.

  • Public Information Fund

    The Public Information Fund provides for public relations activities including media kits, brochures, training kits, public service announcements, and internship stipends to promote Amateur Radio.


  • Research & Technology Fund

    The Research and Technology Fund provides for the implementation of new or improved technologies in Amateur Radio.


  • Amateur Radio Historical Preservation Fund

    The Amateur Radio Historical Preservation Fund provides for the collection, identification and preservation of Amateur Radio papers and artifacts and to maintain the history and traditions of Amateur Radio.


  • W1AW Endowment Fund

    The W1AW Endowment Fund provides for the operation, maintenance and capital improvements of the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station, W1AW.

  • Fund for International Relations & Goodwill

    The Fund for International Relations and Goodwill provides for gifts of equipment to developing countries or for crisis situations, for DXpeditions and to further the development of the Amateur Radio service in other parts of the world.

  • ARRL General Fund

    The ARRL General Fund provides resources for any of the mission-related activities of the ARRL including operations, advocacy, education, scientific research, historic preservation, the promotion of Amateur Radio and public service through emergency communications.

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The American Radio Relay League, Inc. is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization holding federal tax identification # 06-6000004. Contributions to ARRL funds are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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