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Contribute RFI Files

Contribute/Submit RFI Files

You can help make the RF Noise Identification website a success through your contributions, in the form of audio clips of QRN that affects you, or by helping to identify some of the "unidentified" audio clips submitted by others.

If you are bothered by QRN that you can or can't identify, then make a recording of it and send it to and I will add it to the files on the website. You can send in your files in the following forms:

WAV/MP3 Files

  • A WAV or MP3 attached to an e-mail message. Limit file length to approximately 30 seconds unless the characteristics of the noise necessitate a longer recording.
  • You can record directly to your computer's hard disk if you have a sound card, some software and a patch cord. Two good software packages are Total Recorder Standard Edition (shareware, about U.S. $12) or Freecorder (freeware). Freecorder saves audio as good quality MP3 files. I'm too cheap to try Total Recorder, but I know a lot of SWLs use it and I'm sure it will save audio as either WAV or MP3 files. Follow these links to download: Freecorder or Total Recorder

Tapes and CDs

  • An audio cassette or CD-ROM, mailed to the address below (tapes and CDs will be returned if you request)
  • Please try and make all recordings by direct connection between your receiver and recording device. Using a microphone adds "room noise" that distorts the sense making it worse!
  • Please provide some information about the recording such as the frequency where you recorded it, mode (AM/FM/USB/LSB etc), source (if known). It's also useful to note if the noise occurs at more that one location on the radio dial, and if it appears only at certain times of the day or if it coincides with other occurrances like rain.
  • ARRL Lab RFI Desk
    225 Main Street
    Newington CT 06111