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Affiliated Club Benefits

Club Benefits

  • Affiliated Club Benefits

    The following is a list of affiliated club benefits. Click on each benefit for a full description.

  • Mailing Lists




    Terms and Conditions Governing the Availability

    of Mailing Lists/Labels from Headquarters


    Electronic mailing lists may be furnished without charge to further organizational purposes of the ARRL. These lists can be provided in excel or text  file formats.  Mailing labels may be furnished at cost of production. All label requests require pre-payment.


    ARRL does not provide email address lists under any circumstances.


    Upon request, mailing lists may be furnished for the following purposes:


    Administrative lists are furnished to incumbent division directors and section managers for use in routine and administrative mailings to members in their respective geographical territories.


    “Convention” and “Hamfest” lists are furnished to ARRL sanctioned events for promotional mailings of the event. They may not be used for any other purpose, including for campaign mailings during an ARRL election.


    Election campaign lists are available to any candidate whose eligibility has been properly certified for the purpose of campaigning for an ARRL office.


    Non-commercial lists may be furnished to any Full member of ARRL for any non-commercial purpose which is designed to further Amateur Radio and the purposes of ARRL. Such lists may be furnished up to division level.


    No mailing lists will be provided for commercial purposes in any form.


    The request form has been designed to speed service to the user and guard against errors and misuse. Please use only the specific form. All requests must be made in writing; verbal requests will not be accepted. The Mailing List/Label Request Form can be requested from the Executive Office and found at under Mailing Lists. 


     E-mail the completed form to


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  • Club Commission Program

    Club Commission Program

    One of the benefits of being an ARRL Affiliated Club is a commission for recruiting new ARRL members and securing timely ARRL member renewals. The commission structure has been updated and the process has changed to make it more lucrative and easier for the clubs. All membership dues are sent to ARRL to be processed and the club receives a commission payment directly from ARRL. No more complicated adjusting funds around credit cards, checks and cash. ARRL does all the processing. As a result, your club could earn money while promoting the many benefits and programs of ARRL to ensure that amateur radio is protected and continues to be strong.

    FAQ New ARRL Affiliated Club Commission Program

    Q. What is the ARRL Affiliated Club Commission Program?

    A. The ARRL Affiliated Club Commission Program allows ARRL Affiliated Clubs to earn a commission on new and renewing STANDARD memberships.

    How much commission does the club earn for new and renewing members?

    A. Each new ARRL STANDARD membership earns the club a $20 commission (family, student/youth, and blind memberships are not eligible). New members are defined as never having been a member or a returning member that has not been a member for two years. Each renewal now earns the club a $5 commission. There is no limit to the amount a club can earn in this program.

    What is the process for the club?

    A. The club will follow the process for both new and renewal applications

    1.      Each new or renewing ARRL member should fill out a membership application form:

    ARRL Membership Application Form

    Payment in FULL can be made to ARRL by check, credit card, or cash.

    3.      The club then sends all applications with FULL payment along with the Club Commission Reconciliation Form to ARRL for processing.

    Club Commission Reconciliation Form

    4.      The memberships are processed once received by ARRL, and the club receives the commission.

    5.      Commission payments can be made by check to the club or Direct Deposit.

    Can the club keep the commission from the applications before sending them to ARRL?

    A. No, the applications must have full payment, and the commission is then paid to the club.

    Can the member combine the Club Commission with a premium or incentive offered separately by ARRL or at a Hamfest?

    A. No, the member will not be eligible to receive a gift or incentive if the club collects a commission on the membership.

    Q. Which memberships are eligible for a commission?

    A. Only STANDARD memberships. Multiyear memberships earn only one commission. Life, Family, International, Blind, and Student/Youth memberships are not eligible for a commission.

    Q. How quickly should the club expect to get a commission check?

    A. A club should receive a payment within two to three weeks of ARRL receiving the forms.

    Q. If we have a question on how to process the forms, who do we contact?

    A. Questions can be directed to or contact Member Services at ARRL.

  • ARRL e-Mail Forwarding Service


    E-mail forwarding service is now available for ARRL affiliated clubs: Effective immediately, clubs affiliated with the ARRL can sign up for the League's new E-Mail Forwarding Service. The forwarding--or alias--service is available at no additional charge for ARRL affiliated clubs. It will provide clubs with a uniform "call" e-mail address that remains the same even if the user changes e-mail service providers.
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  • Annual Report


    Every ARRL club is eligible to receive a complimentary copy of the League's Annual Report, which contains the business reports of the staff and Directors.

  • Referrals Of Prospective Radio Amateurs

    League Headquarters, in addition to providing a basic package of information to a prospective ham, will refer prospects to your club for follow-up and recruitment. And your club will be listed in ARRLWeb'sclub search database.

    In order to remain in the database your club must submit an annual report each year.

  • Club Gavel Competition

    Only affiliated clubs are eligible for participation in the gavel competitions of the ARRL DX Contest, the ARRL November Sweepstakes, the ARRL VHF Sweepstakes and the 160- and 10-Meter Contests. For more information, see the Club Competion Rules.

  • 50% Discount on Club Ads in QST

    Your affiliated club may purchase advertising in QST at half of the going rate. Contact the ARRL Advertising Department for more information

  • Planning an ARRL Hamfest or Convention?

    Most hamfests and conventions are club sponsored affairs.  Click here to go to the hamfest pages.
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  • Special Service Clubs

    In addition to the above, Special Service Clubs also receive the following additional benefits:

            1. SSCs get special recognition in QST as they renew or become SSCs.

            2. SSCs are also eligible to appoint local Awards Managers.

  • Club Call Signs

    Club station license application and filing procedures.
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  • New Amateur Reports for Clubs

    This link is restricted to Club Presidents, Club Contact and Club Newsletter Editor.
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  • ARRL Library Book Set

    The ARRL Library Book Set includes the most popular ARRL publications, and is intended for ARRL Affiliated Clubs and members who wish to gift or donate a set to a local library, school, or classroom. The set is available at a special price of $250 (includes US ground shipping).
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