Affiliated Club Benefits

Club Benefits

  • Affiliated Club Benefits

    The following is a list of affiliated club benefits. Click on each benefit for a full description.

  • Mailing Lists

    Terms and Conditions Governing the Availability of Mailing Lists from Headquarters

    Category 1 labels--Lists furnished without charge to further the organizational purposes of the League.

    "Admin" labels are furnished to incumbent division directors and section managers for use in routine and administrative mailings to members in their respective geographical territories.

    "Convention" and "Hamfest" labels are furnished, upon request, to sponsors of ARRL sponsored and approved events for use in making mailings promoting the event. They may not be used for any other purpose, specifically for campaign mailings during an ARRL election.

    Category 2 labels--Lists furnished at cost of production.

    "Campaign" labels are furnished, upon request, to any election candidate whose eligibility has been properly certified for the purpose of campaigning for office in the League.

    "Non-commercial" labels are furnished to any Full member of the League for any non-commercial purpose which is designed to further Amateur Radio and the purposes of the League. Such lists may be furnished up to a division in size.

    Category 3 labels--Lists furnished at commercial mailing list rates.

    "Commercial" labels are furnished for any legitimate business purpose. Such lists are made available under a cost schedule prepared from time to time by the Executive Vice President of the League.

    Any member of the League may, upon request, have his name deleted from any Category 3 commercial lists which are furnished by League Headquarters. Such a request may be made upon renewal by an annual member or any time by a Life Member of the League.

    All requests shall be made in writing on a form to be provided by the Headquarters. (No telephone requests will be honored.) The form will require that the purpose for requesting the list be stated and will require a signed statement that the list is being used only for the purpose requested.

    Two copies of material mailed using address labels provided by Headquarters shall be sent to Headquarters, and one copy shall be sent to each director concerned, via first class mail, at the time of the first mailing.

    E-mail the completed form to
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  • Club Commission Program

    Commission Terms

    ARRL Affiliated Clubs receive a commission for every new ARRL membership and renewal they submit to ARRL Headquarters.

    • Clubs retain a portion of the dues for each regular membership submitted to ARRL Headquarters:
      • Clubs retain $15 for each new membership OR lapsed membership (of two years or more). A NEW MEMBER is defined as any individual who has never been a member of ARRL or any individual who has not retained a membership for two or more calendar years prior to the application submission.
      • Clubs retain $2 for each renewal. A RENEWING MEMBER can renew at anytime, even before their current membership term expires.
    • Family, Blind or 21-and-under discounted memberships are not applicable for any discount.
    • May not be combined with any other promotion or special offer.

    For more information, e-mail

    Follow the Go Now link for membership forms and reconcilation sheets.
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  • Club Liability Insurance

    Club Liability Insurance Plan

    This Plan Provides Complete Protection

    This comprehensive general liability policy provides coverage for lawsuits resulting from bodily injury and property damage at Club-sponsored activities. This includes concession stands, dances, banquets, parties, auctions, raffles, picnics and meetings, to name just a few. Coverage would also apply for official Club participation, for instance participating in a community-sponsored event. Plus, in addition to the policy limits described below, this plan also pays the court and legal costs of defense for covered claims.

    The plan reimburses expenses for first aid to others at the time of an accident. And, an owner of a premises used or rented by the Club can also be named as an additional insured.

     Up to $2,000,000 in Coverage Each Year

    The basic Club Liability Insurance policy provides up to $1,000,000 in coverage for each occurrence and up to $2,000,000 in aggregate coverage each year. Higher limits can be obtained, if necessary, for an additional premium. Please contact the Program Administrator directly for additional limits and premiums.

    There are no deductibles to satisfy prior to receiving benefits.

    Affordable Protection

    For most Clubs up to 1,000 members, the annual premium for the general liability coverage will be $200. (Add an additional $100 if the Club requires non-owned or hired automobile coverage).  

    This Plan Covers the Club, Members and Officers

    The Club is insured when named in a covered lawsuit for acts committed by members working for the Club and under its direction.

    Officers and members are insured when named in a covered lawsuit as a result of Club activities when they are acting on behalf of the Club.

    Coverage is for All These Types of Lawsuits 

    • Suits for bodily injury which occur on the premises or as a result of Club activities.
    • Suits for damage to property of others resulting from Club activities.
    • Suits for personal injury and advertising injury, including libel, slander, defamation of character, false arrest, invasion of privacy, detention and malicious prosecution.
    • Suits for liability resulting from the sale of foods and beverages or other products.
    • Suits for host liquor liability when serving or giving alcoholic beverages at functions incidental to your Club.  Clubs should check with individual states regarding liquor law regulations.
    • Suits for real or alleged faults in work completed by or for your Club, which result in bodily injury or property damage.
    • Suits involving the use of automobiles not owned by the Club but used for official Club activities.
    • Suits arising from injury caused by the rendering or failure to render health care services by nonprofessionals.
    • Suits arising from fire damage (up to $100,000) to premises not owned by a Club but used for Club sponsored activity.
    • Defense against such suits even though the charges made are groundless, false or fraudulent.

    Most Meeting Facilities Require This Type of Coverage

    If your Club typically rents space when it needs to gather for a meeting or special event, you've probably discovered that the owner of the property requires your Club to purchase a "special events" insurance policy, a policy that is typically very expensive to buy or does not protect you fully for the event you've planned.

    With the Club Liability Insurance Plan you don't have to deal with this disappointing aspect of planning. This Plan provides you with the insurance coverage you need to hold your event -- you don't have to apply for a separate policy every time you are in the midst of organizing. This Plan is with you all year long with Liability coverage.

    A liability plan protects you and your Club from the lawsuits that could result if the Club or someone in the Club is accused of negligence that results in bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury.

    Reporting a Claim is Easy

    Any situation which may result in a claim should be reported immediately in writing to the Program Administrator, Risk Strategies Group.


    The policy is designed to cover the usual and customary activities of your Club. It does, however, exclude unusual events such as carnivals and amusement rides. Claims arising from activities of any participant in any game, contest, race or sporting event, including practice, are also excluded. The policy also includes standard exclusions including claims for war, nuclear, auto, aircraft, watercraft and professional liability. Losses involving property in your care, custody or control are also excluded.

    This material explains the general purpose of the insurance but in no way changes or affects the policy that is actually issued. Complete details can be found in the insurance policy.

    Enrolling is Easy

    Simply go to, click the link to “Apply Now for Club Liability Coverage” where you will be able to apply on-line. Or, if you prefer, you can contact the Program Administrator directly.

    Program Administrator

    Risk Strategies Group

    866-819-0209 Toll Free
    312-598-3958 Main Office




    Send any comments or concerns on the ARRL insurance plan to

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  • Ham Radio Equipment Insurance Plan

    No matter where you live, you could end up in the middle of a natural disaster. You may not be able to salvage what you had, but with the ARRL Ham Radio Equipment Insurance Plan you can get the help you need to get back on the air. Insurance is available to protect you from loss or damage to your amateur station, antennas and mobile equipment by lightning, theft, accident, fire, flood, tornado and other natural disasters.

    What's covered?

    Your scheduled mobile and home station equipment is covered on an all risk form which includes fire, lightning, wind, theft, collision, and other accidents and natural hazards. Loss or damage to antennas, towers or rotators is also covered. Coverage can be extended for computer software and hardware you have scheduled including related accessories.

    Who is eligible?

    The ARRL Ham Radio Equipment Insurance Plan is available to all members of the American Radio Relay League who reside in the United States. Coverage is also available to ARRL affiliated clubs to protect the club's equipment - including club station and repeater equipment.

    New property coverage

    You must notify the Plan Administrator (Risk Strategies) of any new equipment within 60 days of acquisition. Coverage for up to $2,000 of new equipment is included until your next renewal date with no additional premium.

    Low cost coverage—because of the economies of centralized administration, the cost of this Plan is much lower than coverage from other sources. Your annual premium is just $1.40 per $100 of replacement cost value (minimum premium is $20). For example, if the replacement value of your equipment is worth $2,000, your annual premium is only $28.

    Low deductible—the Plan's deductible is just $25 for repair and $50 for replacement for each claim.

    Exclusions—the Plan does not insure against the usual and customary exclusions such as loss or damage by mechanical or structural breakdown or failure, dishonest acts, wear and tear or damage occasioned by repairing or tuning.

    To enroll:

    Go to where you can sign up, schedule your equipment and pay your premium via credit card or check, all on-line! Be sure to list all radio equipment in use and its replacement value.

    Answers to your important questions:

    Can I insure my mobile equipment under this Plan?

    Yes. Your mobile equipment is protected under this policy. The ARRL Ham Radio Equipment Insurance Plan provides coverage where the typical automobile insurance policy won't.

    Can I insure just part of my equipment?
    You should schedule all equipment that is currently in use. As always, if the equipment or accessories are not scheduled, the insurance will not cover any damage or loss to those pieces.

    How does the premium from the ARRL Plan compare with other similar coverage?

    Other coverage available runs $5 to $8 per $100 of replacement cost value. But, you pay the low annual rate of just $1.40 per $100 of replacement cost value!

    If I have a loss, will this Plan pay full replacement costs?
    Yes! You will receive the replacement cost or equivalent value of the equipment that is covered - not a depreciated value - as long as your equipment is scheduled and insured for full replacement cost.

    What should I do if I have a claim?
    Any claim or situation which may result in a claim should be reported immediately to the Risk Strategies Group, the Plan Administrator.

    Risk Strategies Group

    866-819-0209 Toll Free
    312-598-3958 Main Office

    If your claim is due to theft, send a police report to Risk Strategies. Sales receipts for the replaced equipment are required before payment is made unless this provision is waived by the Program Administrator. For repair claims, an estimate of damage must be submitted. Claims resulting from theft or damage to newly acquired property must include a proof of purchase.

    Sponsored by:

    The American Radio Relay League, Inc.

    Administered by:

    Risk Strategies Group

    866-819-0209 Toll Free
    312-598-3958 Main Office

    Send any comments or concerns on the ARRL insurance plan to

    Note: Before you enroll you will need your club master ID or ARRL member number.  Click here to see how to get this information


    Follow the link for forms and information.

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  • Library Book Set

    Special money saving offer! This book set includes popular ARRL publications, intended for clubs or individuals that wish to make a gift to a local library or school. Only complete sets of these publications are available at the special price of $200 per set. Price includes UPS ground shipping throughout the 48 contiguous states, only. Call for other shipping options. Editions sent will be those available at the time the order is received. Publications and prices are subject to change without notice. This special offer applies only to orders purchased directly from ARRL.


    To order, please call our toll free number at 1-888-277-5289.


  • ARRL e-Mail Forwarding Service


    E-mail forwarding service is now available for ARRL affiliated clubs: Effective immediately, clubs affiliated with the ARRL can sign up for the League's new E-Mail Forwarding Service. The forwarding--or alias--service is available at no additional charge for ARRL affiliated clubs. It will provide clubs with a uniform "call" e-mail address that remains the same even if the user changes e-mail service providers.
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  • Annual Report

    Every ARRL club is eligible to receive a complimentary copy of the League's Annual Report, which contains the business reports of the staff and Directors.

  • Referrals Of Prospective Radio Amateurs

    League Headquarters, in addition to providing a basic package of information to a prospective ham, will refer prospects to your club for follow-up and recruitment. And your club will be listed in ARRLWeb'sclub search database.

    In order to remain in the database your club must submit an annual report each year.

  • Club Gavel Competition

    Only affiliated clubs are eligible for participation in the gavel competitions of the ARRL DX Contest, the ARRL November Sweepstakes, the ARRL VHF Sweepstakes and the 160- and 10-Meter Contests. For more information, see the Club Competion Rules.

  • 50% Discount on Club Ads in QST

    Your affiliated club may purchase advertising in QST at half of the going rate. Contact the ARRL Advertising Department for more information

  • Planning an ARRL Hamfest or Convention?

    Most hamfests and conventions are club sponsored affairs.  Click here to go to the hamfest pages.
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  • Special Service Clubs

    In addition to the above, Special Service Clubs also receive the following additional benefits:

            1. SSCs get special recognition in QST as they renew or become SSCs.

            2. SSCs are also eligible to appoint local Awards Managers.

  • Club Call Signs

    Club station license application and filing procedures.
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  • New Amateur Reports for Clubs

    This link is restricted to Club Presidents, Club Contact and Club Newsletter Editor.
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  • Tips For Preserving Your Club's History

    Whether you club is fairly new to the Amateur Radio sceene or if it has been around for decades, these tips will help you pass along your club record to future generations.
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