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The ARRL Ham Aid Fund Needs Your Help to Support Radio Communications in Alabama


The ARRL’s Ham Aid Fund has been tapped to aid Amateur Radio operations in Alabama, following the wake of destructive killer tornadoes that ravaged the state last week. According to ARRL Chief Development Officer Mary Hobart, K1MMH, hams in Alabama have requested radios and antennas, since cell tower sites and repeaters have been damaged and are not yet back up. “The ARRL has already shipped five cases to the state, full of 2 meter, 440 MHz and HF radios, as well as two cases of handheld transceivers with batteries,” she said. “We anticipate the demand for equipment may continue from Alabama and possibly from neighboring states.”

Hobart said that she knows that not every ham can be in Alabama to help out, but every ham can support the effort -- by contributing to the ARRL’s Ham Aid Fund: “First created in response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Ham Aid Fund has enabled ARRL to provide vital communication equipment to devastated areas along the Gulf Coast. Now the fund is purchasing equipment to meet the needs of hams in Alabama, as well as our served agencies such as the Southern Baptist Men’s Kitchen and the American Red Cross.”

How can you help? Hobart said that the best way is to make a contribution of $25, $10 or $5 -- or whatever you can afford. The ARRL will use your contribution to respond to the calls for assistance from Amateur Radio operators where repeaters, antennas and radios have been damaged or destroyed. “And this event may be just the beginning,” she explained. “As hurricane season is on the horizon, we need to be prepared for those situations when all else fails. The easiest way to make your donation is on the ARRL website. Use the simple form and designate your contribution to the ARRL Ham Aid Fund. We’ll put your gift to work right away in the affected area. On behalf of the ham community in Alabama, thank you!”



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