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Solar Power Systems Often Do Not Comply with EMC Standards, VERON Says


The Netherlands national Amateur Radio society VERON has reported on spectrum pollution problems caused by residential solar panel installations. VERON maintains that electrical systems in the European Union such as solar panel installations must comply with applicable EU electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. These limit the electromagnetic fields that an electrical system — such as the combination of solar panel, inverter, and associated wiring — may emit.

The VERON report cited a 2014 study in 14 European countries by the EU EMC Administrative Cooperation Working Group, which found that this emission limit more often than not is exceeded.

“Only 33 percent of surveyed inverters linked to solar panels met the 2014 European EMC emission requirements,” VERON said in a report on its website. “The situation has hardly improved, evidenced by the fact that radio amateurs are increasingly subject to interference from solar panel installations.” It pointed out that the interference can be extreme and cover a wide swath of Amateur Radio spectrum.

A Google English translation is available. 



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