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RSGB Welcomes Proposed Crackdown on Interference-Producing Power Line Data Devices


The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) has said it welcomes a recent initiative by telecommunications regulator Ofcom to combat interference from home power line data transmission (PLT) devices. The Ofcom “consultation” — similar to an FCC Notice of Proposed Rule Making — has invited responses by February 16. The RSGB Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Committee has lobbied Ofcom to assume greater authority in cases involving violations of EMC rules.

“These proposals make the regulations more resilient to evolving technology, when it causes undue interference to wireless telegraphy apparatus,” the RSGB said. “The proposed changes aim to catch apparatus that exceeds the permissible levels in service,” The RSGB said.

A recent news article reported that Ofcom was proposing that individuals using power line networking equipment could face prosecution if it interferes with radio communications. The article, in The Telegraph, also said that GCHQ — a security and intelligence organization similar to the US Department of Homeland Security — has become increasingly concerned about PLT in recent years.

The RSGB said the Ofcom proposals would provide additional enforcement authority with respect to a particular piece of equipment, not just a range of devices. “These changes are essential to prevent compromising important communication systems, particularly those that ensure public safety,” the RSGB said.




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