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Museum Ships On-the-Air Weekend


If you like ships and are an amateur radio operator, 100 ships will be on the air from June 3 - 4 for the annual Museum Ships Weekend event.

Organizers stress that this is not a contest, but a fun event that begins at 0000Z on June 3, 2023, and runs through 2359Z on June 4, 2023.

While operation on any amateur frequency is allowed, most ships will be operating in the general portion of the bands. Other possible modes and frequencies include:

PSK31: 14.070 MHz, 10.142 MHz, 18.100 MHz, 21.070 MHz, and 28.120 MHz

FT8: 3.573 MHz, 5.357, 7.074 MHz, 10.136 MHz, 14.074 MHz, 18.100 MHz, 21.074 MHz, 24.915 MHz, 28.074 MHz, and 50.313 MHz

FT4: 3.575 MHz, 7.047 MHz, 10.140 MHz, 14.140 MHz, 18.105 MHz, 21.140 MHz, 24.919 MHz, 28.180 MHz, and 50.318 MHz

Some ships may also operate at 3880 - 3885 kHz as well as7290 kHz amplitude modulation with either their original or modern equipment.

All stations that contact at least 15 different participating ships can receive a certificate if they send a copy of their log entries to each individual ship with two exceptions to acceptable contacts:

Contacting the same ship on more than one frequency or mode does not count as having contacted more than one ships.

Contacting a non-participating ship does not count.

New this year, DX stations contacting at least 10 different ships will be eligible to request a certificate (this does not include the US states or Canada).

For more on the event and frequencies used, contact The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station.



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