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K1N Navassa Island DXpedition is Ham Radio History


The K1N Navassa Island DXpedition wrapped up on schedule early on Sunday, February 15. While some seekers went away empty handed — even after hours of trying to break the massive pileups (and some intentional interference) — thousands were more fortunate. Going into the DXpedition, Navassa Island (KP1) was the second most-wanted DXCC entity (after North Korea) on ClubLog's Most Wanted List. After starting up in the waning hours of February 1, K1N logged 138,409 contacts with 35,702 unique call signs. The final K1N contact was made on February 15 at 1127 UTC.

“The last helicopter flight left the island at 1500Z with the last three team members who overnighted to keep stations QRV until the last possible moment,” said team member Glenn Johnson, W0GJ, in a K1N media release. “There was an excellent opening to Asia/Oceania almost all day and all night during the last 24 hours. All team members are back safe, healthy and happy in Jamaica.”

Johnson thanked DXers who stood by while K1N worked areas of the world into which it has short propagation windows. “The Jamaica Amateur Radio Association members provided valuable support for all phases of our operation,” he added.

Right after shutting down, the skeleton crew of operators remaining on the island packed and stowed the radio equipment and their gear for the return trip. The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) oversees access to the small island, and it has indicated that it would not allow any more DXpeditions to Navassa for another decade.

February 4 was the team’s most prolific day, with 15,706 contacts. Twenty meters was the money band, with 14,563 CW, 16,895 SSB, and 2498 RTTY contacts. K1N also did well on 12 meters, logging 10,094 CW and 1423 RTTY contacts. The Navassa team even managed 411 phone contacts on 60 meters, and 231 on 6 meters. K1N also was active on the FO-29 satellite.

Logs have been uploaded to ClubLog. A log search engine and more contact statistics are on the K1N Navassa Island website.



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