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IARU Member-Societies Ratify Officer Nominations


IARU member-societies around the world have affirmed the nominations of Timothy S. Ellam, VE6SH/G4HUA, and Ole Garpestad, LA2RR, as IARU President and Vice President, respectively, for 5-year terms that began May 9. With 51 affirmative votes required for adoption, 67 cast ballots to ratify both candidates. Ellam served as IARU Vice President from 2004 until 2009, when he was first elected as IARU President. Garpestad was first elected as IARU Vice President in 2009, when Ellam became President.

I am very honored to have been elected as President of IARU for another term and grateful for the support from the Administrative Council and our member-societies,” Ellam commented. “I am excited about the future of the Amateur Radio Services and look forward to working with the IARU team to meet the challenges ahead and to build on the work we have undertaken in the last term.”

Ellam also congratulated Garpestad and the other IARU officers, including Rod Stafford, W6ROD, who was appointed by the ARRL in its capacity as IARU International Secretariat to continue as Secretary. “I am very pleased to continue working with Ole and Rod as we move towards the next World Radiocommunication Conference in 2015,” Ellam said.

Garpestad said he also was honored to have been re-elected as Vice President of IARU. “I look forward to the continuing good cooperation with the other officers as well as with the IARU Administrative Council to improve and defend our radio amateur privileges and our allocated spectrum,” he remarked. “I am also looking forward to work with all our IARU member societies to ensure a steady flow of new members, especially young people, to our hobby.”





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