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FCC Finds a Fix for Amateur Radio Application Batch Processing Problem


It’s taken a couple of weeks, but the FCC has resolved a computer programming problem that had affected its ability to accept and process batch-filed Amateur Radio applications, resulting in a backlog for the Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) and others taking advantage of automated processing. The FCC information technology staff had been attempting to fix the glitch affecting the Universal Licensing System (ULS) Electronic Batch Filing (EBF) system, since it first cropped up on June 28. At first, the problem affected the processing of all Amateur Radio and commercial license applications, said ARRL VEC Manager Maria Somma, AB1FM, who alerted the FCC IT Department.

By June 30, it appeared that the FCC had corrected the broader problem, but the EBF remained unable to process ARRL VEC’s automated, batch-filed applications and exam sessions. VECs that were manually logging in to upload their files were unaffected. ARRL and FCC IT staffers put their heads together to get to the bottom of the blockage.

“The FCC IT staff was astutely attentive to the problem every step of the way as they worked with our IT department to find a solution,” Somma said. “We appreciate the specialized service we received.”

ARRL’s IT Department and the ARRL VEC confirmed on July 14 that the problem had been fixed, the backlog of more than 1200 applications and 300 exam sessions cleared, and the flow of automated, batch-filed applications and exam sessions able to resume.




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