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ARRL CW Rookie Roundup Returns on December 21!


Recently licensed radio amateurs who have been working hard to improve their Morse code proficiency will have a great opportunity to put their improved skills to use on December 21, when the CW edition of the ARRL Rookie Roundup returns to the airwaves.

Who is a “Rookie?” A Rookie is any radio amateur who has been licensed for 3 years or less, regardless of license class. If you received your license in 2012, 2013, or 2014, you’re eligible to compete as a Rookie. Operators licensed before 2012 may compete and will be recognized in the final results, but they may only submit check logs. Old Timers are encouraged to get on the air and work the Rookies.

There are many ways for Rookies to participate. They can enter in the Single-Operator category. Or they can compete in the Multioperator category and join a group of other Rookies at one station, taking turns at the key. Up to five Single-Operator Rookies can operate from separate stations and combine their scores as a team. Stations are allowed a maximum of 100 W, Elmering is encouraged, and the use of spotting networks is permitted (but, please, no self-spotting).

Rookies call “CQ RR” (CQ Rookie Roundup), while veteran ops call “CQ R” (CQ Rookies). Rookies can work anyone, but non-Rookies can only work Rookies. Exchange the call sign of the station you’re working, your call sign, your first name, the two-digit number of the year first licensed, and your state, Canadian province, Mexican call area, or DX. You need not send any faster than you can copy. Other operators should slow down (QRS) for you, and you will work stations. If you’re a veteran operator or a member of a club that promotes CW activity, break out your straight key or paddle, send slowly, and work some Rookies. You can show them how much fun CW can be!

Three Rookie Roundups — SSB, RTTY, and CW — are held during each calendar year. The CW Rookie Roundup will take place on Sunday, December 21, from 1800 UTC through 2359 UTC. Many major contest logging software packages support the Rookie Roundup or you can keep a paper log and summary sheet. Submit your score using the online Score Submission Form by 2359 UTC on Wednesday, December 24. Certificates will be e-mailed to all participants shortly after the event.




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