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African Radio Organization Applies for IARU Membership


In the IARU Calendar, No 188 dated March 11, 2009, IARU Secretary David Sumner, K1ZZ, reported that the Union des Radioamateurs du Congo (URAC) in the Republic of the Congo has applied to become an IARU Member-Society (IARU Proposal No 245).

Sumner said that the Republic of the Congo (whose capital is Brazzaville) is not to be confused with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (whose capital is Kinshasa); that country's amateurs are already represented in the IARU by the Association des Radio Amateurs du Congo (ARAC). The Republic of the Congo was formerly a part of French Equatorial Africa and became independent in 1960. Its ITU-allocated call sign prefix is TN.

URAC was formed in Brazzaville on October 8, 2008. Its officers are President Mao Monguimet, TN5MM; Secretary General Ulysse Yinda, and Treasurer Chynauldat Bangue. The URAC lists 15 members on its roster, including three licensed radio amateurs.

Sumner said that the URAC has stated to the IARU that it has the ability to meet its financial obligations as a member of the IARU through fees from members; that it is legally able to act in the furtherance of IARU objectives within the Republic of the Congo; that it will adequately represent the interests of radio amateurs throughout the country, and that it will adhere to the Constitutions of the IARU and of IARU Region 1. The IARU Region 1 Executive Committee has examined URAC's application and has found it to be in order.

In accordance with Bylaw 3 of the Bylaws of the International Amateur Radio Union, it is proposed that Union des Radioamateurs du Congo be elected to IARU membership. A voting sheet for Proposal No 245 was sent to all IARU Member-Societies. Member-Societies need to submit their votes no later than August 11, 2009; votes received after this date cannot be counted.



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