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email forwarding n1zx on 9/10/23
The email forwarding is not working for me.
The opt-in section is filled out with my forward-to email address and I tested it from another (3rd) email account (after waiting several days) without success.

One possibility I thought of is my username which is apparently used as part of the email address ( My username is in capital letters (N1GEX rather than n1gex - habit I guess). I tried sending to both upper and lower case versions, again without success.

Does anyone know if the email forwarder is case sensitive for username?
Thought I'd check before bugging the team at HQ...

UPDATE 10/19/2023
Email forwarding now works. It seems that I was faked out by a very long forwarding delay of 3 hours, for unknown reasons, at the time I tested it. Testing again after waiting several more days showed a more typical delay of less than 1 minute.

As for case sensitivity, I tested both upper and lower case and both work.

So, forwarding was working the entire time, as I changed nothing to make it work, other than waiting longer. I guess I chose a bad time to test. :)

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