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Contest Results Database Jul 21st 2014, 18:38 6 7,909 on 20/3/15

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Difference between driven element and parasitic traps KE0Z on 10/8/19
Does anyone know if there is any electrical difference between driven element and parasitic element traps in a typical triband yagi?

I have a set of 15 meter DE traps from a TH3jr I am considering using to expand a rotating dipole (TA31M) into a wide spaced two element with one 15/20 meter reflector and a separate, closer 10 meter reflector.

Thanks and 73,

Will, KE0Z
Contest Results Database KE0Z on 21/7/14
I only participate in two or three contests per year. I really like the searchable Results Database. It is nice to see how I stacked up against others in my section. I seem to remember it became available as soon as the contest results article appeared in QST. I noticed now though that is seems to be lagging behind. I participated in the CW DX contest in February and the database is still not up. I wonder if it will eventually be available.

The QST articles only tell how the big gun stations did.

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