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Main page is blank when not logged in Apr 7th 2012, 09:48 3 6,926 on 7/4/12
Discount for multiple subscriptions? Mar 23rd 2012, 06:59 1 7,445 on 23/3/12
Rules violations on 60 meters Mar 6th 2012, 03:03 6 8,896 on 28/3/12
January DIY QST Dec 13th 2011, 03:22 1 7,097 on 13/12/11
Ethiopian jamming wiping out 40 meters Oct 6th 2011, 04:37 3 8,712 on 6/1/15
How to access info in back issues of QEX and NCJ Sep 2nd 2011, 19:37 12 13,446 on 27/12/17

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Smart Meter RFI on AM Broadcast Band WD4NGG on 28/9/14
Check out this thread on QRZ, starting at this post:
It may explain what you're experiencing.

73, Mike
n2oh 0010076537H80 on 26/3/14
Probably, but It depends. What kind of power supply, where are the fuses, and what are the details of the "built in current overload devices"?
ARRL version of linux WA6SAZ on 24/1/14
I am neither for nor against an "ARRL Linux". But if you want Linux software for amateur radio, this is the best place I've found so far: They probably have a larger selection of useful stuff than any Linux distro or repo,

73, Mike
Noise canceler ? N4AAB on 17/1/14
I have an MFJ-1025. If the second antenna is placed to pick up as much of the noise as possible, they work very well indeed. However, they only null one noise source at a time.

73, Mike
Surfin N5LB on 6/1/14
It can be done in Google.

Search for surfin
Then select the desired date range
Then sort by date.

73, Mike

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