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Contest Results Waiting Record Sep 29th 2013, 09:10 2 6,864 on 2/10/13

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Contest Results Waiting Record AH6OY on 29/9/13
Just wondering what is the usual length of time for contest results to be posted in a contest like the IOTA contest of July 2013. A G3 friend and me are running out of jokes about the waiting period. It's been over 2 months now.
Why does this happen? 0001582470H80 on 29/9/13
Quote by N0MZR
During contest, I hear many stations "move in" and transmit during and over QSO's in progress. I, also hear alot of stations on the designated calling frequencies constantly working DX and not QSYing to another frequency.It happens in the digital modes, also.I feel the "Contesters" feel they have these rights just because of a ARRL announced contest is in progress. So, why does this happen?

Why do some people get on the air when they have an S meter reading higher than many other calls on the air. Why do some people point their beams at an area with a constant drone of strong signals when others to the side an back aren't heard but can hear the beam loud and clear.

It's probably best to run an amp if a contest is going on. Then start tuning filters to get rid of the qrm and hope they aren't using better filters to skirt in right beside you and not hear you while your radio hears them.

Of course there's even worse where it's intentional no regard or purposely trying to drive you off the freq.

Contesting times are the best time to have 12, 17 and 30 meters antennas. Wouldn't hurt to plan those freqs for scheds when you know a contest is coming up. Been there, done that.

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