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ARRL 2022 Handbook AI4BJ on 21/10/21
Can anyone tell me how tall the volumes are in the 6-volume set? I need to know if they will fit on my bookshelf.

It's very unfortunate that a slipcase is not provided, even if that meant increasing the price. These large, softcover books tend to flop over on the bookshelf if they are not supported, but I still prefer the multi-volume format over the single mega-volume.

Mark AI4BJ
Latest Entry Level HF Radios KJ4DMO on 13/9/21
I'm certainly biased, but if I were in your shoes, I would look for a used Elecraft K3. With the K4 now finally in production, there are a lot of K3's coming up for sale. Because the K3 is modular, you will see a wide range of asking prices, depending on how "loaded" the radio is. The only options you really need are the 100W PA, KUSB for SSB, and the ATU. The ATU is widely regarded as one of the best available, able to tune a box spring with rusty springs. (I exaggerate only slightly...)

73, Mark AI4BJ
Computer keeps switching to "logged out" on ARRL website KR2F on 21/3/21
Yes, your browser needs to be configured to accept cookies. Most do this by default, but this can be turned off in the settings.

Mark AI4BJ
Ideas wanted! WX5WX on 9/3/21
Hi Daniel,

You should reach out to Jim Hicks, WB4CTX. Jim taught a for-credit radio technology class at Dixie Heights High School (KY4DH) in Kentucky for quite a few years. There was a write up in the Feb 2009 QST. Jim is now retired, but I'm sure he would be happy to offer you suggestions. You can find Jim's email address on

Mark AI4BJ
Failure to give callsigns W6US on 9/3/21
Run rates of 200 QSOs/hr are not unusual in contests. That's a QSO every 18 seconds, on average. If the running station only identifies themselves after every 3 QSOs, they are still identifying themselves at least once per minute. Waiting longer than this is counter-productive, as the new stations joining the pile-up will want to know who they are talking to.

Mark AI4BJ

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