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Yaesu's new digital hand held 0001567416H80 on 16/11/15
Would someone, either an representative of the ARRL or an amateur explain DMR repeaters and talk groups without getting super technical.
kg-uv6d software Idahobob on 22/2/15
Radio programing software: It's time for some standards within manufactures.

(NOTE: RF Signal, Inc. is a name I made up/pulled out of the sky)

Equipment has evolved with each new model and a lot of the new capabilities are great.

That said, I don't want to program, re-program 1 radio let alone 3, I want to use them.

I understand a company needs to make a profit.

I don't understand having 4 radios made by RF Signal, Inc. and having to purchase 4 different software programs, 4 identical cables, installing 4 programs on my computer and typing in the same frequency pairings into each program before uploading it to the radio. By the way all 4 of these radios look like they have the same front panel, same size, all work off 12 volts, all are the same color, same type of connectors. Why not the same software?

One thing I do know. If I have one radio and purchase the programing software from RF Signal, Inc. I sure would be inclined to buy a 2nd and 3rd radio from that company if all I had to do was upload the frequency pairings, into memory. My situation is 2 cars, 1 truck, 1 base, 2 HT's. If the company has a good product why would I buy a different brand and also have to buy another program.

While I'm venting I might as well say what brilliant engineer decided that the DEFAULT setting should be "BEEP ON"?


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