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"Third-Party" QSOs kc6nlx on 31/8/16
Thanks, Martin. Yes, I do keep a log....and if someone else uses my station in the manner I described in my question, yes, I'll log that fact that they were there and used it.
I've had folks chew on me for not saying who the other person was on the other end of an autopatch call over a repeater, and my response was that there is no legal requirement that I tell them with whom I was talking. I always ended my autopatch calls, "KC6NLX ending autopatch call."
"Third-Party" QSOs kc6nlx on 30/8/16
I know it's not really a "third party" QSO, but how does a U.S. station with an unlicensed operator (and a licensed control op standing by) identify during a QSO with an international station?

In other words, say I have a friend who is not licensed but knows someone in another country. As far as I am aware, barring any reciprocal agreement issues with the other country, I should be allowed to let that unlicensed friend talk on my station as long as I'm present. Since my friend doesn't have a callsign, I will need to identify my station myself.

What would be the normal phraseology used for such an identification? I recall reading that international QSOs call for you to identify both the station with whom you are talking and your own station at the end of your QSO. But how would you include the unlicensed person who was actually speaking to the other station?


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