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ICS AUXCOMM vs. ARES and others KJ4ZIH on 12/10/15
Thank you Rick...
I believe KJ4ZIH Rick crafted this “paper” for the “local ham” who has always tried to serve the way we want to and the way we should… without government “help.” I read it several times… and honestly it brought me to tears (on Rick's behalf). The fabric of our wonderful hobby – our PERSONAL government “of the people, by the people, and for the people (especially Radio Amateurs)” is being invaded, like everything else, by the FEDERAL government.
I am confused - even on ARRL I see AUXCOM and AUXCOMM used interchangeably... hey ARRL, GET IT RIGHT for goodness sakes. John Underwood K4EBS - 60 years of "just being a Ham" serving my great country.

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